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July 5, 2023

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How Mercury Emissions from Industry Can Be Greatly Reduced

Sulphuric acid is the world's most used chemical. It is an important reagent used in many industries and it is used in the manufacture of everything from paper, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to batteries, detergents and fertilizers. It is therefore a worldwide challenge that sulphuric acid often ...

How the Cat Nose Knows What It's Smelling

Scientists have found the secret to felines' finesse at sniffing out food, friends and foes. A complex collection of tightly coiled bony airway structures gets the credit, according to the first detailed analysis of the domestic cat's nasal ...

Mountains Vulnerable to Extreme Rain from Climate Change

A new study finds that as rising global temperatures shift snow to rain, mountains across the Northern Hemisphere will be hotspots for extreme rainfall events that could trigger floods and landslides -- potentially impacting a quarter of the world's ...

Gray Whales Off Oregon Coast Consume Millions of Microparticles Per Day

Researchers estimate that gray whales feeding off the Oregon Coast consume up to 21 million microparticles per day, a finding informed in part by feces from the ...

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This Salty Gel Could Harvest Water from Desert Air

Engineers synthesized a superabsorbent material that can soak up a record amount of moisture from the air, even in desert-like ...

Scientists Discover Urea in Atmosphere Revealing Profound Consequences for Climate

Areas of the ocean that are rich in marine life are having a bigger impact on our ecosystems and the climate than previously thought, new research ...

Marine Environment at Risk Due to Ship Emissions

Researchers used four different types of port environments to investigate the levels of contaminants emitted from five different sources. They found that the combined emissions of metals and ...

Chronic Exposure to Lead, Cadmium and Arsenic Increases Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Around the world, most people are regularly exposed to low or moderate levels of lead, cadmium and arsenic in the environment, increasing risk of coronary artery disease, stroke and peripheral artery ...

All-Electric Rideshare Fleet Could Reduce Carbon Emissions, Increase Traffic Issues

Two major ridesharing companies have promised all-electric fleets by 2030 in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. To understand additional impacts of this transition, researchers conducted ...

Aviation Turbulence Strengthened as the World Warmed

New research shows that clear-air turbulence increased in various regions around the world from 1979 -- ...

The Problems With Coal Ash Start Smaller Than Anyone Thought

Burning coal doesn't only pollute the air. The resulting ash can leach toxic chemicals into the local environments where it's kept. New research shows that the toxicity of various ash ...

空气质量监测站收集了海量DNA by Accident, a Potentially 'Game-Changing' Discovery for Tracking Global Biodiversity

The accelerating loss of biodiversity and increasing rate of species extinction is a major threat to ecosystems around the globe. And yet, quantifying those losses at a large scale hasn't been ...

Biological Cleanup Discovered for Certain 'Forever Chemicals'

Chemical and environmental engineering scientists have identified two species of bacteria found in soil that break down a class of stubborn 'forever chemicals'-- per- and poly-fluoroalkyl ...

World Leading Health Experts Say Aviation Industry Must Act on Cabin Fumes as They Launch New Medical Guidance

A group of world leading health and scientific experts are calling on the aviation industry to take action to protect passengers and aircrew from dangerous cabin fumes which they say have led to a ...

Reusable Packaging Revolution Is Close

A detailed plan to transform product packaging and significantly cut plastic production and pollution has been developed by researchers. The study comes as government representatives meet in Paris to ...


Plants Remove Cancer Causing Toxins from Air

A ground-breaking study has revealed that plants can efficiently remove toxic gasoline fumes, including cancer causing compounds such as benzene, from indoor ...

Engineers Harvest Abundant Clean Energy from Thin Air, 24/7

A team of engineers has recently shown that nearly any material can be turned into a device that continuously harvests electricity from humidity in the air. Researchers describe the 'generic ...

'Sustainable' Condenser Tumble Dryers Create Hundreds of Tons of Waterborne Microfiber Pollution

A new study has revealed that drying laundry using a condenser tumble dryer leads to hundreds of tons of potentially harmful microfibers being released into waterways and oceans across the UK and ...

Not So Biodegradable: Bio-Based Plastic and Plastic-Blend Textiles Do Not Biodegrade in the Ocean

A new study tracked the ability of natural, synthetic, and blended fabrics to biodegrade directly in the ...

Propellers Are Louder Over Ground

The effects of the ground on propeller noise have now been measured ...

Fine Particulate Matter Catalyzes Oxidative Stress in the Lungs

Study sheds new light on the adverse health effects of air pollution: hydrogen peroxide production of fine particles may not be as important as previously assumed. A new study reveals that the ...

Even Slight Traffic Noise Has a Negative Impact on Work Performance

As cities are densified at a fast pace, there is now construction very close to roads and thoroughfares. It is already known that noise can have a negative impact on human health, but new research ...

Extremely Hot Days Are Warming Twice as Fast as Average Summer Days in North-West Europe

New study analyzed data on near-surface air temperatures recorded for North-West Europe over the past 60 years. The findings show that the maximum temperature of the hottest days is increasing at ...

African Smoke Over the Amazon

Up to two-thirds of the soot above the central Amazon rainforest originates in Africa. Researchers differentiate soot particles using their relative properties and attribute them to their respective ...

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