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June 22, 2023

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How Chronic Stress Drives the Brain to Crave Comfort Food

Stress can override natural satiety cues to drive more food intake and boost cravings for ...

Sabotage and Collusion Could Be Derailing Your Weight Loss Journey, Finds Study

Family and loved ones may be conspiring to sabotage your weight loss journey, according to a new study. The study is part of a growing body of evidence which suggests that not all social support results in positive health ...

Junk Food May Impair Our Deep Sleep

In a new study, researchers have investigated how junk food affects sleep. Healthy participants consumed an unhealthier as well as a healthier diet in a randomized order. After the unhealthier diet, the quality of the participants' deep sleep had deteriorated, compared with those who had followed ...

A Student's Poor Eating Habits Can Lead to a Lifetime of Illness

A researcher is cautioning that a person's poor eating habits established during post-secondary studies can contribute to future health issues including obesity, respiratory illnesses and ...

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How to Get Your Children to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Children will eat more fruits and vegetables if families take more time to eat ...

Sweets Change Our Brain

Chocolate bars, chips and fries - why can't we just ignore them in the supermarket? Researchers have now shown that foods with a high fat and sugar content change our brain: If we regularly eat ...

MIND and Mediterranean Diets Associated With Fewer Alzheimer's Plaques and Tangles

People who eat diets rich in green leafy vegetables as well as other vegetables, fruits, whole grains, olive oil, beans, nuts and fish may have fewer amyloid plaques and tau tangles in their brain -- ...

A Good Night's Sleep May Make It Easier to Stick to Exercise and Diet Goals

People who had higher scores for sleep health -- based on regularity, satisfaction, alertness, timing, efficiency and duration -- during a 12-month weight loss program were more likely to follow the ...

Keto Vs Vegan: Study of Popular Diets Finds Over Fourfold Difference in Carbon Footprints

New research has estimated the carbon footprints and diet quality of six popular diets. The vegan and vegetarian diets were found to be produce the least amount of carbon dioxide while keto and paleo ...

Following Healthy Lifestyle May Reduce Risk of Long COVID

Women who followed most aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including healthy body weight, not smoking, regular exercise, adequate sleep, high quality diet, and moderate alcohol consumption, had about ...

Ultra-Processed Foods May Be Linked to Increased Risk of Cancer

Higher consumption of ultra-processed foods may be linked to an increased risk of developing and dying from cancer, an observational study ...

Impact of 'Hyper-Palatable' Foods Across Four Diets

Research found three meal characteristics consistently led to increased calorie intake across four different dietary patterns: meal energy density (i.e., calories per gram of food), the amount of ...

One in Eight Americans Over 50 Show Signs of Food Addiction

Whether you call them comfort foods, highly processed foods, junk foods, empty calories or just some of Americans' favorite foods and drinks, about 13% of people aged 50 to 80 have an unhealthy ...

Coffee With Milk May Have an Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Can something as simple as a cup of coffee with milk have an anti-inflammatory effect in humans? Apparently so, according to a new study. A combination of proteins and antioxidants doubles the ...

Researchers Map the Effects of Dietary Nutrients on Disease

Researchers have created a tool to predict the effects of different diets on both cancerous cells and healthy cells in mice. Their work could help disentangle the subtle metabolic changes associated ...


Consumption of Fast Food Linked to Liver Disease

A new study found that eating fast food is associated with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a potentially life-threatening condition in which fat builds up in the ...

Some Guts Are Better Than Others at Harvesting Energy

New research suggests that a portion of the Danish population has a composition of gut microbes that, on average, extracts more energy from food than do the microbes in the guts of their fellow ...

Not Everyone Aware Sustainable Diets Are About Helping the Planet

A new study has found that young Brits would be willing to change to a more sustainable diet, but a lack of understanding about what that actually means is preventing many from doing ...

Drinking Coffee Regularly After Pregnancy May Lower the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes for Women Who Had Diabetes During Pregnancy

Drinking coffee regularly may keep type 2 diabetes away from women who had diabetes during pregnancy. Replacing artificially sweetened and sugar-sweetened beverages with caffeinated coffee also ...

It's Not Them, It's You: Why Potatoes Don't Deserve Their Bad Reputation

Research has shown while potatoes may not have all the same benefits as some other vegetables -- such as lowering risk of Type 2 diabetes -- health issues associated with potatoes may actually be due ...

Positively Charged Nanomaterials Treat Obesity Anywhere You Want

Researchers invent new method to treat obesity by using cationic nanomaterials that can target specific areas of fat and inhibit the unhealthy storage of enlarged fat ...

How Women Can Reduce the Risk of Hip Fracture

Increasing intake of protein and drinking regular cups of tea or coffee is a way women could reduce their risk of suffering a hip fracture, according to new research. Food scientists have found that ...

Believe It or 'Nut', Almonds Can Help You Cut Calories, Study Finds

Weight loss is never an easy nut to crack, but a handful of almonds could keep extra kilos at bay, according to new ...

Co-Workers Can Influence Healthy Eating Choices

The workplace can encourage a more wholesome lifestyle in employees regarding the consumption of healthy foods like fruit and vegetables, but it does not prompt them to exercise more, according to a ...

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