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June 30, 2023

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First 'Ghost Particle' Image of Milky Way

Scientists have revealed a uniquely different image of our galaxy by determining the galactic origin of thousands of neutrinos -- invisible 'ghost particles' which exist in great quantities but normally pass straight through Earth undetected. The neutrino-based image of the Milky Way is the first ...

Earliest Strands of the Cosmic Web

Galaxies are not scattered randomly across the universe. They gather together not only into clusters, but into vast interconnected filamentary structures with gigantic barren voids in between. This 'cosmic web' started out tenuous and became more distinct over time as gravity drew matter ...

Gravitational Waves from Colossal Black Holes Found Using 'Cosmic Clocks'

You can't see or feel it, but everything around you -- including your own body -- is slowly shrinking and expanding. It's the weird, spacetime-warping effect of gravitational waves passing through our galaxy. New results are the first evidence of the gravitational wave background -- a sort of soup ...

Life After Death: Astronomers Find a Planet That Shouldn't Exist

The star would have inflated up to 1.5 times the planet's orbital distance -- engulfing the planet in the process -- before shrinking to its current size at only one-tenth of that ...

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Molecular Filament Shielded Young Solar System from Supernova

Isotope ratios found in meteorites suggest that a supernova exploded nearby while the Sun and Solar System were still forming. But the blast wave from a supernova that close could have potentially ...

Never-Before-Seen Way to Annihilate a Star

Astronomers studying a powerful gamma-ray burst, may have detected a never-before-seen way to destroy a star. Unlike most GRBs, which are caused by exploding massive stars or the chance mergers of ...

Exoplanet May Reveal Secrets About the Edge of Habitability

How close can a rocky planet be to a star, and still sustain water and life? A recently discovered exoplanet may be key to solving that ...

Jupiter's Moon Europa May Have Had a Slow Evolution

Europa may have a metamorphic origin for the ocean. While some scientists speculated this, a research team shows that if Europa indeed formed from hydrated rocks (i.e., rocks have hydrogen and ...

Navigating Underground With Cosmic-Ray Muons

Superfast, subatomic-sized particles called muons have been used to wirelessly navigate underground in a reportedly world first. By using muon-detecting ground stations synchronized with an ...

Researchers Demystify the Unusual Origin of the Geminids Meteor Shower

普林斯顿大学的研究人员使用观察从美国宇航局的s Parker Solar Probe mission to deduce that it was likely a violent, catastrophic event -- such as a high-speed collision with another body or a ...

Discovery of White Dwarf Pulsar Sheds Light on Star Evolution

The discovery of a rare type of white dwarf star system provides new understanding into stellar ...

Scientists Report 'Benchmarks' for Extreme Space Weather

Extreme space weather threatens vital satellites orbiting the Earth, including the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) which pass through the heart of the outer radiation belt. New research ...

Astronomers Discover New Link Between Dark Matter and Clumpiness of the Universe

Researchers reveal a theoretical breakthrough that may explain both the nature of invisible dark matter and the large-scale structure of the universe known as the cosmic web. The result establishes a ...

Earth Was Created Much Faster Than We Thought: This Makes the Chance of Finding Other Habitable Planets in the Universe More Likely

在过去的几十年中,研究人员认为地球was created over a period of more than 100 million years. However, a new study from suggests that the creation of Earth was much more rapid, and that ...

A Scorching-Hot Exoplanet Scrutinized by Astronomers

通过双子座北望远镜在夏威夷chemical composition of WASP-76 b is revealed in unprecedented detail, giving new insights also into the composition of giant ...


Plate Tectonics Not Required for the Emergence of Life

New finding contradicts previous assumptions about the role of mobile plate tectonics in the development of life on Earth. Moreover, the data suggests that 'when we're looking for ...

Sun's Coldest Region Stores Secret to Heating Million-Degree Corona

Researchers have unveiled the discovery of intense wave energy from a relatively cool, dark and strongly magnetized plasma region on the Sun, capable of traversing the solar atmosphere and ...

Key Building Block for Life Found at Saturn's Moon Enceladus

The search for extraterrestrial life in our solar system just got more exciting. A team of scientists has discovered new evidence that the subsurface ocean of Saturn's moon Enceladus contains a ...

Pass the Salt: This Space Rock Holds Clues as to How Earth Got Its Water

The discovery of tiny salt grains in a sample from an asteroid provides strong evidence that liquid water may be more common in the solar system than previously ...

DESI Early Data Release Holds Nearly Two Million Objects

The first batch of data from the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument is now available for researchers to explore. Taken during the experiment's 'survey validation' phase, the data ...

Flaring Star Could Be Down to Young Planet's Disc Inferno

New simulations offer new explanation for star's 85-year flare. In this scenario, a young giant planet is burning up very close to its star, suggesting solar systems may have hosted many of such ...

A New Tatooine-Like Multi-Planetary System Identified

An international team of astronomers has announced the second-ever discovery of a multiplanetary circumbinary ...

Mori3: A Polygon Shape-Shifting Robot for Space Travel

By combining inspiration from the digital world of polygon meshing and the biological world of swarm behavior, the Mori3 robot can morph from 2D triangles into almost any 3D object. The research ...

Astronomers Discover Supernova Explosion Through Rare 'Cosmic Magnifying Glasses'

An international team of scientists recently discovered an exceptionally rare gravitationally lensed supernova, which the team named 'SN Zwicky.' Located more than 4 billion light years ...

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