Breast Cancer News
June 29, 2023

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How Breast Cancer Arises

Researchers trace the origin of certain breast cancers to genomic reshuffling -- rearrangement of chromosomes -- that activates cancer genes and ignites disease. The finding offers a long-missing explanation for many cases of the disease that remain unexplained by the classical model of breast ...

Gamma Delta T Cells Can Fight Aggressive Breast Cancer

Researchers discover a mechanism by which cancer cells escape the immune ...

A New Combination Therapy Regimen Shows Promising Results for Prostate Cancer

The combination of two oral medications has shown positive results in people with prostate cancer, whose disease has spread to other parts of the body. Compared with XTANDI plus placebo, the investigatory combination of TALZENNA and XTANDI ...

Scientists Discover a New Way to Help Prevent Breast Cancer 'Time Bomb'

Scientists have discovered why breast cancer cells that have spread to the lungs may 'wake up' following years of sleep -- forming incurable secondary tumors. Their research reveals the mechanism that triggers this breast cancer 'time bomb' -- and suggests a strategy to defuse ...

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CAR T Cell Therapy May Eliminate Tumor Cells Missed by Surgery

CAR T cell therapy may enhance the effectiveness surgery for of solid tumors, according to a preclinical ...

Study in Mice Suggests That Expression of Estrogen-Related Gene Can Impact Post-Menopausal Breast Cancer Risk and Prevention Strategies

In a study using a mouse model of aging that mimics breast cancer development in estrogen receptor-positive post-menopausal women, investigators have determined that over-expression, or switching on ...

New Discovery Gives Hope to Fight Metastatic Cancer

Cancer that splits and develops in new organs around the body becomes significantly more difficult to fight. Now, researchers have shown that these metastatic cancers, that spread from the original, ...

Faulty DNA Repair May Lead to BRCA-Linked Cancers

Error-prone DNA replication and repair may lead to mutations and cancer in individuals who inherit a mutant copy of the BRCA1 gene, according to a new study. The discovery has potential implications ...

Scientists Uncover Potential 'Electrical Language' of Breast Cancer Cells

New research has found variable voltages in the membranes of breast cancer cells, revealing clues about how they grow and ...

Why Cancers Caused by BRCA Mutations Recur

Researchers have discovered factors that may make breast and ovarian cancers associated with BRCA1/2 gene mutations more likely to ...

Nanotechnology Platform Enables Immune Conversion of Cancer Cells, Sensitizing Them to Immunotherapy

A team of researchers has developed a nanotechnology platform that can change the way the immune system sees solid tumor cells, making them more receptive to immunotherapy. The preclinical findings ...

Copper a Clue in the Fight Against Cancer

For cancer cells to grow and spread around the human body, they need proteins that bind copper ions. New research about how cancer-related proteins bind the metal and how they interact with other ...

Breast Cancer Spread Uncovered by New Molecular Microscopy

Researchers have created a tool that maps how breast cancer grows in previously unseen detail, and highlights how the cells around the tumor may be the key to controlling the spread of ...

Breast Cancer: New Treatment Can Significantly Increase the Efficacy of Chemotherapy and Prevent Metastasis

A new treatment may significantly enhance the efficacy of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients, reducing the risk for lung metastasis following chemo from 52% to only 6%. Conducted in an animal ...

DNA Barcoding Reveals Cancer Cells' Ability to Evade the Immune System

Using DNA barcodes to track cancer cells through time, scientists have shown that cells within a cancer have diverse abilities to escape immune system ...


Breast Cancer Survivorship Doubles

A study shows there are 2.5 times as many breast cancer survivors in Canada today as there were in 2007 -- a success story that brings some new health ...

Transistors Help Identify Cancer Cell Markers

Researchers have found that a system based on ion-sensitive field effect transistors -- a tiny electrical circuit that is activated by a change in pH -- and enzymatic chemical signal amplification ...

Possible Biological Explanation for Increased Cancer Risk in Dense Breasts

The risk of developing breast cancer is higher in what are known as dense breasts, which appear white in mammograms, than in nondense breasts, which appear grey. Researchers have now shown that there ...

Sticky Cell Fingers Help Keep Breast Tumors Contained

Researchers have identified that finger-like cellular extensions called filopodia contribute to building a barrier surrounding breast ...

New Cancer Fighting Compound Created

Medical researchers have developed new chemical compounds that show promise in a potential anticancer therapy to treat aggressive ...

Some Breast Cancer Patients With High Responses to Chemotherapy May Not Need Surgery

Patients with early-stage breast cancer who had a pathologic complete response (pCR) to neoadjuvant chemotherapy may be able to skip surgery and receive standard radiation treatment with a low chance ...

Researchers Develop 'Goldilocks Drug' to Treat Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Researchers have developed a drug that so specifically targets a deadly kind of breast cancer that there are little to no toxic side effects. Next, it will be tested in phase 1 clinical trials in ...

Scientists Pinpoint Druggable Target in Aggressive Breast Cancer

Researchers have set their sights on a new therapeutic target for an aggressive form of breast cancer with limited treatment options. Through a comprehensive and cutting-edge genomic screening method ...

Earlier Mammograms for Women With Family History of Breast Cancer May Not Be Needed

A new study may prompt medical experts to rethink when to start mammograms for women who have a mother, sister or daughter diagnosed with breast ...

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