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June 30, 2023

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New Model Provides Unprecedented Window Into Human Embryonic Development

Two to three weeks after conception, an embryo faces a critical point in its development. In the stage known as gastrulation, the transformation of embryonic cells into specialized cells begins. This initiates an explosion of cellular diversity in which the embryonic cells later become the ...

New Drug Delivery Method Can Reverse Senescence of Stem Cells

As we age, our bodies change and degenerate over time in a process called senescence. Stem cells, which have the unique ability to change into other cell types, also experience senescence, which presents an issue when trying to maintain cell cultures for therapeutic use. The biomolecules produced ...

Human Embryo-Like Models Created from Stem Cells to Understand Earliest Stages of Human Development

科学家们创造了一个阻止cell-derived model of the human embryo in the lab by reprogramming human stem cells. The breakthrough could help research into genetic disorders and in understanding why and how pregnancies ...

The Speed of Life: A Zoo of Cells to Study Developmental Time

Researchers have used an unprecedented stem cell zoo to compare six different mammalian species and their developmental ...

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Engineering the Next Generation of Cell and Gene Therapies

Investigators are developing a novel way to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and retinitis pigmentosa using engineered stem cells that may eventually lead to personalized ...

Study Links 'Stuck' Stem Cells to Hair Turning Gray

Certain stem cells have a unique ability to move between growth compartments in hair follicles, but get stuck as people age and so lose their ability to mature and maintain hair color, a new study ...

Healing the Unhealable: New Approach Helps Bones Mend Themselves

Young babies and newborn mice can naturally heal damage to the bones that form the top of the skull, but this ability is lost in adults. Researchers developed a novel approach that promoted bone ...

Scientists Achieve Promising Results Towards Restoring Vision in Blindness Caused by Cellular Degeneration in the Eye

Research reveals a promising stem cell approach to correct photoreceptor cell degeneration, which underlies several forms of visual decline and ...

Researchers Create Embryo-Like Structures from Monkey Embryonic Stem Cells

Human embryo development and early organ formation remain largely unexplored due to ethical issues surrounding the use of embryos for research as well as limited availability of materials to study. ...

一个微型的心在培养皿中:瀑样Emulates Development of the Human Heart

A team has induced stem cells to emulate the development of the human heart. The result is a sort of 'mini-heart' known as an organoid. It will permit the study of the earliest development ...

Simultaneous Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Now Possible

Researchers demonstrate therapeutic effects of tumor-initiating cell probe TiY after demonstrating its staining ...

Patient-Specific Cells Generated from Thymus Organoids

Researchers have used pluripotent stem cells to make thymus organoids that support the development of patient-specific T-cells. The proof-of-concept work provides the basis for studying human thymus ...

Why Does a Leukemic Mutation Not Always Lead to Leukemia?

Scientists have discovered a mechanism that linked a leukemic mutation to varying potentials for disease development -- a discovery which could eventually lead to a way to identify patients with the ...

To Ward Off Aging, Stem Cells Must Take out the Trash

Researchers find stem cells use a surprising system for discarding misfolded proteins. This unique pathway could be the key to maintaining long-term health and preventing age-related blood and immune ...

What Makes Blood Stem Cells Transform? Regulation of RNA Splicing May Be an Answer

Researchers have determined a novel mechanism linking the metabolism of ribonucleic acids, RNA, to the development of leukemia in myelodysplastic syndrome patients, MDS. They explain what makes ...


Study Uses Base Editing to Correct Mutation That Causes Rare Immune Deficiency

A condition called CD3 delta SCID is caused by a mutation in the CD3D gene, which prevents the production of the CD3 delta protein that is needed for the normal development of T cells from blood stem ...

Genes That Form Specific Bones in the Womb Heal Them Later in Life

Genes long known to control the formation of bones before birth also control bone healing later in life, a new study ...

Discovery of an Unexpected Function of Blood Immune Cells: Their Ability to Proliferate

The ability of a cell to divide, to proliferate, is essential for life and gives rise to the formation of complex organisms from a single cell. It also allows the replacement of used cells from a ...

Filling a Niche: Neural Stem Cells Help Maintain Their Microenvironment

Researchers shed light on the neural stem and progenitor cell (NSPC) microenvironment during development. Neurosphere formation from embryonic mouse forebrain NSPCs was significantly increased under ...

How to Assemble a Complete Jaw

The skeleton, tendons, and glands of a functional jaw all derive from the same population of stem cells, which arise from a cell population known as neural crest. To discover how these neural ...

Researchers Discover Therapeutic Target to Aid in Glaucoma Treatment

Researchers have identified a new therapeutic target that could lead to more effective treatment of ...

New Stem Cell Model Developed for Research Into a Life-Threatening Malformation of the Newborn Lung

Congenital diaphragmatic hernia is one of the deadliest birth defects. To better understand and treat this condition in the future, researchers designed a new cell model in the laboratory and tested ...

Research Finds Hope in Stem Cell Therapy for Perianal Fistulas in Patients With Crohn's Disease

A dissolvable plug delivered stem cell therapy with few side effects in patients with single tract perianal fistulas, researchers ...

How to Generate New Neurons in the Brain

Some areas of the adult brain contain quiescent, or dormant, neural stem cells that can potentially be reactivated to form new neurons. However, the transition from quiescence to proliferation is ...

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