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July 5, 2023

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Engineers Report Low-Cost Human Biomarker Sensor Designs

Researchers have developed a low-cost, RNA-based technology to detect and measure biomarkers, which can help decode the body's physiology. The presence of protein biomarkers can indicate chronic or acute conditions, from arthritis to cancer to bacterial infections, for which conventional tests can ...

Scientists Create CRISPR-Based Drug Candidate Targeting the Microbiome

A new drug candidate targeting E. coli in the gut is in phase 1 clinical trials. According to a new paper it may improve the well-being of blood cancer patients and reduce their mortality rate from E. coli ...

Predict What a Mouse Sees by Decoding Brain Signals

A research team has developed a novel machine-learning algorithm that can reveal the hidden structure in data recorded from the brain, predicting complex information such as what mice ...

Mammalian Evolution Provides Hints for Understanding the Origins of Human Disease

Even though it is important to know where these variations are located in the genome, it's also useful to know how or why these genetic variations happened in the first ...

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74,000 Fruit Fly Brain Images Released

Neuroscience research just got a little bit easier, thanks to the release of tens of thousands of images of fruit fly brain ...

Pink + Pink = Gold: Hybrid Hummingbird's Feathers Don't Match Its Parents

Scientists thought a gold-throated hummingbird was a new species. DNA revealed that it's a hybrid of two different species, each with pink throats. The discovery sheds light on how birds produce ...

Making Engineered Cells Dance to Ultrasound

A team has developed a method for selectively manipulating genetically engineered cells with ...

'Electronic Nose' Built With Sustainably Sourced Microbial Nanowires That Could Revolutionize Health Monitoring

Scientists recently announced the invention of a nanowire 10,000 times thinner than a human hair that can be cheaply grown by common bacteria and tuned to 'smell' a vast array of chemical ...

Researchers Put Plant Protein Mechanism Into Bacteria to Help Move Forward 50 Years of Effort

Researchers have added components of plant chloroplasts to bacteria. This feat, 50 years in the making, allows them to analyze the proteins in greater detail in order to improve Rubisco, and ...

Arming Vegetables With Anti-Inflammatory Properties Using Plant Pigments

Metabolic engineering is a field of plant biotechnology that seeks to genetically modify plant metabolic pathways to generate plant varieties with improved health benefits. Recently, scientists ...

Drug Alleviates Autism-Associated Behavior in Mice

The behavioral disorders observed in autism are associated with a multitude of genetic alterations. Scientists have now found another molecular cause for this condition. The transcription factor ...

The Cod Population Off the Coast of Sweden Is Not Extinct

Through DNA analyses, researchers have identified that there are still juvenile coastal cod off the west coast of Sweden. However, it is still difficult to find any mature adult cod in the ...

'Living Medicine' Created to Tackle Drug-Resistant Lung Infections

Researchers demonstrate that a bacteria can be modified to act as 'living medicine' in the lung. The treatment significantly reduced acute lung infections in mice and doubled their survival ...

Genetically Modified Rice Could Be Key to Tackling Food Shortages Caused by Climate Change

Reducing the number of stomata that rice have makes them more tolerant to salt water, according to ...

异国情调的小麦DNA冥界ps Breed 'Climate-Proof' Crops

Wheat containing exotic DNA from wild relatives benefits from up to 50 per cent higher yields in hot weather compared with elite lines lacking these ...


The Interior Design of Our Cells: Database of 200,000 Cell Images Yields New Mathematical Framework to Understand Our Cellular Building Blocks

This milestone in cell biology -- akin to discovering 'design principles' of the cell -- unlocks the potential to find new treatments for diseases where cells ...

Zebrafish Testing Identifies a Gene Potentially at the Root of Domestication

Researchers have shown that zebrafish can provide genetic baz1b clues to the evolution of social behaviors in humans and domesticated ...

'Solar Powered' Cells: Light-Activated Proton Pumps Generate Cellular Energy, Extend Life

New research takes a page from the field of renewable energy and shows that genetically engineered mitochondria can convert light energy into chemical energy that cells can use, ultimately extending ...

Epigenetic Emergency Switch Improves Defense Against Infections

During infections, the hematopoietic system switches from normal to emergency mode. This improves the defense against the pathogens. Scientists have now found an epigenetic switch in blood stem cells ...

How to Edit the Genes of Nature's Master Manipulators

CRISPR, the Nobel Prize-winning gene editing technology, is poised to have a profound impact on the fields of microbiology and medicine yet again. A team has developed a tool to edit the genomes of ...

Smallest Mobile 'Lifeform' Created, Scientists Report

Researchers introduced seven proteins, thought to let Spiroplama bacteria swim by switching the direction that their helical bodies spiral, into a strain of synthetic bacterium with minimal genetic ...

Imaging the Dynamic Cellular Zoo Made Easier

Researchers have genetically engineered a protein to emit the shortest-wavelength fluorescence light reported to date. They did this by optimizing the interactions between the fluorescence center ...

Secretion Secrets Revealed: Pathogen Effector Characterization for a Devastating Plant Disease

A recent study has discovered and characterized secreted proteins from the pathogen Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum. These proteins, called effectors, offer clues into the manipulation tactics ...

How a Common Fungus Eliminates Toxic Mercury from Soil and Water

Researchers found that the fungus Metarhizium robertsii removes mercury from the soil around plant roots, and from fresh and saltwater. The researchers also genetically engineered the fungus to ...

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