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July 12, 2023

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Slow Walking Could Be Sign of Dementia in Older Dogs

Dogs who slow down physically also slow down mentally, according to a new study. Measuring gait speed in senior dogs could be a simple way to monitor their health and to document decline in their neurological function as they ...

Study Finds Socially Tolerant Monkeys Have Better Impulse Control

Socially tolerant species are better at controlling their emotions and behaviors, according to a new study of one of humanity's closest ...

Dinosaurs Were the First to Take the Perspectives of Others

Understanding that others hold different viewpoints from your own is essential for human sociality. Adopting another person's visual perspective is a complex skill that emerges around the age of two. A new study suggests that this ability first arose in dinosaurs, at least 60 million years before ...

This Elephant's Self-Taught Banana Peeling Offers Glimpse of Elephants' Broader Abilities

Elephants like to eat bananas, but they don't usually peel them first in the way humans do. A new report however, shows that one very special Asian elephant named Pang Pha picked up banana peeling all on her own while living at the Berlin Zoo. She ...

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Why Are Some Birds More Intelligent Than Others?

If you've ever seen a grackle steal your dog pellets or a starling peck open a garbage bag, you get a sense of that some birds have learned to take advantage of new feeding opportunities -- a ...

Sick Animals Struggle to Problem Solve and Adapt to Changing Environments

Even common infections can come with acute or lingering cognitive symptoms; one of the best-known examples is 'COVID fog.' In a new review article, cognitive and disease ecologists discuss ...

New Links Found Between Dogs' Smell and Vision

Researchers have provided the first documentation that dogs' sense of smell is integrated with their vision and other unique parts of the brain, shedding new light on how dogs experience and ...

Neuromorphic Memory Device Simulates Neurons and Synapses

Researchers have reported a nano-sized neuromorphic memory device that emulates neurons and synapses simultaneously in a unit cell, another step toward completing the goal of neuromorphic computing ...

How Cranberries Could Improve Memory and Ward Off Dementia

Researchers have found that eating cranberries could improve memory, ward off dementia, and reduce 'bad' cholesterol. The research team studied the benefits of consuming the equivalent of a ...

Quantifying Cognitive Decline in Dogs Could Help Humans With Alzheimer's Disease

Researchers have found that a suite of complimentary tests can quantify changes in dogs suspected of suffering from cognitive decline. The approach could not only aid owners in managing their elderly ...

Bolder Marmoset Monkeys Learn Faster Than Shy Ones

Individual traits seem to drive our learning success: for instance, conscientious individuals often show higher academic performance. A group of cognitive and behavioral biologists conducted ...

Unravelling the Mystery of Parrot Longevity

Bigger brains have led some species of parrot to live surprisingly long lives, new research ...

Photo or the Real Thing? Mice Can Inherently Recall and Tell Them Apart, Experiments Show

The ability to make perceptual and conceptual judgements such as knowing the difference between a picture of an object and the actual 3D object itself has been considered a defining capacity of ...

Non-Social Jays Surprise Scientists by Learning as Skillfully as Birds Living in Groups

The California scrub-jay, a generally non-social bird, can learn just as well as another species of jay that lives in groups, a finding that surprised animal intelligence researchers who devised a ...

Flies Possess More Sophisticated Cognitive Abilities Than Previously Known

Common flies feature more advanced cognitive abilities than previously believed. Using a custom-built immersive virtual reality arena, neurogenetics and real-time brain activity imaging, researchers ...


Can a Goldfish Drive a Car on Land?

Are animals' innate navigational abilities universal or are they restricted to their home environments? Researchers designed a set of wheels under a goldfish tank with a camera system to record ...

Consciousness in Humans, Animals and Artificial Intelligence

A new theory of consciousness provides experimental access to the study of this phenomenon. Not just in ...

Scientists Discover Gut Bacteria That Improve Memory in Bees

An international research team have discovered a specific type of gut bacteria in bees that can improve ...

Gorillas Can Tell Human Voices Apart

A new study is the first to show that gorillas are able to recognize familiar human voices based on their relationship with the ...

Smart Parrots Need More Stimulation

The smarter the bird, the more unique welfare needs it has in captivity, according to a new study that helps to explain why many intelligent animals struggle in captivity. The findings are also ...

Both Early Experiences and Gene Expression Influence Impulsivity in Chicks

Differences in impulsivity between individuals are linked to both experience and gene expression, according to a study on the ancestor of domestic chickens, the red ...

You Can Snuggle Wolf Pups All You Want, They Still Won't 'Get' You Quite Like Your Dog

You know your dog gets your gist when you point and say 'go find the ball' and he scampers right to it. This knack for understanding human gestures may seem unremarkable, but it's a ...


This study makes connections between two sources of individual variation, personality and cognition, in threatened ...

Asian Elephants Do More Than Just Trumpet -- They Buzz Their Lips to Squeak

Communication is crucial for elephants that live in complex multi-tiered social systems. Apart from their iconic trumpets uttered through the trunk, Asian elephants also produce species-specific ...

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