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June 25, 2023

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Researcher Uses Pressure to Understand RNA Dynamics

Just as space holds infinite mysteries, when we zoom in at the level of biomolecules (one trillion times smaller than a meter), there is still so much to learn. Scientists are studying the conformational landscapes of biomolecules and how they modulate cell function. When biomolecules receive ...

Are Viruses Keeping Sea Lice at Bay in Wild Salmon?

More than 30 previously unknown RNA viruses in sea lice have been identified. Sea lice are parasitic copepods (small crustaceans) found in many fresh and saltwater habitats, and have been implicated in the decline of wild salmon populations. The research sheds greater light on the types of viruses ...

Studying Herpes Encephalitis With Mini-Brains

The herpes simplex virus-1 can sometimes cause a dangerous brain infection. Combining an anti-inflammatory and an antiviral could help in these cases, report ...

RSV Is a Serious Heath Threat, but the Public Knows Little About It

一项新的调查发现,美国民众病了-informed about RSV, unfamiliar with its most common symptoms, and more hesitant to recommend a vaccine against it to pregnant people than to older ...

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Is the U.S. Ready for an African Swine Fever Outbreak?

Researchers used a computer model to understand how African swine fever (ASF) might spread among swine farms in the southeastern U.S. -- and examined the effectiveness of existing response plans. ...

Researchers Use 'Natural' System to Identify Proteins Most Useful for Developing an Effective HIV Vaccine

Scientists have spent years trying to develop an effective HIV vaccine, but none have proven successful. Based on findings from a recently published study, a research team may have put science one ...

Research Offers Clues for Potential Widespread HIV Cure in People

New animal research is helping explain why at least five people have become HIV-free after receiving a stem cell transplant, and may bring scientists closer to developing what they hope will be a ...

Deadly Virus Structures Point Toward New Avenues for Vaccine Design

By comparing the structures of protein complexes from different lineages of the dangerous Lassa virus, a team identified new antibodies and vaccine ...

Study Shows Key Role for Human T Cells in the Control of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Infection

A new study has shown that human T cells have an important role to play in controlling ...

Previous Smallpox Vaccine Provides Immunity to Mpox

Vaccines against smallpox given until the mid-1970s offer continuing cross-reactive immunity to mpox (previously known as monkeypox), researchers ...

A Multiomics Approach Provides Insights Into Flu Severity

Researchers were able to identify changes in the accessibility (that is, the 'readability') of transposable elements. To do this, the researchers used an approach combining various sets of ...

Monkeypox Viruses Relatively Stable on Surfaces

Smallpox viruses are notorious for their ability to remain infectious in the environment for a very long time. A study has now shown that temperature is a major factor in this process: at room ...

Bacteria Killing Material Could Tackle Hospital Superbugs

Researchers have used a common disinfectant and antiseptic to create a new antimicrobial coating material that effectively kills bacteria and viruses, including MRSA and ...

African Rhinos Share Retroviruses Not Found in Asian Rhinos or Other Related Species

Rhinoceros belong to a mammalian order called odd-toed ungulates that also include horses and tapirs. They are found in Africa and Asia. Until recently, evidence suggested that throughout their ...

Tuberculosis Disease Intensifies HIV Antibody Response in People With HIV

New research found that people living with HIV that have had pulmonary tuberculosis had broader and more potent HIV antibody responses and differences in HIV sequences predicted to be antibody ...


病毒可以在一个温暖的重组碳循环ing World

The roles microbes play in ecosystems are changing with global warming. Microbes are also affected by infection by viruses, but scientists know relatively little about how these viral infections ...

Scientists Present Evidence for a Billion-Years Arms Race Between Viruses and Their Hosts

Researchers have proposed a new evolutionary model for the origin of a kingdom of viruses called Bamfordvirae, suggesting a billion-years evolutionary arms race between two groups within this kingdom ...

Wiggly Proteins Guard the Genome

Dynamic network in the pores of the nuclear envelope blocks dangerous ...

Chances of Eliminating HIV Infection Increased by Novel Dual Gene-Editing Approach

Gene-editing therapy aimed at two targets -- HIV-1, the virus that causes AIDS, and CCR5, the co-receptor that helps the virus get into cells -- can effectively eliminate HIV infection, new research ...

Herpes Study Adds to Understanding of Viral Reinfections, How to Potentially Prevent Them

A new study on herpes infections of the eye helps shed light on the question of viral reinfections by identifying a key protein involved in viral reinfections that could be targeted by antiviral ...

Scientists Identify Antivirals That Could Combat Emerging Infectious Diseases

A new study has identified potential broad-spectrum antiviral agents that can target multiple families of RNA viruses that continue to pose a significant threat for future ...

Pulling the Plug on Viral Infections: CRISPR Isn't Just About Cutting

CRISPR claimed scientific fame for its ability to quickly and accurately edit genes. But, at the core, CRISPR systems are immune systems that help bacteria protect themselves from viruses. A new ...

Luring the Virus Into a Trap

Viruses like influenza A and Ebola invade human cells in a number of steps. Research teams investigated the final stages of viral penetration using electron tomography and computer simulations. ...

Common Infections Linked to Poorer Cognitive Performance in Middle-Aged and Older Adults

A new study found that signs of common infections in a sample of middle-aged and older adults were associated with poorer performance on a test of global cognitive ...

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