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July 12, 2023

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The Key to Why Plants Flower Early in a Warming World

Scientists have unveiled a new mechanism that plants use to sense temperature. This finding could lead to solutions to counteract some of the deleterious changes in plant growth, flowering and seed production due to climate ...

A Seed Survival Story: How Trees Keep 'Friends' Close and 'Enemies' Guessing

A new study that included millions of tree-year observations worldwide for the first time documents and analyzes the intricate balance between seed defense and dispersal by forest trees at a global ...

Team Finds Reliable Predictor of Plant Species Persistence, Coexistence

Ecological scientists have long sought ways to measure and predict how specific plant communities will fare over time. Which species in a diverse population will persist and coexist? Which will decline? What factors might contribute to continuing biodiversity? Researchers report on a new method for ...

Older Trees Accumulate More Mutations Than Their Younger Counterparts

A study of the relationship between the growth rate of tropical trees and the frequency of genetic mutations they accumulate suggests that older, long-lived trees play a greater role in generating and maintaining genetic diversity than short-lived ...

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A Sowing, Pruning, and Harvesting Robot for SynecocultureTM Farming

Synecoculture, a new farming method, involves growing mixed plant species together in high density. However, it requires complex operation since varying species with different growing seasons and ...

Bigger Flowers, Greater Rewards: Plants Adapt to Climate Disruptions to Lure Pollinators

There's been a well-documented shift toward earlier springtime flowering in many plants as the world warms. The trend alarms biologists because it has the potential to disrupt carefully ...

Genes in Beans: Bean Genome Sequenced for Improved Nutrition

The faba bean genome, which at 13 billion bases is more than four times the size of the human genome, has been sequenced. This is an extraordinary technical achievement and crucial to efforts to ...

An Internal Thermometer Tells the Seeds When to Germinate

Germination is a crucial stage in the life of a plant as it will leave the stage of seed resistant to various environmental constraints (climatic conditions, absence of nutritive elements, etc.) to ...

Flower Power: The Role of Ants in Forest Regeneration

Ants play a key role in forest regeneration, according to a new ...

Fiber Discovery Could Shape Better Gut Health

Changing the structure of a dietary fiber commonly found in a range of food products has been found to promote healthy gut bacteria and reduce gas formation, a finding that could help people with ...

Insect Bite Marks Show First Fossil Evidence for Plants' Leaves Folding Up at Night

Plants can move in ways that might surprise you. Some of them even show 'sleep movements,' folding or raising their leaves each night before opening them again the next day. Now, ...

New Discovery to Bulk Up Gluten-Free Fiber Supplement

Scientists have for the first time constructed the reference genome for the source of the popular fiber supplement, psyllium husk, which could boost supplies of the versatile plant-derived ...

Progress Toward Fast-Charging Lithium-Metal Batteries

Engineers report progress toward lithium-metal batteries that charge fast -- as fast as an hour. This fast charging is thanks to lithium metal crystals that can be seeded and grown -- quickly and ...

Licorice Leaf Extract Is a Promising Plant Protectant for Conventional and Organic Agriculture

A study reveals that licorice leaf extract is a potent bactericide and fungicide that can be used in conventional and organic ...

Long-Term Restoration of a Biodiversity Hotspot Hinges on Getting Seeds to the Right Place at the Right Time

New research shows that degraded savanna ecosystems can reap lasting benefits from a single seeding of native understory plants. Once a diverse understory of savanna plants became established, its ...


Evolution of Wheat Spikes Since the Neolithic Revolution

Around 12,000 years ago, the Neolithic revolution radically changed the economy, diet and structure of the first human societies in the Fertile Crescent of the Near East. With the beginning of the ...

A Fairy-Like Robot Flies by the Power of Wind and Light

The loss of pollinators, such as bees, is a huge challenge for global biodiversity and affects humanity by causing problems in food production. Researchers have now developed the first passively ...

Rapid Plant Evolution May Make Coastal Regions More Susceptible to Flooding and Sea Level Rise, Study Shows

Evolution has occurred more rapidly than previously thought in the Chesapeake Bay wetlands, which may decrease the chance that coastal marshes can withstand future sea level rise, researchers at the ...

How Salmon Feed Flowers and Flourishing Ecosystems

Nutrients from salmon carcasses can substantively alter the growth and reproduction of plant species in the surrounding habitat, and even cause some flowers to grow bigger and more plentiful, ...

Botany: Chloroplast from the Father

Under cold conditions, not only the mother plant but also the father plant can pass on its chloroplasts to the ...

新发现:濒危Amami兔子分散eeds for Non-Photosynthetic Plant

Seed dispersal is an essential process for the evolution and ecology of terrestrial plants, making discoveries of uncommon seed dispersal agents particularly interesting. Scientists now reveal that ...

Biodiversity Safeguards Bird Communities Under a Changing Climate

A new study shows that North American bird communities containing functionally diverse species have changed less under climate change during the past 50 years than functionally simple ...

New Levers for Controlling Plant Biochemistry

Plant biochemists have discovered a new level of regulation in the biochemical 'machinery' that plants use to convert organic carbon derived from photosynthesis into a range of ring-shaped ...

Rice Breeding Breakthrough to Feed Billions

An international team has succeeded in propagating a commercial hybrid rice strain as a clone through seeds with 95 percent efficiency. This could lower the cost of hybrid rice seed, making ...

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