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June 27, 2023

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Humans' Evolutionary Relatives Butchered One Another 1.45 Million Years Ago

Researchers have identified the oldest decisive evidence of humans' close evolutionary relatives butchering and likely eating one ...

Cave Excavation Pushes Back the Clock on Early Human Migration to Laos

Fifteen years of archaeological work in the Tam Pa Ling cave in northeastern Laos has yielded a reliable chronology of early human occupation of the site. The team's excavations through the layers of sediments and bones that gradually washed into the cave and were left untouched for tens of ...

Focus on Function Helps Identify the Changes That Made Us Human

Research sheds light on human evolution, and demonstrates an approach for identifying significant differences in how genes are used between closely-related ...

Remains at Crenshaw Site Are Local, Ancestors of Caddo

Hundreds of human skulls and mandibles recovered from the Crenshaw site in southwest Arkansas are the remains of ancestors of the Caddo Nation and not foreign enemies, according to a new ...

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Evidence of Ice Age Human Migrations from China to the Americas and Japan

Scientists have used mitochondrial DNA to trace a female lineage from northern coastal China to the Americas. By integrating contemporary and ancient mitochondrial DNA, the team found evidence of at ...

Nose Shape Gene Inherited from Neanderthals

Humans inherited genetic material from Neanderthals that affects the shape of our noses, finds a new ...

Scientists Recover an Ancient Woman's DNA from a 20,000-Year-Old Pendant

An international research team has for the first time successfully isolated ancient human DNA from a Paleolithic artefact: a pierced deer tooth discovered in Denisova Cave in southern Siberia. To ...

Scientists Present Evidence for a Billion-Years Arms Race Between Viruses and Their Hosts

Researchers have proposed a new evolutionary model for the origin of a kingdom of viruses called Bamfordvirae, suggesting a billion-years evolutionary arms race between two groups within this kingdom ...

Information 'Deleted' from the Human Genome May Be What Made Us Human

What the human genome is lacking compared with the genomes of other primates might have been as crucial to the development of humankind as what has been added during our evolutionary history, ...

Mammalian Evolution Provides Hints for Understanding the Origins of Human Disease

Even though it is important to know where these variations are located in the genome, it's also useful to know how or why these genetic variations happened in the first ...

Searching for Ancient Bears in an Alaskan Cave Led to an Important Human Discovery

Genetic analysis links 3,000-year-old bone found in cave to modern Alaska ...

Apes May Have Evolved Upright Stature for Leaves, Not Fruit, in Open Woodland Habitats

Anthropologists have long thought that our ape ancestors evolved an upright torso in order to pick fruit in forests, but new research from the University of Michigan suggests a life in open woodlands ...

Woolly Mammoths Evolved Smaller Ears and Woolier Coats Over the 700,000 Years That They Roamed the Siberian Steppes

一组研究人员比较the genomes of woolly mammoths with modern day elephants to find out what made woolly mammoths unique, both as individuals and as a species. The investigators report ...

One of Swedish Warship Vasa's Crew Was a Woman

When the human remains found on board the Swedish warship Vasa (1628) were investigated, it was determined that the skeleton designated G was a man. New research now shows that the skeleton is ...

Genome Research: Origin and Evolution of Vine

Cultivation and growth of grapevines have strongly influenced European civilizations, but where the grapevine comes from and how it has spread across the globe has been highly disputed so far. In an ...


Waxing and Waning of Environment Influences Hominin Dispersals Across Ancient Iran

A world-first model of paleoclimate and hydrology in Iran has highlighted favourable routes for Neanderthals and modern human expansions eastwards into Asia. The findings reveal that multiple humid ...

Ancient Proteins Offer New Clues About Origin of Life on Earth

By simulating early Earth conditions in the lab, researchers have found that without specific amino acids, ancient proteins would not have known how to evolve into everything alive on the planet ...

Deadly Waves: Researchers Document Evolution of Plague Over Hundreds of Years in Medieval Denmark

科学家们研究的起源和演化the plague have examined hundreds of ancient human teeth from Denmark, seeking to address longstanding questions about its arrival, persistence and ...

Gene Variations for Immune and Metabolic Conditions Have Persisted in Humans for More Than 700,000 Years

A new study explores 'balancing selection' by analyzing thousands of modern human genomes alongside ancient hominin groups, such as Neanderthal and Denisovan genomes. The research has ...

2.9-Million-Year-Old Butchery Site Reopens Case of Who Made First Stone Tools

Along the shores of Africa's Lake Victoria in Kenya roughly 2.9 million years ago, early human ancestors used some of the oldest stone tools ever found to butcher hippos and pound plant ...

Prehistoric Human Migration in Southeast Asia Driven by Sea-Level Rise

An interdisciplinary team of scientistshas found that rapid sea-level rise drove early settlers in Southeast Asia to migrate during the prehistoric period, increasing the genetic diversity of the ...

Plague Trackers: Researchers Cover Thousands of Years in a Quest to Understand the Elusive Origins of the Black Death

Seeking to better understand more about the origins and movement of bubonic plague, in ancient and contemporary times, researchers have completed a painstaking granular examination of hundreds of ...

Ethical Ancient DNA Research Must Involve Descendant Communities, Say Researchers

The analysis of ancient DNA allows scientists to trace human evolution and make important discoveries about modern populations. The data revealed by ancient DNA sampling can be valuable, but the ...

Smallpox Has Plagued Humans Since Ancient Egyptian Times, New Evidence Confirms

Smallpox was once one of humanity's most devastating diseases, but its origin is shrouded in mystery. For years, scientific estimates of when the smallpox virus first emerged have been at odds ...

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