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July 12, 2023

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Giant Stone Artefacts Found on Rare Ice Age Site in Kent, UK

Researchers have discovered some of the largest early prehistoric stone tools in ...

Lessons in Sustainability, Evolution and Human Adaptation -- Courtesy of the Holocene

The El Gigante rockshelter in western Honduras is among only a handful of archaeological sites in the Americas that contain well-preserved botanical remains spanning the last 11,000 years. Considered one of the most important archaeological sites ...

Face of Anglo-Saxon Teen VIP Revealed With New Evidence About Her Life

The face of a 16-year-old woman buried near Cambridge (UK) in the 7th century with an incredibly rare gold and garnet cross (the 'Trumpington Cross') has been reconstructed following analysis of her skull. The striking image is going on public display for the first time on 21st June, with new ...

Remains at Crenshaw Site Are Local, Ancestors of Caddo

Hundreds of human skulls and mandibles recovered from the Crenshaw site in southwest Arkansas are the remains of ancestors of the Caddo Nation and not foreign enemies, according to a new ...

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Nullarbor Rocks Reveal Australia's Transformation from Lush to Dust

Researchers have discovered how long ago the Australian Nullarbor plain dried out, with a new approach shedding light on how ancient climate change altered some of the driest regions of our ...

Dairy Foods Helped Ancient Tibetans Thrive in One of Earth's Most Inhospitable Environments

The question of how prehistoric populations obtained sustainable food in the barren heights of the Tibetan Plateau has long attracted academic and popular interest. A new study highlights the ...

Yak Milk Consumption Among Mongol Empire Elites

For the first time, researchers have pinpointed a date when elite Mongol Empire people were drinking yak milk, according to a new ...

Researchers Use 21st Century Methods to Record 2,000 Years of Ancient Graffiti in Egypt

研究人员正在学习更多关于古老的保护者ti -- and their intriguing comparisons to modern graffiti -- as they produce a state-of-the-art 3D recording of the Temple of Isis in Philae, ...

Ancient DNA Reveals Asian Ancestry Introduced to East Africa in Early Modern Times

The largest-yet analysis of ancient DNA in Africa, which includes the first ancient DNA recovered from members of the medieval Swahili civilization, has now broken the stalemate about the extent to ...

Ancient Giant Amphibians Swam Like Crocodiles 250 Million Years Ago

2米长的古代两栖动物游像阴极射线示波器codiles long before true crocodiles existed, according to a new ...

Indigenous Ashaninka DNA Helps Geneticists Write New Chapters of Pre-Colonial History in South America

Geneticists have written new chapters in the reconstruction of pre-colonial Americas history after using DNA from the indigenous Ashaninka people from Amazonian Peru. They have discovered previously ...

Neolithic Ceramics Reveal Dairy Processing from Milk of Multiple Species

A new study has found evidence of cheesemaking, using milk from multiple animals in Late Neolithic ...

Lasers and Chemistry Reveal How Ancient Pottery Was Made -- And How an Empire Functioned

Peru's first great empire, the Wari, stretched for more than a thousand miles over the Andes Mountains and along the coast from 600-1000 CE. The pottery they left behind gives archaeologists ...

Archaeological Study of 24 Ancient Mexican Cities Reveals That Collective Forms of Governance, Infrastructural Investments, and Collaboration All Help Societies Last Longer

Some cities only last a century or two, while others last for a thousand years or more. Often, there aren't clear records left behind to explain why. Instead, archaeologists piece together clues ...

Bronze Age Well Contents Reveal the History of Animal Resources in Mycenae, Greece

A large Bronze Age debris deposit in Mycenae, Greece provides important data for understanding the history of animal resources at the site, according to a new ...


Steel Was Being Used in Europe 2900 Years Ago

Researchers have discovered what they believe is the earliest use of steel in Europe -- on Iberian stone pillars from the Final Bronze ...

Mysterious New Behavior Seen in Whales May Be Recorded in Ancient Manuscripts

In 2011, scientists recorded a previously unknown feeding strategy in whales around the world. Now, researchers in Australia think they may have found evidence of this behaviour being described in ...

Deadly Waves: Researchers Document Evolution of Plague Over Hundreds of Years in Medieval Denmark

Scientists who study the origins and evolution of the plague have examined hundreds of ancient human teeth from Denmark, seeking to address longstanding questions about its arrival, persistence and ...

考古学家发现早期Evidence of Brain Surgery in Ancient Near East

A recent excavation in Megiddo, Israel, unearthed the earliest example of a particular type of cranial surgery in the Ancient Near East -- and potentially one of the oldest examples of leprosy in the ...

New Research Suggests Drought Accelerated Empire Collapse

The collapse of the Hittite Empire in the Late Bronze Age has been blamed on various factors, from war with other territories to internal strife. Now, scientists have used tree ring and isotope ...

Vikings Crossing the North Sea to Britain Brought Their Horses, Dogs and Other Animals

An analysis of cremated bone fragments from burial mounds in Derbyshire, UK, provides the first solid evidence that Vikings crossed the North Sea with horses, dogs and other animals as early as the ...

Plague Trackers: Researchers Cover Thousands of Years in a Quest to Understand the Elusive Origins of the Black Death

Seeking to better understand more about the origins and movement of bubonic plague, in ancient and contemporary times, researchers have completed a painstaking granular examination of hundreds of ...

Mummified Crocodiles Provide Insights Into Mummy-Making Over Time

Crocodiles were mummified in a unique way at the Egyptian site of Qubbat al-Hawa during the 5th Century BC, according to a new ...

Marriage in Minoan Crete

An international team of researchers achieves completely new insights into Bronze Age marriage rules and family structures in Greece. Analyses of ancient genomes show that the choice of marriage ...

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