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June 16, 2023

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Open-Analysis Platform for Pediatric Brain Tumors Provides Robust Data Resource for Childhood Cancer Research

Researchers have partnered to create a first-of-its-kind open-source, reproducible analysis platform for pediatric brain tumors. With the help of thousands of genomically sequenced samples, researchers have used this platform to identify initial ...

Scientists Unveil RNA-Guided Mechanisms Driving Cell Fate

耳朵ly stages of embryonic development contain many of life's mysteries. Unlocking these mysteries can help us better understand early development and birth defects, and help develop new regenerative medicine treatments. Researchers have now characterized a critical time in mammalian embryonic ...

Gene Responsible for Severe Facial Defects Identified

Goldenhar syndrome is a rare congenital disease, affecting early fetal development. This syndrome includes malformations of varying severity, affecting different parts of the face. Its causes and modes of transmission are still poorly understood. An international collaboration has discovered that ...

Problems With 'Pruning' Brain Connections Linked to Adolescent Mental Health Disorders

Problems with the brain's ability to 'prune' itself of unnecessary connections may underlie a wide range of mental health disorders that begin during adolescence, according to research published today. The findings may help explain why people are ...

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Understanding the Speed of Brain Communication

Called the human connectome, this structural system of neural pathways develops as people age. A new study shows transmission speed among brain regions increases into early adulthood. Learning more ...

Lone Star Tick Bites May Be to Blame for Unexplained Digestive Problems

New clinical guidance has been developed to help physicians and patients identify if unexplained digestive symptoms are due to alpha-gal syndrome, a food allergy that is caused by lone star tick ...

Children at Risk of Multiple Sclerosis Often Go Undetected in Early Stages

Criteria used by neurologists to assess for multiple sclerosis (MS) in adults may fail to identify the illness in children with imaging suspicious for the disease, an oversight that could delay ...

Solving the Alzheimer's Disease Puzzle: One Piece at a Time

Researchers have uncovered a novel regulatory mechanism in the brain that is essential for making the right kinds of proteins that promote healthy brain function, and its malfunctioning may be an ...

Molecular Mechanism of Hydrocephalus Could Lead to the First-Ever Non-Surgical Treatment

研究人员发现,相同的分子pathway is involved in both the infectious and hemorrhagic forms of acquired hydrocephalus, a life-threatening disease that triggers a massive ...

Study Reveals Limitations in Evaluating Gene Editing Technology in Human Embryos

A commonly used scientific method to analyze a tiny amount of DNA in early human embryos fails to accurately reflect gene edits, according to new research. Although gene editing technologies hold ...

Assessing the Risk of Excess Folic Acid Intake

Researchers assessed in an animal model the effect of folic acid supplementation on mutation rates and other genetic ...

Pregnant Patients With Anxiety Have Altered Immune Systems

The immune system of pregnant women with anxiety is biologically different from that of pregnant women without anxiety, according to new ...

New Link Between Fatal Muscle Wasting Disease Gene and Cancer Discovered

New research has uncovered a novel link between the Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) gene and ...

The Far-Reaching Consequences of Child Abuse

Adverse childhood experiences in mothers can affect their children's mental and physical health, as researchers report. The study found that maltreatment during a mother's childhood is ...

What Makes the Immune Systems of Prematurely Born Babies Susceptible to Deadly Infections?

Physicians have discovered why the immune system of prematurely born babies is not working optimally after ...


New Insights Into Fetal Development May Protect Against Leukaemia

During the fetal stage, a number of so-called cell programs run that are vital to the development of the fetus. Researchers demonstrate that one of these fetal programs appears to protect against ...

Fragile X Syndrome: Sensory Signals from Outside World Are Underrepresented by Cortical Pyramida, Study Shows

In Fragile X syndrome, sensory signals from the outside world are integrated differently, causing them to be underrepresented by cortical pyramidal neurons in the brain, according to a new ...

Mothers' Alcohol Consumption Before and During Pregnancy Is Linked to Changes in Children's Face Shapes

Researchers have used artificial intelligence to discover a link between alterations in the shape of children's faces and the amount of alcohol their mothers drank, before and during pregnancy. ...

New Study Identifies Risk Factors Associated With Low Birthweights

Multiple births, a short interval between pregnancies and mothers with a maternal physical or mental health condition are more at risk of having a low birth rate baby. Every year 20 million children ...

Drug Alleviates Autism-Associated Behavior in Mice

行为障碍是孤独症患者中一样sociated with a multitude of genetic alterations. Scientists have now found another molecular cause for this condition. The transcription factor ...

Disrupted Flow of Brain Fluid May Underlie Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Researchers have discovered, in rodents, that fluid that circulates through the brain flows to areas critical for normal brain development and function, suggesting that disruptions to its circulation ...

Brain Injuries Drop 20% for Babies With Heart Defects

Recent advances in newborn heart surgery have greatly reduced brain injuries in infants with congenital heart disease, according to a 20-year ...

Abnormal 12-Hour Cyclic Gene Activity Found in Schizophrenic Brains

Researchers present the first evidence of 12-hour cycles of gene activity in the human brain. The study also reveals that some of those 12-hour rhythms are missing or altered in the postmortem brains ...

Potential Hidden Cause of Dementia Detected

A new study suggests that some patients diagnosed with behavioral-variant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD) -- an incurable condition that robs patients of the ability to control their behavior and ...

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