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July 12, 2023

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Crawford Lake, Canada, Chosen as the Primary Marker to Identify the Start of the Anthropocene Epoch

An international team of researchers has chosen the location which best represents the beginnings of what could be a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene Working Group have put forward Crawford Lake, in Canada, as a Global ...

The Ground Is Deforming, and Buildings Aren't Ready

A new study has linked underground climate change to the shifting ground beneath urban areas. The phenomenon is affecting all major urban areas around the globe, causing civil structures and infrastructures to ...

Human Pangenome Reference Will Enable More Complete and Equitable Understanding of Genomic Diversity

Scientists have released a draft of the first human pangenome -- a new, usable reference for genomics that combines the genetic material of 47 individuals from different ancestral backgrounds to allow for a deeper, more accurate understanding of ...

Global Research Reveals Countries Where Record-Breaking Heatwaves Are Likely to Cause Most Harm

A new study has highlighted under-prepared regions across the world most at risk of the devastating effects of scorching ...

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Gulf War Illness Caused by Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Not Inflammation

Scientists contest longstanding hypothesis about mysterious illness affecting Gulf War veterans, providing first direct evidence that symptoms are driven by impaired ...

The Good Advice That Could Lift People out of Poverty

Researchers have found that providing access to advice about housing, debt and benefits within food banks could help lift people out of poverty. The initiative meant that people forced to use a food ...

Doom-and-Gloom Climate News May Scare but Also Encourage Audiences

Researchers investigated how seeing frightening news about climate change day after day may shape the way people feel about the phenomenon and how willing they are to take action to address ...

Art That Integrates Data Visualizations Can Help Bridge the US Political Divide Over Climate Change

A new study shows that intentionally integrating art with data visualizations can help non-expert audiences more meaningfully engage with climate change while also bridging political divides in ways ...

Pain Risk Varies Significantly Across States

The prevalence of moderate or severe joint pain due to arthritis varies strikingly across American states, ranging from 6.9% of the population in Minnesota to 23.1% in West Virginia, according to a ...

Forensics Lab Cracks Case on Newer, 'Greener' Gunshot Residue

Discoveries by forensic scientists about how gunshot residue behaves on skin, hair and fabric will allow crime scene investigators to catch up to the proliferation of new, eco-friendly types of ...

Policymakers Should Consider Animal Welfare in Decisions

Incorporating animal welfare into policymaking may improve policy and practice, according to new research. The article notes that animal welfare rarely is considered during policymaking, explains why ...

Study Examines Centuries of Identity Lost Because of Slavery

Using computational methods informed by genetic data, researchers estimate that a random African American born between 1960 and 1965 is descended from, on average, 314 African and 51 European ...


To achieve tangible solutions for ocean conservation, a new article suggests that we should listen to the people who are most affected by the current problems facing the ocean: the people in the ...

Public Support Hydrogen and Biofuels to Decarbonize Global Shipping

New research into public attitudes towards alternative shipping fuels shows public backing for biofuel and hydrogen. The study also found that nuclear was preferred to the heavy fuel oil (HFO) ...

Researchers Calculate Economic Value of Temporary Carbon Reduction With 'Social Value of Offsets' Formula

A new study identifies how to calculate the economic value of temporarily reducing carbon emissions through carbon ...


How Mercury Emissions from Industry Can Be Greatly Reduced

Sulphuric acid is the world's most used chemical. It is an important reagent used in many industries and it is used in the manufacture of everything from paper, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to ...

Global Efforts to Reduce Infectious Diseases Must Extend Beyond Early Childhood

Global efforts to reduce infectious disease rates must have a greater focus on older children and adolescents after a shift in disease burden onto this demographic, according to a new ...

'Workplace AI Revolution Isn't Happening Yet,' Survey Shows

The UK risks a growing divide between organizations who have invested in new, artificial intelligence-enabled digital technologies and those who haven’t, new research ...

Maternal Mortality in the U.S. More Than Doubled Between 1999 and 2019

A new study has found that maternal mortality rates have worsened from 1999 to 2019, hitting some racial and ethnic groups and states harder than others. The study found rates highest for Black ...

Scientists Propose New Strategy for Modern Sails to Help Shipping Sector Meet Its Carbon Reduction Goals

Researchers have identified a strategy that can offset the random and unpredictable nature of weather conditions that threaten carbon emission reduction efforts in the shipping ...

The Looming 840,000 Ton Waste Problem That Isn't Single-Use Plastics

Researchers have developed new methods to solve a major source of future waste from the automotive, aerospace and renewable ...

Dangerous Chatbots: AI Chatbots to Be Approved as Medical Devices?

LLM-based generative chat tools, such as ChatGPT or Google's MedPaLM have great medical potential, but there are inherent risks associated with their unregulated use in healthcare. A new article ...

Energy Insecurity Is an Underappreciated Social and Environmental Determinant of Health

In light of climate change and the impending transition to clean energy, many long-standing programs to address energy insecurity need to be refreshed. A new paper provides growing documentation of ...

Expanding Large-Scale Agriculture Is Escalating Flooding in the Largest South American Breadbasket

Driven by soaring international demand, extensive areas of grasslands, and forests across South American plains have rapidly been converted to the production of annual crops, such as soybean and ...

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