June 26, 2023

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New Study Unveils Epigenetic 'Traffic Lights' Controlling Stop and Go for Gene Activity

A major new study reveals a 'traffic light' mechanism controlling genetic activity within cells -- a system which could potentially be targeted by cancer drugs already in development. The research describes how 'epigenetic' changes to the structure ...

The Guardian of the (Epi-)genome

Toxicologists have found that the protein p53 continuously protects our cells from tumorigenesis by coordinating important metabolic processes that stabilize their ...

Not All in the Genes: Are We Inheriting More Than We Think?

A fundamental discovery about a driver of healthy development in embryos could rewrite our understanding of what can be inherited from our parents and how their life experiences may shape ...

How One of the X Chromosomes in Female Embryonic Stem Cells Is Silenced

In most mammals, females have two X chromosomes and males have one X and one Y chromosome in each of their cells. To avoid a double dose of X-linked genes in females, one of the Xs is silenced early in the developmental process. This silencing is critical, yet how it happens has been relatively ...

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A Single Allele Deletion in Gene Encoding Zbtb38 Leads to Early Embryonic Death

研究人员发现,t的杂合的损失he methyl-CpG binding protein Zbtb38 downregulated the expression of the transcription factors Nanog and Sox2, as well as genes involved in epiblast ...

Team Uses MRI to Image Epigenetics in the Brain

A multidisciplinary team has devised a new approach to 3D imaging that captures DNA methylation, a key epigenetic change associated with learning in the brain. The scientists say their ...

New DNA Modification System Discovered in Animals, Captured from Bacteria More Than 60 MYA

In humans and other eukaryotes, two principal epigenetic marks are known. A team has discovered a third, novel epigenetic mark -- one formerly known only in bacteria -- in bdelloid rotifers, small ...

Epigenetic Effects of Pollution Persist for Multiple Generations in Water Fleas

A new study has shown that the effects of pollutants can be transmitted over many generations in water fleas and may persist long enough to influence the evolutionary process. The research adds new ...

Identification of a Unique 'Switch' for Blood Vessel Generation

Researchers discover a 'switch' specific to transcription factors that induce the genes essential for blood vessel development in postnatal periods. Mouse models further showed that the ...

Epigenetic Mechanisms for Parent-Specific Genetic Activation Decoded

Hereditary diseases as well as cancers and cardiovascular diseases may be associated with a phenomenon known as genomic imprinting, in which only the maternally or paternally inherited gene is ...

Plants Rely on the CLASSY Gene Family to Diversify Their Epigenomes

A team has shown that the CLASSY gene family regulates which parts of the genome are turned off in a tissue-specific manner. The work identifies the CLSY genes as major factors underlying epigenetic ...

Inverted Order: The Direction of Your DNA May Be as Important as Which Parent It Came from

Researchers generated mice with a specific DNA sequence inverted to determine if orientation affects expression of a gene called H19. Expression can also be impacted if the surrounding DNA is altered ...

Match Matters: The Right Combination of Parents Can Turn a Gene Off Indefinitely

A new study provides a potential tool for unraveling the mystery of how experiences can cause inheritable changes to an animal's biology. By mating nematode worms, they produced permanent ...

How Information Beyond the Genetic Sequence Is Encoded in Plant Sperm

Hereditary information is passed from parent to offspring in the genetic code, DNA, and epigenetically through chemically induced modifications around the DNA. New research has uncovered a mechanism ...

Maternal Diets Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Protect Offspring from Breast Cancer, Study Suggests

Researchers noted a significant difference in mice from mothers that were fed a diet rich in canola oil, compared with mothers fed a diet rich in corn oil. A maternal Omega 3-rich diet affected ...


There's More to Genes Than DNA: How Mum and Dad Add Something Extra, Just for You

Biologists have discovered 71 new 'imprinted' genes in the mouse genome, a finding that takes them a step closer to unravelling some of the mysteries of epigenetics - an area of science ...

Nucleosome Breathing from Atomistic Time Snapshots

计算机模拟原子详细地想象w DNA opens while wrapped around ...

How Plants Leave Behind Their Parents' Genomic Baggage

Small chemical 'epigenetic' modifications help plants control their genes. Baby plants erase these modifications to start with a fresh genome every generation. Scientists discovered a gene ...

Epigenetic Changes Drive the Fate of a B Cell

B cells are the immune cells responsible for creating antibodies, and most produce antibodies in response to a pathogen or a vaccine. A small subset of B cells instead spontaneously make antibodies ...

The Cerebellum May Have Played an Important Role in the Evolution of the Human Brain

The cerebellum -- a part of the brain once recognized mainly for its role in coordinating movement -- underwent evolutionary changes that may have contributed to human culture, language and tool use, ...

New CRISPR Technology Offers Unrivaled Control of Epigenetic Inheritance

Scientists have figured out how to modify CRISPR's basic architecture to extend its reach beyond the genome and into what's known as the epigenome -- proteins and small molecules that latch ...

The Architect of Genome Folding

The DNA molecule is not naked in the nucleus. Instead, it is folded in a very organized way by the help of different proteins to establish a unique spatial organization of the genetic information. ...

科技nique Allows Mapping of Epigenetic Information in Single Cells at Scale

Histones are tiny proteins that bind to DNA and hold information that can help turn on or off individual genes. Researchers have developed a technique that makes it possible to examine how different ...

New Clues About the Architecture of X Chromosomes

All female mammals, including humans, have two X chromosomes. Normal development requires one X chromosome to be inactivated. A balance of protein clusters called cohesins is needed to alter X ...

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