Infant and Preschool Learning News
July 1, 2023

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Babies Talk More Around Human-Made Objects Than Natural Ones

A new study suggests young children are more vocal when interacting with toys and household items, highlighting their importance for developing language ...

High-Quality Child Care Contributes to Later Success in Science, Math

Children who receive high-quality child care as babies, toddlers and preschoolers do better in science, technology, engineering and math through high school, and that link is stronger among children from low-income backgrounds, according to new ...

Conflict in Marriage Less Harmful for Kids When Dad Keeps It Constructive

Conflict is unavoidable in all marriages. When it erupts in families with children, stressed or angry parents may take their pain out on the kids, projecting their anger or withdrawing emotionally or physically. In the worst cases, children's socioemotional development can suffer. But the way ...

Male Babies 'Talk' More in the First Year Than Female Babies Do

Young babies make many squeals, vowel-like sounds, growls, and short word-like sounds such as 'ba' or 'aga.' Those precursors to speech or 'protophones' are later replaced with early words and, eventually, whole phrases and sentences. While some infants are naturally more 'talkative' than others, a ...

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Hunter-Gatherer Childhoods May Offer Clues to Improving Education and Wellbeing in Developed Countries

Hunter-gatherers can help us understand the conditions that children may be psychologically adapted to because we lived as hunter-gatherers for 95% of our evolutionary history. And paying greater ...

Small Differences in Mom's Behavior May Show Up in Child's Epigenome

Adding evidence to the importance of early development, a new study links neutral maternal behavior toward infants with an epigenetic change in children related to stress response. Epigenetics are ...

Protective Parenting May Help Your Kids Avoid Health Problems as Adults

Being a protective parent could set your kids up for a healthier life as an adult, according to new research. The study found that growing up in places where gunshots are common and heat and ...

Infants Outperform AI in 'Commonsense Psychology'

Infants outperform artificial intelligence in detecting what motivates other people's actions, finds a new study by a team of psychology and data science researchers. Its results point to ...

Brain-Wave Data and Hearing Test May Help Diagnosis Autism Earlier

Brain-wave data collected during a hearing test routinely given to newborns could help clinicians spot neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism in early infancy, according to a new ...

Daily, Consistent Parental Reading in the First Year of Life Improves Infants' Language Scores

Daily reading improved language development in infants 12 months and younger, according to a recent ...

Babies Remember Faces Despite Face Masks, Study Suggests

Babies learn from looking at human faces, leading many parents and childhood experts to worry about possible developmental harm from widespread face-masking during the pandemic. A new study allays ...

Can a Computer Teach Babies to Count?

A recent study of 81 babies between 14 and 19 months old found the same outcome: When these babies watched a video where they were shown pictures of toy cars and toy pigs and listened to someone ...

Frequently Using Digital Devices to Soothe Young Children May Backfire

Frequent use of devices like smartphones and tablets to calm upset children ages 3-5 was associated with increased emotional dysregulation in kids, particularly in ...

Parents Talk More to Toddlers Who Talk Back

Hummus. Chewbacca. Belly button. These are just a few of the thousands of words scientists painstakingly decoded from over 2,100 hours of recorded conversations to determine if the amount of language ...

Even in Kindergarten, Gaps Seen in Extracurricular Activities

It doesn't take long for gaps to appear between children who participate in extracurricular activities and kids who don't, a new study ...


Pretend Play Should Be Studied in Children from a Younger Age, According to Researchers

Researchers say there is evidence infants are exploring the world of make-believe before they're even aware they are doing ...

Sensitivity to Musical Rhythm Supports Social Development in Infants

Engaging infants with a song provides a ready-made means for supporting social development and interaction, according to a new ...

Impact of Pandemic on Children's Mental Health

New research from pediatricians reveals the impact of COVID-19 on mental health in ...

Birthweights Below the 25th Percentile Linked to Later Developmental Concerns

Being born below the 25th percentile for birthweight may put a child at risk for developmental difficulties, according to a new ...

Properties of 'Baby Talk' Similar Across Many Languages

A study has revealed that baby talk displays similar properties across 36 ...

何w the Mother's Mood Influences Her Baby's Ability to Speak

Communicating with babies in infant-directed-speech is considered an essential prerequisite for successful language development of the little ones. Researchers have now investigated how the mood of ...

Parenting Practices in Teen Years Set the Stage for Closeness, Warmth Later on

High-quality parenting practices in adolescence lay the foundation for close parent-child relationships when the children become young adults, according to new ...

Brain Development of the Preterm Baby Is Improved by Supporting Emotional Connection With the Parent

Supporting emotional connection between a premature baby and mother during the intensive care unit treatment effectively improves the baby's brain development. The effects are clearly visible in ...

Anxiety During Pregnancy Can Lead to Earlier Births, Study Finds

Women who experience anxiety about their pregnancies give birth earlier on average than those who don't, according to new ...

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