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June 25, 2023

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All the Immunity, None of the Symptoms

Scientists found pairing specific diets with diarrheal disease-causing bacteria can create lasting immunity in mice without a need to ever experience symptoms. The findings pave the way for vaccine development that could reduce symptoms and mortality of diarrheal illness and other diseases in ...

Pain Not Perceived in the Same Way in People With Alzheimer's Disease

New research has found that in a mouse model mimicking Alzheimer's Disease (AD) pain signals are not processed in the same way as in healthy ...

Loss of Y Chromosome in Men Enables Cancer to Grow

As men age, some of their cells lose the very thing that makes them biological males -- the Y chromosome -- and this loss hampers the body's ability to fight cancer, according to new research. The study found that loss of the Y chromosome helps cancer cells evade the body's immune system. This ...

Study Hints at How Cancer Immunotherapy Can Be Safer

Cancer immunotherapy has revolutionized treatment of many forms of cancer by unleashing the immune system response against tumors. Immunotherapies that block checkpoint receptors like PD-1, proteins that limit the capacity of T cells to attack tumors, have become the choice for the treatment of ...

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The White Matter of the MS Brain Shows Abnormalities Even Before Inflammation

Patients with MS show structural abnormalities in their white matter even before MS inflammation develops. Could this finding lead to a target for a new treatment to prevent MS ...

研究显示人类T细胞控制的关键作用rol of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Infection

A new study has shown that human T cells have an important role to play in controlling ...

Discovery Slows Down Muscular Dystrophy

A research team has discovered that by manipulating a certain protein in the immune system they can slow down disease progression and improve muscle function in Duchenne muscular ...

Previous Smallpox Vaccine Provides Immunity to Mpox

Vaccines against smallpox given until the mid-1970s offer continuing cross-reactive immunity to mpox (previously known as monkeypox), researchers ...

'Lost' Immune Cells Partly to Blame for Reduced Vaccine Response in Older People

Researchers have shown that within immune structures called the germinal centre, the mislocation of Tfh cells causes reduced capacity to respond well to vaccination with age. The research also ...

Tuberculosis Disease Intensifies HIV Antibody Response in People With HIV

New research found that people living with HIV that have had pulmonary tuberculosis had broader and more potent HIV antibody responses and differences in HIV sequences predicted to be antibody ...

T Cells Can Activate Themselves to Fight Tumors

Scientists find an auto-signaling mechanism driving the T cell anti-tumor response; findings may inspire new cancer therapeutics and ...

Gamma Delta T Cells Can Fight Aggressive Breast Cancer

Researchers discover a mechanism by which cancer cells escape the immune ...

'Black Sheep' of Helper T Cells May Hold Key to Precision Allergy Treatment

A new study sheds light on how a rare type of helper T cell, called Th9, can drive allergic disease, suggesting new precision medicine approaches to treating allergies in patients with high levels of ...

Potential Breakthrough in Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

Scientists identified three biomaterial formulations that could help develop a more sustainable, long-term, self-regulating way to treat Type 1 diabetes using a new screening technique that involves ...

Near-Universal T Cell Immunity Towards a Broad Range of Bacteria

Typically T cells of the immune system respond to a specific feature (antigen) of a microbe, thereby generating protective immunity. Scientists have discovered an exception to this rule. Namely, a ...


Antimicrobial Use in Agriculture Can Breed Bacteria Resistant to First-Line Human Defenses

A new study has shown that overuse of antimicrobials in livestock production can drive the evolution of bacteria more resistant to the first line of the human immune response. Bacteria that had ...

New Biologic Effective Against Major Infection in Early Tests

A research team has shown in early tests that a bioengineered drug candidate can counter infection with Staphylococcus aureus -- a bacterial species widely resistant to ...

A Backpack Full of Multiple Sclerosis Therapy

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease that destroys the protective myelin covering around nerves. Every five minutes, someone is diagnosed with the disease around the world, adding to ...

Nanoparticles Provoke Immune Response Against Tumors but Avoid Side Effects

Researchers find that when immunostimulatory drugs called imidazoquinolines are delivered using specialized bottlebrush nanoparticles, the drugs provoke the immune system to attack tumors while ...

Select Cells 'Home in on the Skin Like Guided Missiles' at Birth to Enhance Immunity

Like deployment of an elite fighting team, localization of certain T cells to the skin is important at birth and for lifelong immunity, according to new ...

Testing Vaccine Candidates Quickly With Lab-Grown Mini-Organs

Developing and testing new treatments or vaccines for humans almost always requires animal trials, but these experiments can sometimes take years to complete and can raise ethical concerns about the ...

Your Baby's Gut Is Crawling With Unknown Viruses

Babies tumble about with more than 200 previously unknown viral families within their intestines. This large number comes as a surprise to researchers, who closely studied the diapers of 647 Danish ...

Nanoplasmonic Imaging Reveals Real-Time Protein Secretion

Researchers have used a nanoplasmonics approach to observe the real-time production of cell secretions, including proteins and antibodies; an advancement that could aid in the development of cancer ...

Two Different Regulatory T Cell Populations

A regulatory class of human T cells descends from two different origins, one that relates to autoimmunity and one that relates to protective immunity, according to a new study. The findings could ...

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