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July 12, 2023

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Crawford Lake, Canada, Chosen as the Primary Marker to Identify the Start of the Anthropocene Epoch

An international team of researchers has chosen the location which best represents the beginnings of what could be a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene Working Group have put forward Crawford Lake, in Canada, as a Global ...

Scientists Discover 36-Million-Year Geological Cycle That Drives Biodiversity

Movement in the Earth's tectonic plates indirectly triggers bursts of biodiversity in 36 million-year cycles by forcing sea levels to rise and fall, new research has ...

Global Cooling Caused Diversity of Species in Orchids, Confirms Study

Research shows global cooling of the climate 10 million years ago led to an explosion of diversity in terrestrial ...

Why the Day Is 24 Hours Long: Astrophysicists Reveal Why Earth's Day Was a Constant 19.5 Hours for Over a Billion Years

Astrophysicists have revealed how the slow and steady lengthening of Earth's day caused by the tidal pull of the moon was halted for over a billion years. They show that from approximately two billion years ago until 600 million years ago, an ...

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Sinking Seamount Offers Clues to Slow Motion Earthquakes

The first ever 3D seismic imaging of a subducting seamount shows a previously unknown sediment trail in Earth's crust off the coast of New Zealand. Scientists think the sediment patches help ...

Scientists Unearth 20 Million Years of 'Hot Spot' Magmatism Under Cocos Plate

一组科学家已经观察到过去的情景traplate magmatism and corroborated the existence of a partial melt channel at the base of the Cocos Plate. Situated 60 kilometers beneath the ...

We've Pumped So Much Groundwater That We've Nudged Earth's Spin

By pumping water out of the ground and moving it elsewhere, humans have shifted such a large mass of water that the Earth tilted nearly 80 centimeters (31.5 inches) east between 1993 and 2010 alone, ...

Massive Underwater Plateau Near Solomon Islands Is Younger and Its Eruption Was More Protracted Than Previously Thought

The Ontong Java Plateau, a volcanically-formed underwater plateau located in the Pacific Ocean north of the Solomon Islands, is younger and its eruption was more protracted than previously thought, ...

Earth Was Created Much Faster Than We Thought: This Makes the Chance of Finding Other Habitable Planets in the Universe More Likely

Over the past decades, researchers thought Earth was created over a period of more than 100 million years. However, a new study from suggests that the creation of Earth was much more rapid, and that ...

板Tectonics Not Required for the Emergence of Life

New finding contradicts previous assumptions about the role of mobile plate tectonics in the development of life on Earth. Moreover, the data suggests that 'when we're looking for ...

Study Explains Unusual Deformation in Earth's Largest Continental Rift

Computer models confirm that the African Superplume is responsible for the unusual deformations, as well as rift-parallel seismic anisotropy observed beneath the East African Rift ...

Geologists Challenge Conventional View of Earth's Continental History, Stability With New Study

The seemingly stable regions of the Earth's continental plates -- the so-called stable cratons -- have suffered repetitive deformation below their crust since their formation in the remote past, ...

Researchers Describe the Melting of Gold Nanoparticles in Gold-Bearing Fluids in the Earth's Crust

Gold is a precious metal that has always fascinated humans. From Priam's Treasure to the legend of El Dorado, gold --regarded as the noblest of metals-- has been a symbol of splendour and wealth ...

Campi Flegrei Volcano Edges Closer to Possible Eruption

The new study used a model of volcano fracturing to interpret patterns of earthquakes and ground uplift, and concluded that parts of the volcano had been stretched nearly to breaking ...

South Africa, India and Australia Shared Similar Volcanic Activity 3.5 Billion Years Ago

The Daitari greenstone belt shares a similar geologic make-up when compared to the greenstones exposed in the Barberton and Nondweni areas of South Africa and those from the Pilbara Craton of ...


Bubble, Bubble, More Earthquake Trouble? Geoscientists Study Alaska's Denali Fault

Geochemists report findings from collected and analyzed helium and carbon isotopic data from springs along a nearly 250-mile segment of Alaska's Denali Fault. The fault's mantle fluid flow ...

Below the Surface: Researchers Uncover Reasons to Rethink How Mountains Are Built

A study suggests that the answers to how and why mountains form are buried deeper than once thought. Clues in the landscape of southern Italy allowed researchers to produce a long-term, continuous ...

Researchers Cultivate Archaea That Break Down Crude Oil in Novel Ways

The seafloor is home to around one-third of all the microorganisms on the Earth and is inhabited even at a depth of several kilometers. Only when it becomes too hot does the abundance of ...

Petit-Spot Volcanoes Involve the Deepest Known Submarine Hydrothermal Activity, Possibly Release CO2 and Methane

Underwater volcanism and its hydrothermal activity play an important role in marine biogeochemical cycles, especially the carbon cycle. But the nature of hydrothermal activity at ...

Ground Beneath Thwaites Glacier Mapped

The ground beneath Antarctica's most vulnerable glacier has now been mapped, helping scientists to better understand how it is being affected by climate change. Analysis of the geology below the ...

River Erosion Can Shape Fish Evolution

A new study of the freshwater greenfin darter fish suggests river erosion can be a driver of biodiversity in tectonically inactive ...

Iron-Rich Rocks Unlock New Insights Into Earth's Planetary History

A new study suggests iron-rich ancient sediments may have helped cause some of the largest volcanic events in the planet's ...

New Method Predicts Extreme Events More Accurately

一项新的研究使用全球storm-resolving simulations and machine learning to create an algorithm that can deal separately with two different scales of cloud organization: those resolved by a ...

Extinct Offshore Volcano Could Store Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide

A new study concludes that an extinct volcano off the shore of Portugal could store as much as 1.2-8.6 gigatons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of ~24-125 years of the country's industrial ...

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