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July 12, 2023

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Tiny Fish Surprise Scientists in 'Volunteer's Dilemma'

Tiny fish called Trinidadian guppies have surprised scientists when faced with the so-called 'volunteer's ...

Capturing the Immense Potential of Microscopic DNA for Data Storage

A 'biological camera' bypasses the constraints of current DNA storage methods, harnessing living cells and their inherent biological mechanisms to encode and store data. This represents a significant breakthrough in encoding and storing images directly within DNA, creating a new model for ...

Study Shows Same-Sex Sexual Behavior Is Widespread and Heritable in Macaque Monkeys

Observations of a wild colony of macaques over three years show same-sex sexual behavior among males is widespread and may be ...

Bees Make Decisions Better and Faster Than We Do, for the Things That Matter to Them

Research reveals how millions of years of evolution has engineered honey bees to make fast decisions and reduce ...

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How Urea May Have Been the Gateway to Life

Urea reacts extremely quickly under the conditions that existed when our planet was newly formed. This new insight furthers our understanding of how life on Earth might have ...

Octopus Sleep Is Surprisingly Similar to Humans and Contains a Wake-Like Stage

研究人员have closely examined the brain activity and skin patterning in octopuses (Octopus laqueus) during active sleep and discovered that it closely resembles neural activity and skin ...


Scientists have filled a major gap in the state's fossil record -- describing the first known Jurassic vertebrate fossils in Texas. The weathered bone fragments are from the limbs and backbone ...

Orangutans Can Make Two Sounds at the Same Time, Similar to Human Beatboxing, Study Finds

Orangutans can make two separate sounds simultaneously, much like songbirds or human beatboxers, according to a new ...

Megalodon Was No Cold-Blooded Killer

How the megalodon, a shark that went extinct 3.6 million years ago, stayed warm was a matter of speculation among scientists. Using an analysis of tooth fossils from the megalodon and other sharks of ...

'We're All Asgardians': New Clues About the Origin of Complex Life

According to a new study, eukaryotes -- complex life forms with nuclei in their cells, including all the world's plants, animals, insects and fungi -- trace their roots to a common Asgard ...

Do Hummingbirds Drink Alcohol? More Often Than You Think

Animals that eat fruit or sip nectar often ingest alcohol because naturally occurring yeasts turning sugar into ethanol. But how do animals feel about that? A new study details an experiment to ...

DNA Can Fold Into Complex Shapes to Execute New Functions

DNA can mimic protein functions by folding into elaborate, three-dimensional structures, according to a new ...

Worms Use Electricity to Jump

In nature, smaller animals often attach themselves to larger ones to 'hitch a ride' and save energy migrating large distances. Researchers show how microscopic Caenorhabditis elegans worms ...

Scientists Unearth 20 Million Years of 'Hot Spot' Magmatism Under Cocos Plate

A team of scientists has observed past episodic intraplate magmatism and corroborated the existence of a partial melt channel at the base of the Cocos Plate. Situated 60 kilometers beneath the ...

Face of Anglo-Saxon Teen VIP Revealed With New Evidence About Her Life

The face of a 16-year-old woman buried near Cambridge (UK) in the 7th century with an incredibly rare gold and garnet cross (the 'Trumpington Cross') has been reconstructed following ...


These Long-Necked Reptiles Were Decapitated by Their Predators, Fossil Evidence Confirms

In the age of dinosaurs, many marine reptiles had extremely long necks compared to reptiles today. While it was clearly a successful evolutionary strategy, paleontologists have long suspected that ...

New Dinosaur Discovered: Ankylosaurs May Have Been Far More Diverse Than Originally Thought

First armoured dinosaur to be described from the Isle of Wight in 142 years, shows Ankylosaurs may have been far more diverse than originally ...

Navigating Underground With Cosmic-Ray Muons

Superfast, subatomic-sized particles called muons have been used to wirelessly navigate underground in a reportedly world first. By using muon-detecting ground stations synchronized with an ...

We've Pumped So Much Groundwater That We've Nudged Earth's Spin

By pumping water out of the ground and moving it elsewhere, humans have shifted such a large mass of water that the Earth tilted nearly 80 centimeters (31.5 inches) east between 1993 and 2010 alone, ...

Metaverse Could Put a Dent in Global Warming

For many technology enthusiasts, the metaverse has the potential to transform almost every facet of human life, from work to education to entertainment. Now, new research shows it could have ...

Ants Have a Specialized Communication Processing Center That Has Not Been Found in Other Social Insects

Have you ever noticed an ant in your home, only to find that a week later the whole colony has moved in? The traps you set up catch only a few of these ants, but soon, the rest of the colony has ...

Earth Was Created Much Faster Than We Thought: This Makes the Chance of Finding Other Habitable Planets in the Universe More Likely

Over the past decades, researchers thought Earth was created over a period of more than 100 million years. However, a new study from suggests that the creation of Earth was much more rapid, and that ...

The Life Below Our Feet: Team Discovers Microbes Thriving in Groundwater and Producing Oxygen in the Dark

A survey of groundwater samples drawn from aquifers beneath more than 80,000 square miles of Canadian prairie reveals ancient groundwaters harbor not only diverse and active microbial communities, ...

Plate Tectonics Not Required for the Emergence of Life

New finding contradicts previous assumptions about the role of mobile plate tectonics in the development of life on Earth. Moreover, the data suggests that 'when we're looking for ...

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