Sleep Disorder Research News
July 4, 2023


Junk Food May Impair Our Deep Sleep

In a new study, researchers have investigated how junk food affects sleep. Healthy participants consumed an unhealthier as well as a healthier diet in a randomized order. After the unhealthier diet, the quality of the participants' deep sleep had deteriorated, compared with those who had followed ...

Keeping Time: Understanding the Master Clock in the Brain

Researchers found that, in neurons that produced the neuropeptide NMS, the interaction between molecules SIK3 and HDAC4 has a critical role in sleep regulation through both the length of the circadian period and sleep homoeostasis. Given the similarities among different mammals, new information ...

Losing Sleep Over Losing Sleep: How Watching the Clock Impacts Insomnia, Use of Sleep Aids

Watching the clock while trying to fall asleep exacerbates insomnia and the use of sleep aids, according to new research -- and a small change could help people sleep ...

Exposure to Airplane Noise Increases Risk of Sleeping Fewer Than 7 Hours Per Night

As major airline officials predict another record summer air travel season, a new analysis has found that exposure to even moderate levels of airplane noise may disrupt sleep, building upon a growing body of research on the adverse health effects of ...

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Sleep Quality Is Significantly Associated With Quality of Life Indicators Over Time

Sleep quality is much more significantly linked to quality of life over time than sleep duration or 'social jetlag,' according to a new ...

Getting a Good Night's Sleep Could Boost Your Response to Vaccination

We all know how important sleep is for mental health, but a meta-analysis found that getting good shut-eye also helps our immune systems respond to vaccination. The authors found that people who ...

Dim Lights Before Bedtime to Reduce Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Pregnant women should dim the lights in their home and turn off or at least dim their screens (computer monitors and smartphones) a few hours before bedtime to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes ...

Poor Sleep Linked to Years of Poor Cardiovascular Health

Having trouble sleeping? A new study examines the link between poor sleep and cardiovascular disease-free life ...

Trouble Falling Asleep at Bedtime or in the Middle of the Night? It Could Impact Your Risk for Developing Dementia

Adding to the growing body of evidence on sleep disturbances and cognitive impairment, new research finds significant links between three measures of sleep disturbance and the risk for developing ...

A Good Night's Sleep May Make It Easier to Stick to Exercise and Diet Goals

People who had higher scores for sleep health -- based on regularity, satisfaction, alertness, timing, efficiency and duration -- during a 12-month weight loss program were more likely to follow the ...

Acid Glia in REM Sleep: Stronger Acid Response in Epileptic Mice

Changes in our REM sleep patterns could potentially be used to diagnose the severity of epilepsy, a new study has suggested. Researchers showed that astrocytes -- star-shaped glial cells that control ...

失眠与更大的心脏风险ttack, Especially in Women

People who suffer from insomnia were 69% more likely to have a heart attack compared to those who didn't have the sleep disorder during an average nine years of follow-up, according to new ...

Getting Good Sleep Could Add Years to Your Life

Getting good sleep can play a role in supporting your heart and overall health -- and maybe even how long you live -- according to new ...

Indicator of Early Form of Parkinson's in Stool Sample

The so-called isolated REM-sleep behavior disorder is a condition that can provide an indication of Parkinson's disease well in ...

Following Healthy Lifestyle May Reduce Risk of Long COVID

Women who followed most aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including healthy body weight, not smoking, regular exercise, adequate sleep, high quality diet, and moderate alcohol consumption, had about ...


Researchers Find a Link Between Traffic Noise and Tinnitus

There is a correlation between traffic noise and risk of developing tinnitus, researchers have found. They point to a vicious cycle involving stress reactions and sleep disturbance as a potential ...

Moderate and Intense Physical Activity Favors Good Sleep

Proper sleep is critical for the maintenance of good health, and vice versa -- a healthy lifestyle has been found to improve sleep quality. To better examine the relationship between physical ...

Do Sleep Medications Increase Your Chances of Dementia?

A new study shows that sleep medications increase the risk of dementia in whites. But the type and quantity of the medication may be factors in explaining the higher ...

Mating Causes 'Jet Lag' in Female Fruit Flies, Changing Behavior

An innovative technique finds seminal fluid protein transferred from male to female fruit flies during mating changes the expression of genes related to the fly's circadian ...

Non-Invasive Neurotechnology Reduces Symptoms of Insomnia and Improves Autonomic Nervous System Function

A new study shows significant improvements in not only sleep quality, but also in improved autonomic nervous system function using a closed-loop, acoustic stimulation ...

Abnormal 12-Hour Cyclic Gene Activity Found in Schizophrenic Brains

Researchers present the first evidence of 12-hour cycles of gene activity in the human brain. The study also reveals that some of those 12-hour rhythms are missing or altered in the postmortem brains ...

Simple Nasal Spray Significantly Reduces Snoring and Breathing Difficulties in Children

A simple nasal spray significantly reduced snoring and breathing difficulties in children and halved the number needing to have their tonsils removed, according to a new ...

Scientists Make Progress in Decoding Genetics of Insomnia

Using a predictive genomics approach called variant-to-gene mapping, Texas A&M biologist Alex Keene and colleagues prove the gene Pig-Q is associated with sleep regulation in humans, flies and ...

People Sleep the Least from Early 30s to Early 50s

People sleep less in mid-adulthood than they do in early and late adulthood, finds a new ...

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