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July 12, 2023

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Thermal Cloak Passively Keeps Electric Vehicles Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter

When an electric vehicle is parked outside, its temperature can swing wildly from day to night and season to season, which can lead to deterioration of the battery. To dampen these fluctuations and extend the battery's lifespan, researchers have ...

Testing Real Driverless Cars in a Virtual Environment

Researchers have developed new software to aid in the development, evaluation and demonstration of safer autonomous, or driverless, vehicles. Called the Vehicle-in-Virtual-Environment (VVE) method, it allows the testing of driverless cars in a perfectly safe ...

Tracking Ships' Icy Paths Amidst Climate Change

Understanding when and where ships are entering areas of Arctic sea ice can help elucidate the potential impacts of vessel traffic in the ...

Wind Farm Noise Exposure Doesn't Wake People Up from Their Slumber More Than Road Traffic Noise

Short exposure to wind farm and road traffic noise triggers a small increase in people waking from their slumber that can fragment their sleep patterns, according to new research. But importantly, the new study also shows that wind farm noise isn't ...

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How a Horse Whisperer Can Help Engineers Build Better Robots

New research shows us that age-old interactions between people and their horses can teach us something about building robots designed to improve our ...

Transforming Highways for High-Speed Travel and Energy Transport

Researchers developed a proof of concept for a superconducting highway that could transport vehicles and electricity, cooling the necessary superconductors with a pipeline of liquid hydrogen. Most ...

Electrification Push Will Have Enormous Impacts on Critical Metals Supply Chain

The demand for battery-grade lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and platinum will climb steeply as vehicle electrification speeds up and nations work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through ...

How Road Rage Really Affects Your Driving -- And the Self-Driving Cars of the Future

New research has identified characteristics of aggressive driving -- which impact both road users and the transition to self-driving cars of the ...

Sailing Cargo Ships Can Benefit from New Aerodynamic Tech

A research team has demonstrated a unique method that reduces the aerodynamic resistance of ships by 7.5 per cent. This opens the way for large cargo ships borne across the oceans by wind alone, as ...

Vehicle Exhaust Filters Do Not Remove Ultrafine Pollution

Filters fitted to vehicle exhaust systems to remove particulate matter pollution have limited impact on ultrafine particles, new research ...

Road Noise Makes Your Blood Pressure Rise -- Literally

If you live near a busy road you might feel like the constant sound of roaring engines, honking horns and wailing sirens makes your blood pressure rise. Now a new study confirms it can do exactly ...

Simulated Terrible Drivers Cut the Time and Cost of AV Testing by a Factor of One Thousand

推动真正自主车辆hindered by the cost and time associated with safety testing, but a new system shows that artificial intelligence can reduce the testing miles ...

Cascading Failures in Urban Traffic Systems Tied to Hidden Bottlenecks

Scientists have developed a modeling technique to study urban traffic flows and show that their model can be used to find previously unknown bottlenecks. The model uses a modified form of percolation ...

Study Highlights Complicated Relationship Between AI and Law Enforcement

A recent study that examined the relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and law enforcement underscores both the need for law enforcement agencies to be involved in the development of ...

'Talking' Concrete Could Help Prevent Traffic Jams and Cut Carbon Emissions

An increasing number of U.S. interstates are set to try out an invention that could save millions of taxpayer dollars and significantly reduce traffic delays. The invention, a sensor that allows ...


Minimizing Electric Vehicles' Impact on the Grid

Some projections show that widespread adoption of electric vehicles might require costly new power plants to meet peak loads in the evening. A new study shows that placing EV charging stations ...

Flat Plate Bow Covers Pave Way for More Economical Shipping by Improving Ship Aerodynamics

Ships are the main modes of transport for global trade as they are efficient and effective. Improving the aerodynamic performance of ship could reduce fuel consumption and improve speed, further ...

America on the Move: How Urban Travel Has Changed Over a Decade

The most notable trend of new study on urban travel behaviors reveals that although private automobiles continue to be the dominant travel mode in American cities, the share of car trips has slightly ...

How to Predict City Traffic

A new machine learning model can predict traffic activity in different zones of cities. To do so, a researcher used data from a main car-sharing company in Italy as a proxy for overall city traffic. ...

Digital Markers Near-Perfect for Predicting Dementia in Older Drivers

Using ensemble learning techniques and longitudinal data from a large naturalistic driving study, researchers have developed a novel, interpretable and highly accurate algorithm for predicting mild ...

Autonomous Driving: New Algorithm Distributes Risk Fairly

Researchers have developed autonomous driving software which distributes risk on the street in a fair manner. The algorithm contained in the software is considered to be the first to incorporate the ...

Study Links Adoption of Electric Vehicles With Less Air Pollution and Improved Health

A team of researchers have now begun to document the actual impact of electric vehicle adoption in the first study to use real-world data to link electric cars, air pollution and health. Leveraging ...

Autonomous Steering System Keeps Human Drivers Engaged

Researchers have developed an automated driving system based on the concept of 'collaborative steering', which aims to increase transportation safety, efficiency, and comfort by encouraging ...

Preventing Vehicle Crashes by Learning from Insects

Despite only about 25% of car travel happening after dark, almost half of fatal accidents occur at night. As our vehicles become more advanced and even autonomous, the ways of detecting and avoiding ...

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