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July 27, 2023

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High-Quality Sleep Promotes Resilience to Depression and Anxiety

Research has shown quality sleep can help bolster resilience to depression and ...

New Research Identifies Cells Linking Chronic Psychological Stress to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

For the first time, cells involved with the communication between stress responses in the brain and inflammation in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract have been identified in animal models. Glial cells, which support neurons, communicate stress signals ...

How Chronic Stress Drives the Brain to Crave Comfort Food

Stress can override natural satiety cues to drive more food intake and boost cravings for ...

Anti-Depressant Agent KNT-127 Reduces Stress as Well as Depression

Depression is a condition affecting millions across the globe. However, efficient drugs with minimal adverse effects are scarce. Now, researchers have reported how KNT-127, a delta opioid receptor agonist, quickly and efficiently reduces classic parameters of depression in a mouse model. This ...

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Support from Others in Stressful Times Can Ease Impact of Genetic Depression Risk, Study Suggests

接触一个人当他们波形的支持r stress is always a good idea. But a new study suggests that support could be especially important for someone whose genetic makeup makes them ...

Measuring the Stress of Moving House

Moving is considered stressful, but just how stressful is it? Researchers have developed an original method of ...

A Wearable Dataset for Predicting in-Class Exam Performance

Researchers performed an experiment, in which a set of students' physiological data was gathered over the course of three exams. They used a smartwatch-like wearable device and collected ...

Studies ID Ways to Help Young Adults Avoid Health Impacts of Stress

It's well established that experiencing stress can hurt our physical health. Now two new studies find that younger adults who take preemptive steps to respond to stress are better able to avoid ...

Pregnant Moms' Stress May Accelerate Cell Aging of White, Not Black, Kids, Study Finds

Does stress during pregnancy impact children's cell aging, and does race matter? The answer is yes, according to a new ...

Researchers Identify Key Brain Cells in Mice Underlying Stress-Related Behaviors

Neuroscientists have discovered that a specific type of brain cell could be a key player in making you feel the negative impacts of ...


Study Finds That Experiences of Daily Stress Decrease as People Age

Stories about how daily stress can negatively impact people's lives, from physical health to mental and emotional well-being, are frequently in the media. But there is good news about the ...

Five Precepts of Buddhism May Be Linked to Lower Depression Risk

A new study suggests that people with high levels of neuroticism and stress may be at greater risk for depressive symptoms, but those links could be buffered for people who observe the five precepts ...

Can Pharmacotherapies Prevent Alcohol Use Disorder in People With PTSD?

A research team showed how drugs can reduce alcohol preference in animal models of post-traumatic stress ...

经济压力杜e to COVID-19 Pandemic Took Significant Toll on Adolescent Mental Health, Researchers Find

Financial stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic took a distinct toll on adolescent mental health and contributed to depressive symptoms, according to new research. The study found the effect was most ...

Novel Device to Measure Nerve Activity for Treatment of Sepsis, PTSD

A multi-campus research team has developed a novel device for non-invasively measuring cervical nerve activity in humans. The device has potential applications for supporting more personalized ...

Political Events Impact Sleep, New Research Suggests

Researchers show how major sociopolitical events can have global impacts on sleep that are associated with significant fluctuations in the public's collective mood, well-being, and alcohol ...


Morning Blue Light Treatment Improves Sleep in Patients With PTSD

Researchers explore a noninvasive, drug-free treatment that offers hope for healing from the severe symptoms of post-traumatic stress ...

The Major Chord That Cures Nightmares

Oppressive, frightening, nerve-wracking: nightmares are particularly disturbing dreams. They are considered pathological when they occur frequently (>1 episode per week) and cause daytime fatigue, ...

Tracking Mental Health Over the COVID-19 Pandemic

When the world shut down in March of 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people the world over experienced profound psychological stress to varying degrees. Now, a new study takes advantage of the ...

Researchers Confirm Stress Link in the Brain

Researchers have confirmed a pathway in the brain that governs how animals, including humans, respond to stress. The findings could yield better understanding of the physical- and mental-health ...

Stem Cell Study Reveals How Neurons from PTSD Patients React to Stress

First induced pluripotent stem cell model of PTSD offers insights into underlying genetics and opportunities for new ...

Can Obesity and Stress Influence Appetite? New Study Shows It's All in Your Head

In a series of experiments using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to measure brain activity across networks in the brain, researchers looked at how stress might increase appetite in obese ...

Statewide Pandemic Restrictions Not Related to Psychological Distress, Researchers Find

Despite concerns that stay-at-home orders and other government efforts to stem the spread of COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic would cause lasting harm to people's mental health, research ...

New Survey: 91% of Parents Say Their Family Is Less Stressed When They Eat Together

Chronic, constant stress can increase lifetime risk of heart disease and stroke, but a new survey reveals regular mealtime with others could be a simple solution to help manage ...

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