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July 5, 2023

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Fewer Teens Now Perceive Themselves as Overweight -- International Study of More Than 745,000 Adolescents

A study involving more than 745,000 adolescents from 41 countries across Europe and North America identified an increase in the amount of teenagers who underestimate their body ...

How the Ear Can Inform the Brain of Whether Hearing Is Impaired

一个耳蜗信号,有蜜蜂的确切作用n unclear since its discovery around 70 years ago, probably gives the brain information on whether the ear is functioning normally or not. These new findings are an important piece of the puzzle in explaining what happens in the ear in hearing ...

Poor Sense of Smell Linked to Increased Risk of Depression in Older Adults

In a study that followed more than 2,000 community-dwelling older adults over eight years, researchers say they have significant new evidence of a link between decreased sense of smell and risk of developing late-life ...

Deaf Mice Have Nearly Normal Inner Ear Function Until Ear Canal Opens

For the first two weeks of life, mice with a hereditary form of deafness have nearly normal neural activity in the auditory system, according to a new study. Previous studies indicate that this early auditory activity -- before the onset of hearing -- provides a kind of training to prepare the ...

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Study Shows Promising Treatment for Tinnitus

A double-blind randomized clinical trial of a device aimed at silencing the phantom sounds of tinnitus has yielded promising ...

Prediction May Be Key to Eye-and-Hand Coordination

Researchers have found that the ability to visually predict movement may be an important part of the ability to make a great catch -- or grab a moving ...

Discovery of Neurons That Allow Us to Recognize Others

Scientists have identified the neurons that are activated when perceiving others, as well as the neurons that represent value information associated with others in the CA1 region of the hippocampus ...

Male Babies 'Talk' More in the First Year Than Female Babies Do

Young babies make many squeals, vowel-like sounds, growls, and short word-like sounds such as 'ba' or 'aga.' Those precursors to speech or 'protophones' are later ...

Flexible Nanoelectrodes Can Provide Fine-Grained Brain Stimulation

Engineers have developed ultraflexible implantable nanoelectrodes that can administer long-term, fine-grained brain ...

What Marsupials Can Teach Us About Brain Development

Research has revealed features of early human brain development are mimicked in the brains of ...

You Can Satisfy Your Appetite Just by Looking at Pictures of Food on Your Phone

Danish experiment reveals: You can satisfy your appetite just by looking at pictures of food on your phone. The results may lead to a new form of treatment for ...

Mind to Molecules: Does Brain's Electrical Encoding of Information 'Tune' Sub-Cellular Structure?

Brain waves carry information. A new 'Cytoelectric Coupling' hypothesis posits that fluctuating electric fields optimize brain network efficiency and stability by shaping the brain's ...

Blind Trust in Enhancement Technologies Encourages Risk-Taking Even If the Tech Is a Sham

A placebo effect can make users overconfident when they think tech is helping ...

Scientists Discover a Deadly Brain Cancer's Hidden Weakness

The difficult-to-treat brain cancer glioblastoma steals a person's mental faculties as it spreads, yet the tumor's insidious ability to infiltrate neighboring networks in the brain could ...

Our Thoughts Alter Our Tactile Perception

If we sincerely believe that our index finger is five times bigger than it really is, our sense of touch improves. Researchers demonstrated that this is the case in an experiment in which the ...


Human Eyes Really Do Play 'Tricks' on the Mind, Say Experts

A new study has shown that the human visual system can 'trick' the brain into making inaccurate assumptions about the size of objects in the world around ...

New Research Sheds Light on How Human Vision Perceives Scale

Researchers have discovered new insights into how the human brain makes perceptual judgements of the external world. The study explored the computational mechanisms used by the human brain to ...

The Influence of AI on Trust in Human Interaction

As AI becomes increasingly realistic, our trust in those with whom we communicate may be compromised. Researchers at the University of Gothenburg have examined how advanced AI systems impact our ...

Scientists Discover How Mutations in a Language Gene Produce Speech Deficits

Researchers find mutations of the Foxp2 gene disrupt the formation of synapses in the brain's striatum, which plays important roles in the control of movement, in mice. A new study sheds light ...

Machine Learning Model Sheds Light on How Brains Recognize Communication Sounds

Scientists studied guinea pigs' communication to understand how the brain recognizes communication sounds regardless of accents and surrounding ...

Scientists Discover Anatomical Changes in the Brains of the Newly Sighted

Neuroscientists discovered anatomical changes that occur in the white matter of visual-processing areas of the brain, in children who have congenital cataracts surgically ...

Do People and Monkeys See Colors the Same Way?

New findings in color vision research imply that humans can perceive a greater range of blue tones than monkeys do. Distinct connections found in the human retina may indicate recent evolutionary ...

Speaking a Tonal Language Could Boost Your Melodic Ability, but at the Cost of Rhythm

Your native language could impact your musical ability. A global study that compared the melodic and rhythmic abilities of almost half a million people speaking 54 different languages found that ...

It's Not as Difficult as You Think to Shout Upwind

Why does it feel so difficult to shout upwind? The sensation is common enough to have found its way into an idiom about not being understood. Researchers wanted a scientific explanation for the ...

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