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August 10, 2023

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A new observation suggests that a life-threatening blood clotting disorder can be caused by an infection with adenovirus, one of the most common respiratory viruses in pediatric and adult ...
Scientists showed that fixed mutations within a viral population most likely stem from how easy it is to acquire that mutation (i.e., mutation accessibility) rather than just its ...
A new study of the strain of influenza A responsible for the 2009 H1N1 pandemic -- pdm09 -- shows that the virus has passed from humans to swine about 370 times since 2009, and subsequent circulation ...
While the incidence of influenza-associated neuropsychiatric events in children in the United States is unknown, the controversy over the use of a common antiviral medication typically administered ...

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Taking a significant leap in the field of vaccine development, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry researchers have discovered a potential 'super molecule' that can bolster the ...

New research has found that First Nations populations around the world are significantly more likely to be hospitalized and die from influenza compared to non-Indigenous ...

The U.S. experienced an unprecedented number of group A streptococcal infections in children from October to December of 2022, which should alert physicians to check for the potentially deadly ...

Have a cough, sore throat and congestion? Any number of respiratory viruses could be responsible. Today, scientists report using a single-atom-thick nanomaterial to build a device that can ...

Memory B cells play a critical role to provide long-term immunity after a vaccination or infection. Researchers have now described a distinct and novel subset of memory B cells that predict ...

Researchers behind the UK's first pilot public health surveillance system based on analysis of wastewater say that routine monitoring at sewage treatment works could provide a powerful early ...


Researchers have found that an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) was associated with the deaths of more than 330 New England harbor and gray seals along the North Atlantic coast in ...

Researchers discovered specific airway neurons in mice that alert the brain about the ...

研究人员使用夜光材料to enhance and improve rapid COVID-19 home ...

Influenza viruses are becoming increasingly resilient to medicines. For this reason, new active ingredients are needed. Important findings in this regard have been provided: for the virus to ...

A new class of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies has been shown to neutralize multiple variants of the virus, providing hope for a better antiviral medication to prevent and treat COVID-19 symptoms in at-risk ...

Viruses use the molecular repertoire of the host cell to replicate. Researchers want to exploit this for the treatment of influenza. The team identified a compound that inhibits the body's own ...


A new vaccine could be the first clinically approved immunization to protect against invasive fungal infections, a growing concern as antifungal drug resistance increases. Fungal infections cause ...

Medications like dextromethorphan, used to treat coughs caused by cold and flu, could potentially be repurposed to help people quit smoking cigarettes, according to a new study. Researchers developed ...

By repurposing one of the human body's natural cargo transports, a research team has developed a vaccine platform that could curb certain engineering challenges, storage demands and side effects ...

A new test 'fishes' for multiple respiratory viruses at once using single strands of DNA as 'bait', and gives highly accurate results in under an ...

Vaccines that provide long-lasting protection against influenza, coronaviruses and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) have proved exceptionally difficult to develop. Researchers now explore the ...

Researchers have found that immune systems of men who had recovered from mild cases of COVID-19 responded more robustly to flu vaccines than women who had had mild cases or men and women who had ...

While most germinal centers shut down after a few weeks, some stay in business for more than six months. A new study helps explain ...

A new study shows that aerosols in indoor air can vary in acidity. This acidity determines how long viruses remain infectious in the air -- with profound implications for virus transmission and ...

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