Dark Matter News
June 21, 2023

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Astronomers Discover New Link Between Dark Matter and Clumpiness of the Universe

Researchers reveal a theoretical breakthrough that may explain both the nature of invisible dark matter and the large-scale structure of the universe known as the cosmic web. The result establishes a new link between these two longstanding problems ...

Sun's Coldest Region Stores Secret to Heating Million-Degree Corona

Researchers have unveiled the discovery of intense wave energy from a relatively cool, dark and strongly magnetized plasma region on the Sun, capable of traversing the solar atmosphere and maintaining temperatures of a million degrees Kelvin inside the corona. Researchers say the finding is the ...

DESI Early Data Release Holds Nearly Two Million Objects

The first batch of data from the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument is now available for researchers to explore. Taken during the experiment's 'survey validation' phase, the data include distant galaxies and quasars as well as stars in our own Milky ...

Astronomers Discover Supernova Explosion Through Rare 'Cosmic Magnifying Glasses'

An international team of scientists recently discovered an exceptionally rare gravitationally lensed supernova, which the team named 'SN Zwicky.' Located more than 4 billion light years away, the supernova was magnified nearly 25 times by a ...

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Footprints of Galactic Immigration Uncovered in Andromeda Galaxy

Astronomers have uncovered striking new evidence for a mass migration of stars into the Andromeda Galaxy. Intricate patterns in the motions of stars reveal an immigration history very similar to that ...

The Bubbling Universe: A Previously Unknown Phase Transition in the Early Universe

What happened shortly after the universe was born in the Big Bang and began to expand? Bubbles occurred and a previously unknown phase transition happened, according to particle ...

Scientists Release Newly Accurate Map of All the Matter in the Universe

A group of scientists have released one of the most precise measurements ever made of how matter is distributed across the universe ...

Hubble Finds That Ghost Light Among Galaxies Stretches Far Back in Time

In giant clusters of hundreds or thousands of galaxies, innumerable stars wander among the galaxies like lost souls, emitting a ghostly haze of light. These stars are not gravitationally tied to any ...

Machine Learning Reveals How Black Holes Grow

Black holes are surrounded by an invisible layer that swallows every bit of evidence about their past. Researchers are now using machine learning and supercomputers to reconstruct the growth ...

Antihelium Nuclei as Messengers from the Depths of the Galaxy

How are galaxies born, and what holds them together? Astronomers assume that dark matter plays an essential role. However, as yet it has not been possible to prove directly that dark matter exists. A ...

Researchers Say Space Atomic Clocks Could Help Uncover the Nature of Dark Matter

Studying an atomic clock on-board a spacecraft inside the orbit of Mercury and very near to the Sun could be the trick to uncovering the nature of dark ...

The Tilt in Our Stars: The Shape of the Milky Way's Halo of Stars Is Realized

New data throws out the textbook picture of a spherical stellar halo and reinforces a dynamic origin story of two galaxies that collided billions of years ...

NASA's Webb Catches Fiery Hourglass as New Star Forms

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has revealed the once-hidden features of the protostar within the dark cloud L1527, providing insight into the beginnings of a new star. These blazing clouds ...

2400 New Eyes on the Sky to See Cosmic Rainbows

The Subaru Telescope successfully demonstrated engineering first light with a new instrument that will use about 2400 fiberoptic cables to capture the light from heavenly objects. Full operation is ...

Searching for Traces of Dark Matter With Neutron Spin Clocks

An international research team has succeeded in significantly narrowing the scope for the existence of dark matter. The experiment makes an important contribution to the search for these ...


The Most Precise Accounting Yet of Dark Energy and Dark Matter

Analyzing more than two decades' worth of supernova explosions convincingly bolsters modern cosmological theories and reinvigorates efforts to answer fundamental ...

Astronomers Map Distances to 56,000 Galaxies, Largest-Ever Catalog

Astronomers have assembled the largest-ever compilation of high-precision galaxy distances, called ...

Physicists Invoke the Cosmological Collider to Explain Why Matter, and Not Antimatter, Dominates the Universe

Early in its history, shortly after the Big Bang, the universe was filled with equal amounts of matter and 'antimatter' -- particles that are matter counterparts but with opposite charge. ...

Gamma Rays from Neighboring Galaxy Related to Millisecond Pulsars

Physicists and astronomers have studied gamma rays caused by the Sagittarius Dwarf, a small neighboring galaxy of our Milky Way. They showed that all the observed gamma radiation can be explained by ...


Physicists have built a quantum scale heat pump made from particles of light. This device brings scientists closer to the quantum limit of measuring radio frequency signals, useful in for example the ...

Signs of Disturbance in Nearby Dwarf Galaxies Indicate an Alternative Gravity Theory

According to the standard model of cosmology, the vast majority of galaxies are surrounded by a halo of dark matter particles. This halo is invisible, but its mass exerts a strong gravitational pull ...

Scientists Reveal Distribution of Dark Matter Around Galaxies 12 Billion Years Ago -- Further Back in Time Than Ever Before

Using Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation instead of visible light allows scientists to determine the distribution of dark matter several billion years earlier than previously ...

Halos and Dark Matter: A Recipe for Discovery

About three years ago, a team of astronomers went looking for the universe's missing mass, better known as dark matter, in the heart of an atom. Their expedition didn't lead them to dark ...

Shedding New Light on Dark Matter

A team of physicists has developed a method for predicting the composition of dark matter -- invisible matter detected only by its gravitational pull on ordinary matter and whose discovery has been ...

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