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July 5, 2023

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Boom! Detecting Gregarious Goliath Groupers Using Their Low-Frequency Pulse Sounds

From growls to booms, whales, fish and crustaceans all produce sounds. Selecting the gregarious Goliath grouper, researchers deployed a novel automated detector and localization model to find underwater marine organisms using their low-frequency ...

Virus-Like Transposons Wage War on the Species Barrier

几十年前科学家们就知道,基因可以be transferred from one species to another, both in animals and plants. However, the mechanism of how such an unlikely event occurs remained unknown. Now, researchers identify a vector of horizontal gene transfer (HGT) in worms. The findings could ...

Gray Whales Off Oregon Coast Consume Millions of Microparticles Per Day

Researchers estimate that gray whales feeding off the Oregon Coast consume up to 21 million microparticles per day, a finding informed in part by feces from the ...

Megalodon Was No Cold-Blooded Killer

How the megalodon, a shark that went extinct 3.6 million years ago, stayed warm was a matter of speculation among scientists. Using an analysis of tooth fossils from the megalodon and other sharks of the same period, a study suggests the animal was able to maintain a body temperature well above the ...

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Research Questions Value of Sagebrush Control in Conserving Sage Grouse

Sagebrush reduction strategies, including mowing and herbicide application, are often employed to enhance habitat for the greater sage grouse and other sagebrush-dependent ...

Overfishing Linked to Rapid Evolution of Codfish

The overfishing of codfish spanning the second half of the 20th century indicates that human action can force evolutionary changes more quickly than widely believed, according to a new ...

Protecting Large Ocean Areas Doesn't Curb Fishing Catches

In the first-ever 'before and after' assessment of the impact of establishing Mexico's Revillagigedo National Park on the fishing industry, a team of US and Mexican researchers found ...

River Erosion Can Shape Fish Evolution

A new study of the freshwater greenfin darter fish suggests river erosion can be a driver of biodiversity in tectonically inactive ...

Most Effective Ways of Foraging Can Attract Predators

Animals using the most of efficient methods of searching for resources may well pay with their lives, scientists have ...

Where Do Our Limbs Come From?

Scientists have uncovered new clues about the origin of paired appendages -- a major evolutionary step that remains unresolved and highly ...

Move Over, Armadillos: There's a New Bone-Plated Mammal in Town

Armadillos have long been considered to be the only living mammals that produce protective bony plates. But a new study unexpectedly shows that African spiny mice produce the same structures beneath ...

Out of the Frying Pan: Coyotes, Bobcats Move Into Human-Inhabited Areas to Avoid Apex Predators -- Only to Be Killed by People

Conservationists have argued that the presence of wolves and other apex predators, so named because they have no known predators aside from people, can help keep smaller predator species in check. ...

Perfect 'Pathogen' Storm: Vibrio Bacteria, Sargassum and Plastic Marine Debris

对生态的关系of Vibrio bacteria with Sargassum. Evidence also is sparse as to whether vibrios colonizing plastic marine debris and Sargassum could potentially ...

New Use for A.I.: Correctly Estimating Fish Stocks

A newly published artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm is allowing researchers to quickly and accurately estimate coastal fish stocks without ever entering the ...

Fossil of Mosasaur With Bizarre 'Screwdriver Teeth' Found in Morocco

Scientists have discovered a new species of mosasaur, a sea-dwelling lizard from the age of the dinosaurs, with strange, ridged teeth unlike those of any known reptile. Along with other recent finds ...


Jaw Shapes of 90 Shark Species Show: Evolution Driven by Habitat

Researchers investigated how the jaw shape of sharks has changed over the course of evolution. Their conclusion: in the most widespread shark species, the jaws show relatively little variation in ...

Hammerhead Sharks Hold Their Breath on Deep Water Hunts to Stay Warm

Scalloped hammerhead sharks hold their breath to keep their bodies warm during deep dives into cold water where they hunt prey such as deep sea squids. This discovery provides important new insights ...

Nature Favors Creatures in Largest and Smallest Sizes

Surveying the body sizes of Earth's living organisms, researchers found that the planet's biomass -- the material that makes up all living organisms -- is concentrated in organisms at ...

Water Warming Study Shows Unexpected Impact on Fish Size

The theory that water-breathing animals such as fish will shrink due to global warming has been called into question by a new ...

Basic 'Toolkit' for Organ Development Is Illuminated by Sea Star

One of the basic and crucial embryonic processes to unfold in virtually every living organism is the formation of hollow, tubular structures that go on to form blood vessels or a digestive tract, and ...

Earth's First Animals Had Particular Taste in Real Estate

Even without body parts that allowed for movement, new research shows -- for the first time -- that some of Earth's earliest animals managed to be picky about where they ...

Indo-Pacific Corals More Resilient to Climate Change Than Atlantic Corals

In the face of global warming and other environmental changes, corals in the Atlantic Ocean have declined precipitously in recent years, while corals in the Pacific and Indian Oceans are faring ...

Harmful Fisheries Subsidies Are Leading to More Fishing Vessels Chasing Fewer Fish, Resulting in Adverse Environmental and Societal Impacts

A recent study quantified the number of harmful fisheries subsidies that support fishing in the high seas, domestic and foreign waters and found that between 20 and 37 per cent of these subsidies ...

Male California Sea Lions Are Becoming Bigger and Better Fighters as Their Population Rebounds

California sea lions have managed to maintain -- and, in the case of males, increase -- their average body size as their population grows and competition for food becomes fiercer. This is in contrast ...

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