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July 2, 2023

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Rising Monkey and Pig Populations Pose Human Disease Risk

Exploding populations of wild pigs and macaque monkeys in Southeast Asia are threatening native forests and disease outbreaks in livestock and people, according to new ...

A Jaw-Dropping Conundrum: Why Do Mammals Have a Stiff Lower Jaw?

The lower jaws of lizards, birds, fish and even dinosaurs are comprised of multiple bones per side. Yet mammals diverged from all other vertebrates and settled on just one bone, repurposing the extra bones into a more elaborate inner ear, perhaps the better to hear. The single bone per side, fused ...

Dolphin Ages, Pod Health Revealed With Drone Photographs

Using unoccupied aerial system, or drone, photographs, researchers are now able to determine the age-structure of free-ranging dolphin groups. This work will aid monitoring the health of dolphin populations and inform timely conservation ...

Specialization in Sheep Farming, a Possible Strategy for Neolithic Communities in the Adriatic to Expand Throughout the Mediterranean

The specialization in sheep in the early Neolithic populations of Dalmatia, Croatia, may have been related to the rapid expansion of these communities and the spread of agriculture throughout the central and western ...

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How Studying Feces May Help Us Boost White Rhino Populations

Researchers have identified significant differences in the gut microbiome of female southern white rhinos who are reproducing successfully in captivity, as compared to females who have not reproduced ...

Whales Not to Be Counted on as 'Climate Savers'

Do whales increase the removal of carbon from the atmosphere? Despite some hope that this would be the case, a new study has found the amount of potential carbon capture by whales is too little to ...

Genomes of 233 Primate Species Sequenced

Researchers from 24 countries have analyzed the genomes of 809 individuals from 233 primate species, generating the most complete catalog of genomic information about our closest relatives to date. ...

Study Identifies Boat Strikes as a Growing Cause of Manatee Deaths in Belize

The endangered Antillean manatee faces a growing threat from boat strikes in Belize, according to a new study that raises concerns about the survival of what had been considered a relatively healthy ...

Genetic Change Increased Bird Flu Severity During U.S. Spread

Scientists found the virus strains that arrived in 2021 soon acquired genes from viruses in wild birds in North America. The resulting reassortant viruses have spread across the continent and caused ...

New DNA Testing Technology Shows Majority of Wild Dingoes Are Pure, Not Hybrids

Genetic analysis shows dingo populations have significantly less dog ancestry than previously ...

Researchers Successfully Induce Primate Oocytes in the Lab

The many types of cells in the human body are produced through the process of differentiation, in which stem cells are converted to more specialized types. Currently, it is challenging for ...

Out of the Frying Pan: Coyotes, Bobcats Move Into Human-Inhabited Areas to Avoid Apex Predators -- Only to Be Killed by People

Conservationists have argued that the presence of wolves and other apex predators, so named because they have no known predators aside from people, can help keep smaller predator species in check. ...

Assessing Emotions in Wild Animals

A new study examines indicators of mental wellbeing in wild animals to improve conservation ...

Most Species, Including Humans, Who Experience Early Life Adversity Suffer as Adults. How Are Gorillas Different?

There's something most species -- from baboons to humans to horses -- have in common: When they suffer serious adversity early in life, they're more likely to experience hardship later on ...

Global Warming Puts Whales in the Southern Ocean on a Diet

In the autumn, when right whales swim towards the coasts of South Africa, they ought to be fat and stuffed full. But in recent years, they have become thinner because their food is disappearing with ...


Culprit Behind Destruction of New York's First Dinosaur Museum Revealed

A new paper rewrites the history of the darkest, most bizarre event in the history of ...

Singing Humpback Whales Respond to Wind Noise, but Not Boats

A new study has found humpback whales sing louder when the wind is noisy, but don't have the same reaction to boat ...

Giants of the Jurassic Seas Were Twice the Size of a Killer Whale

There have been heated debates over the size of Jurassic animals. The speculation was set to continue, but now a chance discovery in an Oxfordshire museum has led to palaeontologists publishing a ...

Invading Insect Could Transform Antarctic Soils

A tiny flightless midge which has colonized Antarctica's Signy Island is driving fundamental changes to the island's soil ecosystem, a study ...

African Rhinos Share Retroviruses Not Found in Asian Rhinos or Other Related Species

Rhinoceros belong to a mammalian order called odd-toed ungulates that also include horses and tapirs. They are found in Africa and Asia. Until recently, evidence suggested that throughout their ...

Kangaroo Island Ants 'Play Dead' to Avoid Predators

They're well known for their industrious work, but now a species of ant on Kangaroo Island is also showing that it is skilled at 'playing dead', a behavior that researchers believe is ...

Basic 'Toolkit' for Organ Development Is Illuminated by Sea Star

One of the basic and crucial embryonic processes to unfold in virtually every living organism is the formation of hollow, tubular structures that go on to form blood vessels or a digestive tract, and ...

The Bat's Ability to Convert Energy Into Muscle Power Is Affected by Flight Speed

Small bats are bad at converting energy into muscle power. Surprisingly, a new study led by Lund University in Sweden reveals that this ability increases the faster they ...

Smart Surgical Implant Coatings Provide Early Failure Warning While Preventing Infection

Newly developed 'smart' coatings for surgical orthopedic implants can monitor strain on the devices to provide early warning of implant failures while killing infection-causing bacteria, ...

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