Virtual Reality News
June 26, 2023


Metaverse Could Put a Dent in Global Warming

For many technology enthusiasts, the metaverse has the potential to transform almost every facet of human life, from work to education to entertainment. Now, new research shows it could have environmental benefits, ...

无线嗅反馈系统让用户Smell in the VR World

A research team recently invented a novel, wireless, skin-interfaced olfactory feedback system that can release various odours with miniaturized odor generators (OGs). The new technology integrates odors into virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR) to provide a more immersive experience, with ...

Source-Shifting Metastructures Composed of Only One Resin for Location Camouflaging

Acoustic source-shifters make observers mis-perceive the location of sound by reproducing a sound emanating from a location different from the actual location of a sound source. Researchers have now developed a design approach to produce ...

The Metaverse Can Lead to Better Science

One researcher says we should look beyond the hype to see how virtual reality can make scientists more effective. But to realize the benefits, researchers must also plan well and avoid potential ...

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Simulated Terrible Drivers Cut the Time and Cost of AV Testing by a Factor of One Thousand

The push toward truly autonomous vehicles has been hindered by the cost and time associated with safety testing, but a new system shows that artificial intelligence can reduce the testing miles ...

Qubits Put New Spin on Magnetism: Boosting Applications of Quantum Computers

Research using a quantum computer as the physical platform for quantum experiments has found a way to design and characterize tailor-made magnetic objects using quantum bits, or qubits. That opens up ...

Virtual Reality Games Can Be Used as a Tool in Personnel Assessment

Fast gamers are more intelligent: Intelligence can be predicted through virtual reality ...

Researchers Unveil Smart Contact Lens, Capable of Implementing AR-Based Navigation

A research team has introduced core technology for smart contact lenses that can implement AR-based navigation through a 3D printing ...

The Future of Touch

Haptic holography promises to bring virtual reality to life, but a new study reveals a surprising physical obstacle that will need to be ...

Augmented Reality Headset Enables Users to See Hidden Objects

Researchers developed an augmented reality headset called X-AR that combines computer vision and wireless perception to find hidden objects in a room and then guide the wearer to retrieve the ...

Wireless, Soft E-Skin for Interactive Touch Communication in the Virtual World

Sensing a hug from each other via the internet may be a possibility in the near future. A research team recently developed a wireless, soft e-skin that can both detect and deliver the sense of touch, ...

Hands-Free Tech Adds Realistic Sense of Touch in Extended Reality

Researchers have demonstrated a new hands-free approach to convey realistic haptic feedback in virtual reality (VR). Their 'multisensory pseudo-haptics' uses a combination of headset ...

How Can the Metaverse Improve Public Health?

The metaverse is a technological revolution in the field of virtual reality, with potential benefits to public health research. A new article proposes several new ways in which the metaverse can help ...

Virtual and Augmented Reality: Researchers Pioneer Process to Stack Micro-LEDs

Researchers are using emerging technology to demonstrate a process that will enable more immersive and realistic virtual and augmented reality displays with the world's smallest and thinnest ...

Autonomous Steering System Keeps Human Drivers Engaged

Researchers have developed an automated driving system based on the concept of 'collaborative steering', which aims to increase transportation safety, efficiency, and comfort by encouraging ...


Virtual Reality Game to Objectively Detect ADHD

A virtual reality game offers an objective assessment of attention deficit disorders and may lead to an improved therapeutic ...

When Using Virtual Reality as a Teaching Tool, Context and 'Feeling Real' Matter

Psychologists had people learn words from two phonetically similar languages in virtual reality environments. Those who learned each language in its own unique context mixed up fewer words and were ...

Researchers Develop Wireless, Ultrathin 'Skin VR' to Provide a Vivid, 'Personalized' Touch Experience in the Virtual World

加强联系的虚拟体验nsation has become a hot topic, but today's haptic devices remain typically bulky and tangled with wires. Researchers have now developed an ...

Does Throwing My Voice Make You Want to Shop Here?

By breaking the laws of physics in a virtual reality environment, researchers find that changing the location of a virtual assistant's voice in specific ways can be used as a tool to build ...

Improving the Accuracy of Markerless Gait Analysis

Gait analysis systems measure certain metrics to give their results. These results then drive clinical treatment for gait correction. However, detailed gait analysis requires expensive equipment, and ...

Purchasing Loot Boxes in Video Games Associated With Problem Gambling Risk, Says Study

Gamers who buy 'loot boxes' are up to two times more likely to gamble, shows new ...

Crowding Makes Time Seem to Pass More Slowly

Testing time perception in an unusually lifelike setting -- a virtual reality ride on a New York City subway train -- an interdisciplinary research team found that crowding makes time seem to pass ...

Math Approach May Make Drug Discovery More Effective, Efficient

Researchers have devised a computer-based platform for drug discovery that could make the process more effective, more efficient and less ...

A Navigation System With 10 Centimeter Accuracy

Researchers have developed an alternative positioning system that is more robust and accurate than GPS, especially in urban settings. The working prototype that demonstrated this new mobile network ...

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