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July 1, 2023

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Squash Bugs Are Attracted to and Eat Each Other's Poop to Stock Their Microbiome

Squash bugs, a common and difficult-to-control agricultural pest, need healthy bacteria in their gut to grow and stay alive. However, they do not acquire any bacteria from their parents when they are first born, leaving them vulnerable until their ...

Some Black Truffles Grown in Eastern U.S. May Be Less Valuable Lookalike Species, Study Finds

黑松露种植者无意中成长less-expensive winter truffles, which may lead to mix-ups in the market as ...

Are Viruses Keeping Sea Lice at Bay in Wild Salmon?

More than 30 previously unknown RNA viruses in sea lice have been identified. Sea lice are parasitic copepods (small crustaceans) found in many fresh and saltwater habitats, and have been implicated in the decline of wild salmon populations. The research sheds greater light on the types of viruses ...

Climate Change Could Lead to 'Widespread Chaos' for Insect Communities

New research explores how a warming world could impact ecosystems and derail the development of new ...

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Traditional Medicine Plant Could Combat Drug-Resistant Malaria

Much of what is now considered modern medicine originated as folk remedies or traditional, Indigenous practices. These customs are still alive today, and they could help address a variety of ...

Researchers Close to Unleashing Rapeseed's Protein Power for Human Consumption

Half of plant proteins in the EU come from rapeseed plants. Until now, the plant has only been used for oil and animal feed, as it is both bitter and unsafe for human consumption. In a new study, ...

'Zero Plant Extinction' Is Possible, Says Plant Ecologist

Like animals, many plant species are struggling to adapt to a human-dominated planet. However, plants are often overlooked in conservation efforts, even though they are cheaper and easier to protect ...

Researchers Model 'Link' Between Improved Photosynthesis and Increased Yield

A team has modeled improving photosynthesis through enzyme modification and simulated soybean growth with realistic climate conditions, determining to what extent the improvements in photosynthesis ...

Herpes Study Adds to Understanding of Viral Reinfections, How to Potentially Prevent Them

一项新的研究在疱疹感染眼睛的帮助shed light on the question of viral reinfections by identifying a key protein involved in viral reinfections that could be targeted by antiviral ...

Scientists Identify Antivirals That Could Combat Emerging Infectious Diseases

A new study has identified potential broad-spectrum antiviral agents that can target multiple families of RNA viruses that continue to pose a significant threat for future ...

How Dormant Bacteria Come Back to Life

Bacterial spores can survive for years, even centuries, without nutrients, resisting heat, UV radiation, and antibiotics. How inert, sleeping bacteria -- or spores -- spring back to life has been a ...

Prehistoric Scat Reveals 'Waves' of Extinction in Colombia

Fungal spores found in dung have revealed that large animals went extinct in two 'waves' in the Colombian ...

A Healthy but Depleted Herd: Predators Decrease Prey Disease Levels but Also Population Size

Nature documentaries will tell you that lions, cheetahs, wolves and other top predators target the weakest or slowest animals and that this culling benefits prey herds, whether it's antelope in ...

Nature's Chefs: Scientists Propose Food-Making as Means of Understanding Species Interactions

An interdisciplinary group of researchers is proposing a new way to think of some interactions between species, classifying a variety of plants, animals and fungi as 'nature's chefs.' ...

Organic Beekeeping Rivals Conventional Methods for Bee Health, Productivity

Honey bee colonies managed using organic methods were as healthy and productive as those managed in conventional systems, while avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides to control pests and pathogens ...


Female Butterflies Breed Despite Male Shortage

Female monarch butterflies have no trouble finding a mate -- even when a parasite kills most of the males, new research ...

Study Reveals How Pollinators Cope With Plant Toxins

Pollinators such as honeybees produce special enzymes that detoxify defence chemicals produced by plants, new research ...

Researchers Warn of Tick-Borne Disease Babesiosis

Scientists report the first high-quality nuclear genome sequence and assembly of the pathogen B. duncani. The team also determined the 3D genome structure of this pathogen that resembles Plasmodium ...

Multifunctional Patch Offers Early Detection of Plant Diseases, Other Crop Threats

Researchers have developed an electronic patch that can be applied to the leaves of plants to monitor crops for different pathogens -- such as viral and fungal infections -- and stresses such as ...

Light Pollution May Extend Mosquitoes' Biting Season

A new study's finding that urban light pollution may disrupt the winter dormancy period for mosquitoes that transmit West Nile virus could be considered both good news and bad news. The good ...

Mosquito Saliva Can Weaken Body's Defenses Against Deadly Dengue Viruses, Scientists Discover

With dengue on the spread, the new discovery helps explain why dengue viruses are so easily transmitted. The finding could also lead to new ways to prevent ...

Researchers Assemble Pathogen 'Tree of Life'

Researchers provide open-access tool to capture new data on a global plant destroyer, ...

Scientists Analyze Sounds Emitted by Plants

Researchers have recorded and analyzed sounds distinctly emitted by plants. The click-like sounds, similar to the popping of popcorn, are emitted at a volume similar to human speech, but at high ...

Moths Are More Efficient Pollinators Than Bees, Shows New Research

Moths are more efficient pollinators at night than day-flying pollinators such as bees, finds new ...

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