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July 12, 2023

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How a Genetic Mutation Can Cause Individuals With Normal Cholesterol Levels to Develop Coronary Artery Disease at a Young Age

A novel molecular pathway to explain how a mutation in the gene ACTA2 can cause individuals in their 30s -- with normal cholesterol levels and no other risk factors -- to develop coronary artery disease has now been ...

Fluctuating Levels of Cholesterol and Triglycerides Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia

Older people who have fluctuating levels of cholesterol and triglycerides may have a higher risk of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias compared to people who have steady levels, according to new research. While the study found a link, it does ...

CT Scan Best at Predicting Heart Disease Risk in Middle Age

CT扫描更善于预测中年体育rson's risk for a heart disease, such as a heart attack, than genetics, reports a new study. Conventional measures of risk factor levels include blood pressure and cholesterol. Scientists had hoped genetics could better predict risk than ...

Gutless Marine Worms on a Mediterranean Diet: Animals Can Synthesize Phytosterols

Phytosterols are good for your health, but humans and other animals are not able to make them themselves, only plants can. To acquire phytosterols, humans are increasingly turning to supplements, green smoothies, or a Mediterranean diet with plenty ...

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Sweets Change Our Brain

Chocolate bars, chips and fries - why can't we just ignore them in the supermarket? Researchers have now shown that foods with a high fat and sugar content change our brain: If we regularly eat ...

High Doses of Statins Increase Osteoporosis Risk, Shows Study in Animals

An animal experiment demonstrates what big data analysis previously indicated: high doses of statins likely increase osteoporosis ...

Combo of Bad Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure May Increase Heart Attack or Stroke Risk

A new study suggests lipoprotein(a) cholesterol may affect relationship between hypertension and cardiovascular disease ...

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Linked to Lower Risk of Bleeding Stroke

People who take cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins may have a lower risk of having a type of stroke called an intracerebral hemorrhage, according to a new study. An intracerebral hemorrhage is ...

Trouble Sleeping? You Could Be at Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

As the Christmas season starts to ramp up, researchers are reminding people to prioritize a good night's sleep as new research shows that a troubled sleep may be associated with risk factors for ...

Study Challenges 'Good' Cholesterol's Role in Universally Predicting Heart Disease Risk

A study found that high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, often called the 'good cholesterol,' may not be as effective as scientists once believed in uniformly predicting ...

New Oral Drug for Lowering Cholesterol

After statins, the next leading class of medications for managing cholesterol are PCSK9 inhibitors. These highly effective agents help the body pull excess cholesterol from the blood, but unlike ...

Sweet: Honey Reduces Cardiometabolic Risks, Study Shows

Researchers have found that honey improves key measures of cardiometabolic health, including blood sugar and cholesterol levels -- especially if the honey is raw and from a single floral ...

After Showing Early Potential, Cholesterol Medication Fenofibrate Fails to Cut Severe Symptoms or Death in COVID-19 Patients, Study Finds

After showing promise in early laboratory research, the cholesterol-lowering drug fenofibrate had no significant effect on COVID-19 outcomes in a multicenter international randomized clinical ...

New Clues to Genetic Causes of High Cholesterol

The discovery of a genetic variant that is relatively common among people of Polynesian ancestry, but incredibly rare in most other populations, is giving clues to the genetic underpinnings of high ...

High Aerobic Fitness Does Not Protect Children from Metabolic Syndrome

A study found that high aerobic fitness does not protect children from metabolic syndrome. The study also found that the amount of fat tissue in the body has distorted the results obtained in several ...


Cardiovascular Disease Risks the Same in Both Sexes

For men and women, the risk factors for cardiovascular disease are largely the same, an extensive global study ...

Risk Factors for Heart Disease and Stroke Largely Similar in Men and Women Globally

Women and men share most of the same risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD), a large international study has found -- the first such study to include people not only from high income ...

Surprising Discovery Links Piezo1 and Cholesterol During Brain Development

A new study reveals how mechanical forces and tissue mechanics influence the morphology of the developing brain, and establishes a direct link in neural stem cells between Piezo1, a ...

Elevated Cholesterol Found in GenX Exposure Study Participants

每和氟烷基substa水平升高nces (PFAS) were associated with higher total cholesterol and non-HDL cholesterol in GenX Exposure Study participants' blood. The legacy PFAS ...

Lifelong Benefits of Statin Therapy Highlighted

Stopping statin treatment early could substantially reduce lifetime protection against heart disease since a large share of the benefit occurs later in life. That's the finding of a recent ...

Green Tea Extract Promotes Gut Health, Lowers Blood Sugar

New research in people with a cluster of heart disease risk factors has shown that consuming green tea extract for four weeks can reduce blood sugar levels and improve gut health by lowering ...

Alzheimer's Breakthrough: Genetic Link to Gut Disorders Confirmed

People with gut disorders may be at greater risk of developing Alzheimer's Disease. A new study has confirmed the link between the two, which could lead to earlier detection and new potential ...

Daily Avocados Improve Diet Quality, Help Lower Cholesterol Levels, Study Finds

Eating one avocado a day for six months was found to have no effect on belly fat, liver fat or waist circumference in people with overweight or obesity, according to a new study. However, it did lead ...

Sleep Is Linked to Heart Health

American Heart Association's checklist to measure cardiovascular health is updated, now called Life's Essential 8™, adding healthy sleep as essential for optimal cardiovascular health. ...

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