Quantum Computers News
June 26, 2023

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Open-Source Software to Speed Up Quantum Research

Quantum technology is expected to fundamentally change many key areas of society. Researchers are convinced that there are many more useful quantum properties and applications to explore than those we know today. A team of researchers has now developed open-source, freely available software that ...

New Technique in Error-Prone Quantum Computing Makes Classical Computers Sweat

Today's quantum computers often calculate the wrong answer because of noisy environments that interfere with the quantum entanglement of qubits. IBM Quantum has pioneered a technique that accounts for the noise to achieve reliable results. They ...

Schrödinger's Cat Makes Better Qubits

Drawing from Schrodinger's cat thought experiment, scientists have built a 'critical cat code' qubit that uses bosons to store and process information in a way that is more reliable and resistant to errors than previous qubit ...

New Superconducting Diode Could Improve Performance of Quantum Computers and Artificial Intelligence

A team has developed a more energy-efficient, tunable superconducting diode -- a promising component for future electronic devices -- that could help scale up quantum computers for industry and improve artificial intelligence ...

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Researcher Uses Artificial Intelligence to Discover New Materials for Advanced Computing

Researchers have identified novel van der Waals (vdW) magnets using cutting-edge tools in artificial intelligence (AI). In particular, the team identified transition metal halide vdW materials with ...

Symmetric Graphene Quantum Dots for Future Qubits

Quantum dots in semiconductors such as silicon or gallium arsenide have long been considered hot candidates for hosting quantum bits in future quantum processors. Scientists have now shown that ...

Researchers Develop Manual for Engineering Spin Dynamics in Nanomagnets

An international team of researchers has developed a comprehensive manual for engineering spin dynamics in nanomagnets -- an important step toward advancing spintronic and quantum-information ...


Large numbers can only be factorized with a great deal of computational effort. Physicists are now providing a blueprint for a new type of quantum computer to solve the factorization problem, which ...

Quantum Entanglement of Photons Doubles Microscope Resolution

Using a "spooky" phenomenon of quantum physics, researchers have discovered a way to double the resolution of light ...

Tunneling Electrons

By superimposing two laser fields of different strengths and frequency, the electron emission of metals can be measured and controlled precisely to a few attoseconds. Physicists have shown that this ...

Scientists Have Full State of a Quantum Liquid Down Cold

A team of physicists has illuminated certain properties of quantum systems by observing how their fluctuations spread over time. The research offers an intricate understanding of a complex phenomenon ...

量子纠缠可以加速计Dark Matter Sensors More Accurate

The 'spooky action at a distance' that once unnerved Einstein may be on its way to being as pedestrian as the gyroscopes that currently measure acceleration in ...

Two Qudits Fully Entangled

Recently quantum computers started to work with more than just the zeros and ones we know from classical computers. Now a team demonstrates a way to efficiently create entanglement of such ...

Quantum Computer Applied to Chemistry

There are high expectations that quantum computers may deliver revolutionary new possibilities for simulating chemical processes. This could have a major impact on everything from the development of ...

Embracing Variations: Physicists Analyze Noise in Lambda-Type Quantum Memory

In the future, communications networks and computers will use information stored in objects governed by the microscopic laws of quantum mechanics. This capability can potentially underpin ...


Rock, Paper, Scissors: Searching for Stronger Nonlocality Using Quantum Computers

In the quantum world particles can instantaneously know about each other's state, even when separated by large distances. This is known as nonlocality. Now, A research group has produced some ...

Long-Distance Quantum Teleportation Enabled by Multiplexed Quantum Memories

Researchers report having achieved quantum teleportation from a photon to a solid-state qubit over a distance of 1km, with a novel approach using multiplexed quantum ...

A Team Creates 'Quantum Composites' for Various Electrical and Optical Innovations

A team has shown in the laboratory the unique and practical function of newly created materials, which they called quantum composites, that may advance electrical, optical, and computer ...

Quantum Liquid Becomes Solid When Heated

Solids can be melted by heating, but in the quantum world it can also be the other way around: An experimental team has shown how a quantum liquid forms supersolid structures by heating. The ...

Laser Light Hybrids Control Giant Currents at Ultrafast Times

The flow of matter, from macroscopic water currents to the microscopic flow of electric charge, underpins much of the infrastructure of modern times. In the search for breakthroughs in energy ...

How to Overcome Noise in Quantum Computations

Scientists have made significant progress in quantum computing by deriving a formula that predicts the effects of environmental noise. This is crucial for designing and building quantum computers ...

DMI Allows Magnon-Magnon Coupling in Hybrid Perovskites

一个国际研究小组创造了a mixed magnon state in an organic hybrid perovskite material by utilizing the Dzyaloshinskii--Moriya-Interaction (DMI). The resulting material has ...

Absolute Zero in the Quantum Computer

Absolute zero cannot be reached -- unless you have an infinite amount of energy or an infinite amount of time. Scientists in Vienna (Austria) studying the connection between thermodynamics and ...

Can a Solid Be a Superfluid? Engineering a Novel Supersolid State from Layered 2D Materials

Physicists predict that layered electronic 2D semiconductors can host a curious quantum phase of matter called the supersolid. This counterintuitive quantum material simultaneously forms a rigid ...

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