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July 12, 2023

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New Zealand Kids Spending One-Third of After-School Time on Screens

Regulations are urgently needed to protect children from harm in the unregulated online world, researchers ...

GPT Detectors Can Be Biased Against Non-Native English Writers

Researchers show that computer programs commonly used to determine if a text was written by artificial intelligence tend to falsely label articles written by non-native language speakers as AI-generated. The researchers caution against the use of such AI text detectors for their unreliability, ...

Burns Take a Toll on Academic Outcomes

A common childhood injury has been shown to slash school completion rates, adding to evidence that found being hospitalized can have a long-lasting effect on young ...

Board Games Are Boosting Math Ability in Young Children

Board games based on numbers, like Monopoly, Othello and Chutes and Ladders, make young children better at math, according to a comprehensive review of research published on the topic over the last 23 ...

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'Smart' Drugs Can Decrease Productivity in People Who Don't Have ADHD, Study Finds

Research suggests that complex tasks akin to real life decision-making take neurotypical people longer to complete when they take 'smart' drugs than when they do not. The smart drugs do ...

What's an Underrated Way to Study Decisions? Think out Loud

A philosopher-scientist and other researchers have developed an online protocol for recording audio as people narrate all of their thoughts while answering a series of trick questions. The work may ...

How Caregiver Speech Shapes Infant Brain

New research shines light on how parents who talk more to their infants improve their children's brain development. Scientists used imaging and audio recordings to link early language skills to ...

Male Babies 'Talk' More in the First Year Than Female Babies Do

Young babies make many squeals, vowel-like sounds, growls, and short word-like sounds such as 'ba' or 'aga.' Those precursors to speech or 'protophones' are later ...

A Student's Poor Eating Habits Can Lead to a Lifetime of Illness

A researcher is cautioning that a person's poor eating habits established during post-secondary studies can contribute to future health issues including obesity, respiratory illnesses and ...

Researchers Comprehensively Assess the Safety of Using Your Head in Youth Soccer

Repeatedly heading a soccer ball has been previously associated with negative long-term brain health for professional players. However, a new study found that a small number of repeated soccer ...

Gender Trumps Politics in Determining People's Ability to Read Others' Minds

Researchers at the University of Bath surveyed over 4,000 people to test social ability and found that being female and educated are some of the best predictors for how well you get on with and ...

Even Slight Traffic Noise Has a Negative Impact on Work Performance

As cities are densified at a fast pace, there is now construction very close to roads and thoroughfares. It is already known that noise can have a negative impact on human health, but new research ...

How 1,000 Undergraduates Helped Solve an Enduring Mystery About the Sun

For three years at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of students spent an estimated 56,000 hours analyzing the behavior of hundreds of solar flares. Their results could help ...

Multi-Site Trial of Belonging Exercise Improves College Students' Academic Persistence

A new study finds that incoming students who participated in an online belonging exercise completed their first year as full-time college students at a higher rate than their peers, but only when ...

Do Your Homework to Prep for the 2023 and 2024 Eclipses

This year and next, Americans will have the extraordinary opportunity to witness two solar eclipses as both will be visible throughout the continental U.S. Both occurrences promise to be remarkable ...


60 Years Later, High School Quality May Have a Long-Term Impact on Cognition

Attending a high school with a high number of teachers with graduate training was the clearest predictor of the impact of school quality on late-life cognition, researchers ...

Structured Exploration Allows Biological Brains to Learn Faster Than AI

Neuroscientists have uncovered how exploratory actions enable animals to learn their spatial environment more efficiently. Their findings could help build better AI agents that can learn faster and ...

Speaking a Tonal Language Could Boost Your Melodic Ability, but at the Cost of Rhythm

Your native language could impact your musical ability. A global study that compared the melodic and rhythmic abilities of almost half a million people speaking 54 different languages found that ...

ChatGPT Is Still No Match for Humans When It Comes to Accounting

ChatGPT faced off against students on accounting assessments. Students scored an overall average of 76.7%, compared to ChatGPT's score of 47.4%. On a 11.3% of questions, ChatGPT scored higher ...

Older Adults May Achieve Same Cognition as Undergrads

A set of recent studies demonstrates for the first time that learning multiple new tasks carries benefits for cognition long after the learning has been completed. One year after they learned new ...

Research Shows Why Some Children May Be Slower to Learn Words

A new study investigates where toddlers look when they learn new words. It finds that children with larger vocabularies looked quickly towards objects when learning new words. Meanwhile, children who ...

School Discipline Can Be Predicted, New Research Says. Is It Preventable?

Researchers have documented wide fluctuations and racial disparities in school discipline -- and ways educators might be better able to prevent incidents ...

Two Brain Networks Are Activated While Reading, Study Finds

When a person reads a sentence, two distinct networks in the brain are activated, working together to integrate the meanings of the individual words to obtain more complex, higher-order meaning, ...

How Music Can Prevent Cognitive Decline

正常衰老与进步cognit相关联ive decline. But can we train our brain to delay this process? A team has discovered that practicing and listening to music can alter cognitive ...

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