Brain Tumor News
June 30, 2023

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New Discovery Can Help Detect Brain Tumors

Folate-based radiopharmaceuticals can be used in positron emission tomography (PET) imaging to detect folate receptors in brain tumours. The discovery of folate receptors and their exploitation potential with respect to brain tumours is a new and significant finding in the ...

Biodegradable Ultrasound Opens the Blood-Brain Barrier

A new, biodegradable ultrasound far more powerful than previous devices could make brain cancers more treatable, researchers ...

Breakthrough in Glioblastoma Treatment With the Help of a Virus

Researchers are describing the results of a recent clinical trial -- a breakthrough in glioblastoma treatment with the help of a modified cold virus injected directly into the tumor. When combined with an immunotherapy drug, the authors observed a subset of patients that appeared to be living ...

New Drug Delays Progression of Glioma, a Deadly Brain Cancer

Scientists have shown that a new targeted therapy drug can extend the amount of time people with a subtype of glioma are on treatment without their cancer worsening. The finding suggests a possible new treatment option for people with the slow-growing but deadly brain ...

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updated 9:58pm EDT

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CAR T Cell Therapy May Eliminate Tumor Cells Missed by Surgery

CAR T cell therapy may enhance the effectiveness surgery for of solid tumors, according to a preclinical ...

First Test of Anti-Cancer Agent PAC-1 in Human Clinical Trials Shows Promise

A phase I clinical trial of PAC-1, a drug that spurs programmed cell death in cancer cells, found only minor side effects in patients with end-stage cancers. The drug stalled the growth of tumors in ...

Epigenetics Breaks Into the Clinical Practice of Cancer

Researchers describe the impact of epigenetics on cancer treatment and how it has become a crucial tool to improve early detection, predict disease progression and become a target for new ...

Cracking the Mystery Behind a Deadly Brain Cancer

Glioblastoma is a deadly brain cancer with a grim prognosis. Unlike most cancers, it still grows in the presence of the P53 protein. For decades, scientists have been unable to crack the case . . . ...

Single-Cell 'Atlas' Reveals Origin of an Aggressive Brain Tumor

Data from a new fetal brain atlas has helped a science team discover a collection of progenitor cells that give rise to aggressive 'group 3' medulloblastomas. Findings include identifying ...

Hunting Brain Cancer Cells

Understanding how cancer cells evolve from healthy brain cells and evade treatment could open up potential new drug therapies for glioblastomas, one of the most common and lethal brain cancers, new ...

Unraveling the Biology Behind Aggressive Pediatric Brain Tumor Reveals Potential New Treatment Avenue

Researchers have identified a novel treatment approach to an aggressive type of pediatric brain cancer, using therapies already approved to treat cancer. The team developed a mouse model of pediatric ...

Researchers Pinpoint Potential Treatment for Lethal Childhood Cancer

研究人员发现,通过阻断名单tion of an enzyme called DHODH, they were able to halt the growth of MYC gene-amplified medulloblastoma in mouse models, the most aggressive subtype ...

Making Glioblastoma More Vulnerable to Treatment

In the tough war against glioblastoma, scientists are taking a cue from viruses on how to make the aggressive cancer more vulnerable to treatment. Their target is SAMHD1, a protein which can protect ...

Researchers Identify a Gene as a Potential Target in Treatment-Resistant Brain Cancer Glioblastoma Multiforme

Research led by doctors and scientists have identified a gene that may provide a therapeutic target for the deadly, treatment-resistant brain cancer glioblastoma multiforme ...

Scientists Are One Step Closer to Stopping Drug-Resistant Tumors from Growing

Researchers have solved a long-standing mystery about how a cancer-promoting protein causes drug-resistant tumors to grow. They hope the discovery leads to more effective cancer drugs. Medical ...


Critical Information About the Size and Growth Speed of Gliomas

An important new clue for preventing and treating brain tumors known as gliomas has been identified. The study provides a rare window into the biological changes behind glioma ...

Scientists Identify Promising Therapeutic Target for Incurable Brain Cancer

Researchers have discovered a cellular partnership that drives the growth of deadly brain tumors and could potentially serve as a novel target for disease treatment. A new study has uncovered a ...

Biosensor Detects Brain Tumors With Less Than a Drop of Blood

尽管有重大进展,死亡率的大脑tumors remains high with five-year survival rates of 36%. More accurate diagnoses might improve the situation, but tissue biopsies are invasive and ...

New Method Eradicates Deadly Brain Tumors by 'Starving' Them of Energy Source

In a new study, researchers report that they effectively eradicated glioblastoma, a highly lethal type of brain cancer. The researchers achieved the outcome using a method they developed based on ...

Understanding Why Deadly Brain Cancer Comes Back

Brain tumors may create interactions that hide them from the body's defenses. They can adapt to treatment by recruiting help from nearby healthy tissue. These interactions could be why these ...

Research Discovery May Help Diagnose and Treat Cancer and Brain Disorders

Researchers have revealed how the pathway of an identified protein could lead to early diagnosis and targeted treatment for several cancers and brain ...

Scientists Identify Pathway to Curb Spread of Brain Cancer

Researchers have identified a molecular pathway responsible for the spread of glioblastoma to surrounding tissue in the brain, as well as an existing drug that curbed tumor growth in animal models. ...

3D Model of Brain Tumor Environment Could Aid Personalized Treatment

Scientists have developed a novel 3D tissue-engineered model of the glioblastoma tumor microenvironment that can be used to learn why the tumors return and what treatments will be most effective at ...

Gene That Causes Deadliest Brain Tumor Also Causes Childhood Cancers

A gene that researchers discovered is responsible for the deadliest type of brain tumor is also responsible for two forms of childhood cancer, the scientists have found. The discovery may open the ...

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