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June 16, 2023

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Single-Cell Atlas of the Whole Human Lung

最大和最全面的细胞的地图human lung has been completed. The Human Lung Cell Atlas reveals the great diversity of cell types in the lung and shows key differences between health and disease. Researchers identified rare cell types and found common cell states between lung ...

Unexpected Link Between Chromosomal Instability and Epigenetic Alterations

New research finds an unexpected link between chromosomal instability and epigenetic alternations, both of which are hallmarks of cancer -- especially advanced, drug-resistant ...

A Lung Injury Therapy Derived from Adult Skin Cells

治疗人们设计从成人滑雪n cells can curb inflammation and tissue injury in damaged mouse lungs, new research shows, hinting at the promise of a treatment for lungs severely injured by infection or ...

A Compound from Fruit Flies Could Lead to New Antibiotics

Research shows that the natural peptide, called drosocin, protects fruit flies from bacterial infections by binding to ribosomes in bacteria. Once bound, drosocin prevents the ribosome from making new ...

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Scientists Unveil RNA-Guided Mechanisms Driving Cell Fate

The early stages of embryonic development contain many of life's mysteries. Unlocking these mysteries can help us better understand early development and birth defects, and help develop new ...

4,000-Year-Old Plague DNA Found -- The Oldest Cases to Date in Britain

Researchers have identified three 4,000-year-old British cases of Yersinia pestis, the bacteria causing the plague -- the oldest evidence of the plague in Britain to ...

Protein-Based Nano-'Computer' Evolves in Ability to Influence Cell Behavior

The first protein-based nano-computing agent that functions as a circuit has been created. The milestone puts them one step closer to developing next-generation cell-based therapies to treat diseases ...

Researchers Weave Deeper Understanding of Diverse Ancestry and Gene Expression

Researchers is the largest of its kind that focuses on ancestry correlations with biomedical traits and the first study to examine the role of genetic variants across diverse ancestries in regulating ...

Gene Editing Tool Could Help Reduce Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance

A new tool which could help reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance is showing early promise, through exploiting a bacterial immune system as a gene editing ...

'Jumping Genes' Found to Alter Human Colon Genomes, Offering Insights Into Aging and Tumorigenesis?

A team of researchers discovered mutations that occur during normal aging of human tissues that are induced by the jumping gene of 'long interspersed nuclear element-1' ...

Researchers Successfully Induce Primate Oocytes in the Lab

The many types of cells in the human body are produced through the process of differentiation, in which stem cells are converted to more specialized types. Currently, it is challenging for ...

Epigenetic Landscape Modulates Pioneer Transcription Factor Binding

Scientists studied how the epigenetic landscape influences the binding of pioneer transcription factors, affecting access to ...

Growing Blood Stem Cells in the Lab to Save Lives

Researchers developed a new cell culture system for expanding human hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) in the laboratory. The new system's culture medium is free of cytokines and albumin, once ...

SWI/SNF Complexes 'Bookmark' Cell Identity During Division

Scientists have determined how the SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex helps cancer cells 'remember' how to be cancerous after ...

Discovery Slows Down Muscular Dystrophy

A research team has discovered that by manipulating a certain protein in the immune system they can slow down disease progression and improve muscle function in Duchenne muscular ...


Engineers Create Bacteria That Can Synthesize an Unnatural Amino Acid

Researchers have engineered bacteria to synthesize an amino acid that contains a rare functional group that others have shown to have implications in the regulation of our immune system. The ...

A Multiomics Approach Provides Insights Into Flu Severity

Researchers were able to identify changes in the accessibility (that is, the 'readability') of transposable elements. To do this, the researchers used an approach combining various sets of ...

Designing Synthetic Receptors for Precise Cell Control

Scientists have developed a groundbreaking new technique for engineering biosensors that respond sensitively to specific biomolecules, enhancing cell migration and targeting in cancer treatment. The ...

Artificial Intelligence Catalyzes Gene Activation Research and Uncovers Rare DNA Sequences

Biologists have used machine learning, a type of AI, to identify 'synthetic extreme' DNA sequences with specifically designed functions in gene activation. They tested 50 million DNA ...

How Breast Cancer Arises

Researchers trace the origin of certain breast cancers to genomic reshuffling -- rearrangement of chromosomes -- that activates cancer genes and ignites disease. The finding offers a long-missing ...

Homo Sapiens Likely Arose from Multiple Closely Related Populations

In testing the genetic material of current populations in Africa and comparing against existing fossil evidence of early Homo sapiens populations there, researchers have uncovered a new model of ...

Researchers Reveal DNA Repair Mechanism

A new study adds to an emerging, radically new picture of how bacterial cells continually repair faulty sections of their ...

Human DNA Is Everywhere. That's a Boon for Science -- And an Ethical Quagmire

Human environmental DNA is ubiquitous in air, soil and water samples and can be traced to individuals, demonstrating new scientific possibilities but raising ethical concerns around consent with eDNA ...

New Study Illustrates Unique Genetic Landscape in Newfoundland and Labrador With Links to Ireland and England

A new study has produced the most detailed genetic analysis of people living in the Canadian province of Newfoundland to date, demonstrating a unique founder population structure that could be used ...

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