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June 17, 2023

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Jupiter's Moon Europa May Have Had a Slow Evolution

Europa may have a metamorphic origin for the ocean. While some scientists speculated this, a research team shows that if Europa indeed formed from hydrated rocks (i.e., rocks have hydrogen and oxygen), then enough of Europa's interior should get hot enough to release water directly from the ...

A Scorching-Hot Exoplanet Scrutinized by Astronomers

Through the Gemini-North Telescope in Hawai'i, the chemical composition of WASP-76 b is revealed in unprecedented detail, giving new insights also into the composition of giant ...

Key Building Block for Life Found at Saturn's Moon Enceladus

The search for extraterrestrial life in our solar system just got more exciting. A team of scientists has discovered new evidence that the subsurface ocean of Saturn's moon Enceladus contains a key building block for life. The team directly detected phosphorus in the form of phosphates originating ...

Pass the Salt: This Space Rock Holds Clues as to How Earth Got Its Water

The discovery of tiny salt grains in a sample from an asteroid provides strong evidence that liquid water may be more common in the solar system than previously ...

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Webb Looks for Fomalhaut's Asteroid Belt and Finds Much More

Astronomers used NASA's James Webb Space Telescope to image the warm dust around a nearby young star, Fomalhaut, in order to study the first asteroid belt ever seen outside of our solar system ...


The young star TW Hydrae is playing 'shadow puppets' with scientists observing it with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. In 2017, astronomers reported discovering a shadow sweeping across ...

New Findings Indicate Gene-Edited Rice Might Survive in Martian Soil

New research suggests future Martian botanists may be able to grow gene-edited rice on ...

Scientists Detect Seismic Waves Traveling Through Martian Core

New NASA InSight research reveals that Mars has a liquid core rich in sulfur and oxygen, leading to new clues about how terrestrial planets form, evolve and potentially sustain ...

Pioneering Research Sheds New Light on the Origins and Composition of Planet Mars

A new study has uncovered intriguing insights into the liquid core at the centre of Mars, furthering understanding of the planet's formation and ...

New Exoplanet Discovered

Astronomers report the first exoplanet jointly discovered through direct imaging and precision astrometry, a new indirect method that identifies a planet by measuring the position of the star it ...

Humans Need Earth-Like Ecosystem for Deep-Space Living

Can humans endure long-term living in deep space? The answer is a lukewarm maybe, according to a new theory describing the complexity of maintaining gravity and oxygen, obtaining water, developing ...

NASA's Webb Scores Another Ringed World With New Image of Uranus

Following in the footsteps of the Neptune image released in 2022, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has taken a stunning image of the solar system's other ice giant, the planet Uranus. The ...

Do Earth-Like Exoplanets Have Magnetic Fields? Far-Off Radio Signal Is Promising Sign

Earth's magnetic field does more than keep everyone's compass needles pointed in the same direction. It also helps preserve Earth's sliver of life-sustaining atmosphere by deflecting ...

Redness of Neptunian Asteroids Sheds Light on Early Solar System

Asteroids sharing their orbits with the planet Neptune have been observed to exist in a broad spectrum of red color, implying the existence of two populations of asteroids in the region, according to ...

JWST Confirms Giant Planet Atmospheres Vary Widely

Astronomers have found the atmospheric compositions of giant planets out in the galaxy do not fit our own solar system ...


Hunting Venus 2.0: Scientists Sharpen Their Sights

With the first paper compiling all known information about planets like Venus beyond our solar system, scientists are the closest they've ever been to finding an analog of Earth's ...

Evidence That Venus Is Volcanically Active

Venus appears to have volcanic activity, according to a new research paper that offers strong evidence to answer the lingering question about whether Earth's sister planet currently has ...

Where Did Earth's Water Come From? Not Melted Meteorites, According to Scientists

A new study brings scientists one step closer to answering the question of where Earth's water came ...

The Planet That Could End Life on Earth

A terrestrial planet hovering between Mars and Jupiter would be able to push Earth out of the solar system and wipe out life on this planet, according to a recent ...

DART Impact Provided Real-Time Data on Evolution of Asteroid's Debris

When asteroids suffer natural impacts in space, debris flies off from the point of impact. The tail of particles that form can help determine the physical characteristics of the asteroid. NASA's ...

Hansel and Gretel's Breadcrumb Trick Inspires Robotic Exploration of Caves on Mars and Beyond

Future space missions likely will send robots to scout out underground habitats for astronauts. Engineers have now developed a system that would enable autonomous vehicles to explore caves, lava ...

New NASA DART Data Prove Viability of Asteroid Deflection as Planetary Defense Strategy

Astronomers offer new insight into how deflection missions can protect the planet from future Earth-bound asteroids and ...

How One of Saturn's Moons Ejects Particles from Oceans Beneath Its Surface

Enceladus, the sixth largest of Saturn's moons, is known for spraying out tiny icy silica particles -- so many of them that the particles are a key component of the second outermost ring around ...

Better Tools Needed to Determine Ancient Life on Mars

Current state-of-the-art instrumentation being sent to Mars to collect and analyze evidence of life might not be sensitive enough to make accurate assessments, according to new ...

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