April 23, 2023

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An example of an included headline and link may look something like this:

Headline: Old Brains Can Learn New Tricks: Study Shows Older People Use Different Areas Of The Brain To Perform Same "Thinking Task" As Young
Source: Science Daily / University of Toronto

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Please note that Wikipedia content is governed by theGNU Free Documentation License(see theWikipedia:Copyrightspage for details). The only terms that apply to Wikipedia articles are the ones specified in the GNU Free Documentation License. Wikipedia content is identified as such on the page on which it appears.


Permission is generally NOT granted for reproduction of any computer algorithms or any of the content under "Breaking News," "Health Center," "Encyclopedia", "Videos", "Science Shop",”Careers” as well as any audio tracks, photos, graphics, or any other content or computerized system not specifically detailed under "Permissions" above. Please note that ScienceDaily and its affiliated sites may use content licensed from third parties (including, but not limited to, the following: United Press International, Healthology, Roo Media, Mediwire, Amazon, and CareerBuilder). Such third-party content is subject to their own separate copyright restrictions, which vary by copyright holder.

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