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June 25, 2023

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Drug Decelerates Bacterial Race to Antibiotic Resistance

Researchers report that, in laboratory cultures and animal models, a drug significantly reduces the ability of bacteria to develop antibiotic resistance, which might prolong antibiotic ...

Source of Common Kidney Disease Lies Outside the Kidney, Study Suggests

The discovery of new genes linked to IgA nephropathy, a common kidney disease, confirms the idea that the immune system drives the ...

Researcher Uses Pressure to Understand RNA Dynamics

Just as space holds infinite mysteries, when we zoom in at the level of biomolecules (one trillion times smaller than a meter), there is still so much to learn. Scientists are studying the conformational landscapes of biomolecules and how they modulate cell function. When biomolecules receive ...

Research Challenges Current Thinking on the Genetic Causes of Very Early Menopause

The genetic causes of very early menopause will have to be reconsidered after researchers found that nearly all women who carried variations thought to cause the condition in fact had their menopause at an older ...

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Tethering of Shattered Chromosomal Fragments Paves Way for New Cancer Therapies

Scientists discover shattered chromosomal fragments are tethered together during cell division before being rearranged; destroying the tether may help prevent cancerous ...

Astrocyte Processing of Serotonin Regulates Olfactory Perception

Researchers have uncovered novel aspects of astrocyte function in olfactory, or smell, perception revealing changes in their gene expression patterns that turn these brain cells into a hub of ...

Close Up on Aging Reveals How Different Cell Types in the Body Age at Different Pace

A team or researchers reports the first Aging Fly Cell Atlas (AFCA), a detailed characterization of the aging process in 163 distinct cell types in the laboratory fruit fly. Their in-depth analysis ...


Researchers have long known that moderate exercise has a beneficial impact on the body's response to inflammation, but what's been less understood is why. New research done on a mouse model ...

怀孕激素维修髓鞘损伤in MS Mouse Model

A new study has identified a treatment that could repair myelin in the cortex, undoing some of the damage caused by ...

Better Understanding of How Genes Make Us Prone to Allergies

New research is bolstering scientific understanding behind why some people are more prone to allergies than others. Researchers have identified how genetic differences that alter a specific protein ...

Ultra Small Molecule as a New Target for Alzheimer's Disease?

A new study shows that a very small molecule called microRNA-132 can have a significant impact on different brain cells and may play a role in Alzheimer's ...

The Viking Disease Can Be Due to Gene Variants Inherited from Neanderthals

Many men in northern Europe over the age of 60 suffer from the so-called Viking disease, which means that the fingers lock in a bent position. Now researchers have used data from over 7,000 affected ...

Further Hope for Base-Edited T-Cell Therapy to Treat Resistant Leukemia

Three young patients with relapsed T-cell leukemia have now been treated with base-edited ...

Lingering Effects of Neanderthal DNA Found in Modern Humans

最近的科学发现表明,Neanderthal genes comprise some 1 to 4% of the genome of present-day humans whose ancestors migrated out of Africa, but the question remained open on how ...

'Revolutionary' Research Discovers New Cause of Cancer Coming from Inside Us

Cancer researchers have made an important new connection between a person's cancer risk and the activity of circular RNAs, a poorly understood family of genetic fragments present in the body. A ...


Unexpected Link Between Chromosomal Instability and Epigenetic Alterations

New research finds an unexpected link between chromosomal instability and epigenetic alternations, both of which are hallmarks of cancer -- especially advanced, drug-resistant ...

Applying Artificial Intelligence for Early Risk Forecasting of Alzheimer's Disease

An international research team has developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based model that uses genetic information to predict an individual's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease (AD) ...

Biological Clocks of People and Malaria Parasites Tick in Tune

Could the next weapon against malaria come from a better understanding of biological clocks? A new study shows that malaria parasites sync their gene activity with the circadian rhythms of their ...

A Lung Injury Therapy Derived from Adult Skin Cells

Therapeutic nanocarriers engineered from adult skin cells can curb inflammation and tissue injury in damaged mouse lungs, new research shows, hinting at the promise of a treatment for lungs severely ...

A Compound from Fruit Flies Could Lead to New Antibiotics

Research shows that the natural peptide, called drosocin, protects fruit flies from bacterial infections by binding to ribosomes in bacteria. Once bound, drosocin prevents the ribosome from making ...

The Digital Dark Matter Clouding AI

Scientists using artificial intelligence technology may be inviting unwanted noise into their genome analyses. Now, researchers have created a computational correction that will allow them to see ...

Previously Unknown Antibiotic Resistance Widespread Among Bacteria

Genes that make bacteria resistant to antibiotics are much more widespread in our environment than was previously realized. A new study shows that bacteria in almost all environments carry resistance ...

Moving Towards a More Inclusive Approach to Medicine

The first human genome, which has served as the reference until now, was released approximately 20 years ago. It was a landmark accomplishment that had a huge impact on biomedical research and ...

The Look of Your Eyebrows Is in Your Genes; A New Study Uncovers Genes That Define the Appearance of Eyebrows

The first gene mapping study on eyebrow thickness in Europeans discovered three previously unreported genetic loci. The study demonstrates that eyebrow appearance has partly the same and partly ...

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