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June 17, 2023

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions at 'an All-Time High' -- And It Is Causing an Unprecedented Rate of Global Warming, Say Scientists

Human-induced warming, largely caused by the burning of fossil fuels, reached an average of 1.14°C for the most recent decade (2013 to 2022) above pre-industrial levels. This is up from 1.07°C between 2010 and 2019. Human-induced warming is now ...

Reusable Packaging Revolution Is Close

A detailed plan to transform product packaging and significantly cut plastic production and pollution has been developed by researchers. The study comes as government representatives meet in Paris to negotiate a legally binding global plastics treaty with a mandate to end plastic ...

Philosophy Aligns With Economics on How to Value Future Generations in Climate Policy

A survey of philosophers finds they broadly agree with economists on the best way of valuing the environment of the future in policy decisions made now -- although for different ...

Communities Should Reconsider Walking Away from Curbside Recycling, Study Shows

Researchers took a deep dive into the economic and environmental value of community recycling efforts and compared it to the value of other climate change mitigation practices, concluding it provides a return on ...

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How Countries Can Benefit from Linking Data

A recent study makes it clear: Countries like Sweden that can link data from different areas -- such as the labor market and health care -- have a decisive advantage when it comes to setting targeted ...

Global Maternal Strep B Vaccination Program Could Save Millions and Prevent Thousands of Deaths Worldwide

A global maternal immunization program for group B Streptococcus -- strep B -- would save millions in healthcare costs by reducing death and disability, but without tiered pricing, equitable access ...

Fighting Intolerance With Physics

In a world experiencing growing inequality and intolerance, tools borrowed from science and mathematics could be the key to understanding and preventing prejudice. Experts apply evolutionary game ...

Tech Could Help BC Farmers Reach Customers, Mitigate Climate Change Impacts

Technology exists that the BC government could leverage to help small farmers connect directly with consumers and also mitigate climate change impacts, say new ...

Switching to Hydrogen Fuel Could Prolong the Methane Problem

Hydrogen is often heralded as the clean fuel of the future, but new research suggests that leaky hydrogen infrastructure could end up increasing atmospheric methane levels, which would cause ...

What If California Didn't Close Down During the Pandemic?

使用一种新型economic-epidemiological模型,复位archers examine the health and economic impacts that could have occurred if California took a 'business-as-usual' approach to the COVID-19 ...

Pioneering Study Shows Flood Risks Can Still Be Considerably Reduced If All Global Promises to Cut Carbon Emissions Are Kept

Annual damage caused by flooding in the UK could increase by more than a fifth over the next century due to climate change unless all international pledges to reduce carbon emissions are met, ...

Greater Gender Equality Helps Both Women and Men Live Longer

The first global study to investigate how gender equality may be associated with life expectancy has found that both women and men live longer as it ...

Paying Family Members for at-Home Medical Care of Their Children Found to Be a Viable Answer to Healthcare Worker Shortage

A recent study found that a Medicaid program in Colorado can help address the shortage of home healthcare workers for children with complex medical needs by offering family members certified nursing ...

New Funding Proposal Aims to Reduce Bottlenecks on Upper Mississippi River

New research proposes a funding model for a major rehabilitation of the 27 locks and dams on the Upper Mississippi. It relies on a collective investment from all -- or at least most -- of the ...

What Makes People Care About the Environment?

A new study analyzes the factors that drive environmental concern among Europeans in an effort to understand how we can bolster popular support for combating climate ...


Devastating Cost of Future Coastal Flooding for Many Developing Nations Predicted in New Study

New global modelling predicts the devastating socioeconomic impacts of future extreme coastal flooding for developing nations caused by climate change, with Asia, West Africa and Egypt facing severe ...

Climate Change May Cut US Forest Inventory by a Fifth This Century

A study found that under more severe climate warming scenarios, the inventory of trees used for timber in the continental United States could decline by as much as 23% by 2100. The largest inventory ...

Economics Trump Environment to Save Big Cats, Say Ecologists

Rapid economic growth has pushed rare species of big carnivores to the brink of extinction, but ecologists have suggested our appetite to once again live alongside big cats is ...

Co-Creating Health for Humanity: New Trends in Pharmaceutical Interorganizational Deals

Discovering new drugs has become increasingly rare for independent large pharmaceutical companies in recent times. Almost 60% of new drugs are discovered through mergers and acquisitions and drug ...

We Need to Learn to Live With Less Steel

Steel is one of the most important materials in the world, integral to the cars we drive, the buildings we inhabit, and the infrastructure that allows us to travel from place to place. Steel is also ...

Hydrogen's Place in an Increasingly Connected Energy Web Shows Need for Regulatory Change

Capturing the potential profits and jobs offered by a growing hydrogen industry may need as much innovation in regulatory agencies as it does in the research laboratories, according to new ...

Falling Birth Rate in US Not Due to Less Desire to Have Children

While some people are concerned about America's falling birth rate, a new study suggests young people don't need to be convinced to have more children. In fact, young Americans haven't ...

Research Could Simplify Process for Calculating Soil Carbon Credits

A study provides new insights for quantifying cropland carbon budgets and soil carbon credits, two important metrics for mitigating climate change. Using an advanced agroecosystem model on ...

Mayas Utilized Market-Based Economics

More than 500 years ago in the midwestern Guatemalan highlands, Maya people bought and sold goods with far less oversight from their rulers than many archeologists previously thought. Overtime, the ...

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