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July 12, 2023

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Earth's Inner Core: Earth's Solid Metal Sphere Is 'Textured'

Scientists used seismic data discovered Earth's inner core displays a variety of textures that it acquired will it formed from within the fluid outer core. The data set was generated over the past 27 years by a network of seismometers set up to enforce the nuclear test ban ...

水Storage Capacity in Oceanic Crust Slabs Increases With Age, Researchers Find

An international research team has discovered that a subduction zone's age affects the ability for it to recycle water between the Earth's surface and its inner layers. The more mature the subduction zone, the bigger the water storage ...

Researchers Unearth the Mysteries of How Turkey's East Anatolian Fault Formed

第一次,一个国际研究小组accurately determined the age of the East Anatolian fault, allowing geologists to learn more about its seismic history and tendency to produce ...

What Are the Characteristics of Foreshocks for Large Earthquakes?

Seismologists agree that foreshocks are the most widely identified signal of an upcoming mainshock earthquake. But do these foreshock sequences have distinctive characteristics that separate them from aftershock sequences, and could these characteristics be used to help forecast ...

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'Segment-Jumping' Ridgecrest Earthquakes Explored in New Study

Seismologists used a powerful supercomputer that incorporated data-infused and physics-based models to identify the link between the 2019 Ridgecrest ...

Impact of Ancient Earthquake Revealed

By combining the scientific powerhouses of genetics and geology, researchers have identified a new area of coastal uplift, which had been hiding in plain ...

Creating a Tsunami Early Warning System Using Artificial Intelligence

研究人员开发c的一个早期预警系统ombines acoustic technology with AI to immediately classify earthquakes and determine potential tsunami risk. They propose using underwater ...

Ridgecrest Faults Increasingly Sensitive to Solid Earth Tides Before Earthquakes

Faults in the Ridgecrest, California area were very sensitive to solid earth tidal stresses in the year and a half before the July 2019 Ridgecrest earthquake ...

Puerto Rico Tsunami Deposit Could Have Come from Pre-Columbian Megathrust Earthquake

Tsunami deposits identified in a coastal mangrove pond in Northwest Puerto Rico could have come from a megathrust earthquake at the Puerto Rico Trench that occurred between 1470 and 1530, according ...

Turkey's Next Quake: Research Shows Where, How Bad -- But Not 'When'

Using remote sensing, geophysicists have documented the massive Feb. 6 quake that killed more than 50,000 people in Eastern Turkey and toppled more than 100,000 buildings. Alarmingly, researchers ...

New USGS-FEMA Report Updates Economic Risk from Earthquakes

Even though most of the economic losses are concentrated in California and along the West Coast due to that region's high seismic hazard levels, significant population, and building exposure, ...

Plate Tectonic Processes in the Pacific and Atlantic During the Cretaceous Period Have Shaped the Caribbean Region to This Day

Earthquakes and volcanism occur as a result of plate tectonics. The movement of tectonic plates themselves is largely driven by the process known as subduction. The question of how new active ...

Warm Liquid Spewing from Oregon Seafloor Comes from Cascadia Fault, Could Offer Clues to Earthquake Hazards

Oceanographers discovered warm, chemically distinct liquid shooting up from the seafloor about 50 miles off Newport. They named the unique underwater spring 'Pythia's Oasis.' ...

Was Plate Tectonics Occurring When Life First Formed on Earth?

Researchers used small zircon crystals to unlock information about magmas and plate tectonic activity in early Earth. The research provides chemical evidence that plate tectonics was most likely ...

Messages About the 'Felt Intensity' of Earthquakes Via App Can Potentially Assist Early Disaster Management

After an earthquake, it is crucial in the early phase of disaster management to obtain a rapid assessment of the severity of the impact on the affected population in order to be able to initiate ...


Deep Earthquakes Could Reveal Secrets of the Earth's Mantle

A new study suggests there may be a layer of surprisingly fluid rock ringing the Earth, at the very bottom of the upper ...

Bouncing Seismic Waves Reveal Distinct Layer in Earth's Inner Core

Data captured from seismic waves caused by earthquakes has shed new light on the deepest parts of Earth's inner core, according to ...

Earthquake Scientists Have a New Tool in the Race to Find the Next Big One

New research on friction between faults could aid in predicting the world's most powerful earthquakes. Researchers discovered that fault surfaces bond together, or heal, after an earthquake. A ...

Exact Magma Locations May Improve Volcanic Eruption Forecasts

Cornell University researchers have unearthed precise, microscopic clues to where magma is stored, offering a way to better assess the risk of volcanic ...

Scientists Detect Molten Rock Layer Hidden Under Earth's Tectonic Plates

Scientists have discovered a new layer of partly molten rock under the Earth's crust that might help settle a long-standing debate about how tectonic plates move. The molten layer is located ...

Looking Back at the Tonga Eruption

A 'back-projection' technique reveals new details of the volcanic eruption in Tonga that literally shook the ...

Researchers Uncover Secrets on How Alaska's Denali Fault Formed

New findings begin to fill major gaps in understanding about how geological faults behave and appear as they deepen, and they could eventually help lead future researchers to develop better ...

The Adverse Health Effects of Disaster-Related Trauma

A new study has found that individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to experience disaster-related home loss, and they are also more likely to develop functional limitations ...

Hawai'i Earthquake Swarm Caused by Magma Moving Through 'Sills'

A machine-learning algorithm reveals the shape of massive subterranean structures linking active ...

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