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July 28, 2023

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These Lollipops Could 'Sweeten' Diagnostic Testing for Kids and Adults Alike

A lollipop might be a sweet reward for a kid who's endured a trip to the doctor's office, but now, this candy could make diagnostic testing during a visit less invasive and more enjoyable. Researchers have shown that a lollipop-based saliva ...

AI Tests Into Top 1% for Original Creative Thinking

New research suggests artificial intelligence can match the top 1% of human thinkers on a standard test for ...

Illusions Are in the Eye, Not the Mind

Numerous visual illusions are caused by limits in the way our eyes and visual neurones work -- rather than more complex psychological processes, new research ...

Amputees Feel Warmth in Their Missing Hand

An unexpected discovery about temperature feedback has led to new bionic technology that allows amputees to sense the temperature of objects ¬-- both hot and cold -- directly in the phantom hand. The technology opens up new avenues for non-invasive ...

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Want Healthy Valentine Chocolates? We Can Print Them

A scientist has developed a formulation of low-fat chocolate that can be printed on a 3D printer in pretty much any shape a person can conceive, including a ...

See No Evil: People Find Good in Villains

No matter how egotistical, power hungry or greedy the person is, many of us are still attracted to their dark side -- in part because we suspect some may have a redeeming quality. A recent study ...

Researchers Develop Wireless, Ultrathin 'Skin VR' to Provide a Vivid, 'Personalized' Touch Experience in the Virtual World

Enhancing the virtual experience with the touch sensation has become a hot topic, but today's haptic devices remain typically bulky and tangled with wires. Researchers have now developed an ...

Your Dog's Behavior Is a Product of Their Genes

From the excitable sheep dog to the aloof Shiba Inu, and all breeds in between, dogs have unique and diverse behavioral traits. By analyzing DNA samples from over 200 dog breeds along with nearly ...

Researchers Advance Insights Into Cause of Ripples on Icicles

Experimental physicists growing icicles are closer to understanding why some form with ripples up and down their outsides, while others form with smooth, slick, even surfaces. By growing icicles from ...

In Negotiations, Hoodwinking Others Has a Cost, Study Finds

Lying to another person to get the better of them in a financial negotiation might win you more money, but you are likely to end up feeling guilty and less satisfied with the deal than if you had ...


Pedestrians Choose Healthy Obstacles Over Boring Pavements

Up to 78% of walkers would take a more challenging route featuring obstacles such as balancing beams, stepping stones and high steps, research has found. The findings suggest that providing ...

AI Helps Researchers Design Microneedle Patches That Restore Hair in Balding Mice

Hair loss is undesirable for many men -- and women -- because one's hairstyle is often closely tied to their self-confidence. And while some people embrace it, others wish they could regrow ...

Cats Distinguish Between Speech Directed at Them and Humans, Study Finds

A small study has found that cats may change their behavior when they hear their owner's voice talking in a tone directed to them, the cats, but not when hearing the voice of a stranger or their ...

Unlocking the Power of Our Emotional Memory

You may not realize it, but each time you recall a memory -- like your first time riding a bike or walking into your high school prom -- your brain changes the memory ever so slightly. It's ...

Dogs Can Smell When We're Stressed, Study Suggests

The physiological processes associated with an acute psychological stress response produce changes in human breath and sweat that dogs can detect with an accuracy of 93.75%, according to a new ...

Researchers Develop Painless Tattoos That Can Be Self-Administered

Researchers have developed low-cost, painless, and bloodless tattoos that can be self-administered and have many applications, from medical alerts to tracking neutered animals to ...


Washing Dishes With Superheated Steam More Effective, Earth-Friendly

Superheated steam dishwashers could provide a more effective, environmentally friendly solution than conventional dishwashers. Researchers simulated such a dishwasher, finding that it killed 99% of ...

News Addiction Linked to Not Only Poor Mental Wellbeing but Physical Health Too, New Study Shows

People with an obsessive urge to constantly check the news are more likely to suffer from stress, anxiety, as well as ill health, finds a new ...

Testosterone Promotes 'Cuddling,' Not Just Aggression, Animal Study Finds

Testosterone can foster friendly, prosocial behavior in males, a new animal study finds. The work also revealed how testosterone influences the neural activity of oxytocin cells -- the so-called ...

Banana Peels Make Sugar Cookies Better for You

Banana peels aren't always destined for the trash or compost anymore. They're making their way onto people's plates, replacing pork in 'pulled peel' sandwiches and getting ...

Exploring Factors That May Underlie How Domestic Cats Can Live in Groups

A new analysis explores relationships between domestic cats' hormone levels, gut microbiomes, and social behaviors, shedding light on how these solitary animals live in high ...

Scent of a Friend: Similarities in Body Odor May Contribute to Social Bonding

Researchers have found that people may have a tendency to form friendships with individuals who have a similar body odor. The researchers were even able to predict the quality of social interactions ...

Turn Up the Beat! Groovy Rhythm Improves Cognitive Performance in Groove Enjoyers

Researchers found that music with a groove can enhance executive function and brain activity in relevant brain regions. However, this effect was only observed in individuals who reported that the ...

人交换他们的猫和高尔吗dfish for Praying Mantises?

Praying mantises have gained recent popularity as pets, sold at animal fairs and pet markets, but also collected in the wild by a fast-growing community of hobbyists and professional marketers. An ...

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