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July 1, 2023

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Humans' Evolutionary Relatives Butchered One Another 1.45 Million Years Ago

Researchers have identified the oldest decisive evidence of humans' close evolutionary relatives butchering and likely eating one ...

Cave Excavation Pushes Back the Clock on Early Human Migration to Laos

Fifteen years of archaeological work in the Tam Pa Ling cave in northeastern Laos has yielded a reliable chronology of early human occupation of the site. The team's excavations through the layers of sediments and bones that gradually washed into the cave and were left untouched for tens of ...

Focus on Function Helps Identify the Changes That Made Us Human

Research sheds light on human evolution, and demonstrates an approach for identifying significant differences in how genes are used between closely-related ...

Life Before Air Conditioning: Curly Hair Kept Early Humans Cool

Curly hair does more than simply look good -- it may explain how early humans stayed cool while conserving water, according to researchers who studied the role human hair textures play in regulating body temperature. The findings can shed light on an evolutionary adaptation that enabled the human ...

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Genome Research: Origin and Evolution of Vine

Cultivation and growth of grapevines have strongly influenced European civilizations, but where the grapevine comes from and how it has spread across the globe has been highly disputed so far. In an ...

Waxing and Waning of Environment Influences Hominin Dispersals Across Ancient Iran

A world-first model of paleoclimate and hydrology in Iran has highlighted favourable routes for Neanderthals and modern human expansions eastwards into Asia. The findings reveal that multiple humid ...

Gene Variations for Immune and Metabolic Conditions Have Persisted in Humans for More Than 700,000 Years

A new study explores 'balancing selection' by analyzing thousands of modern human genomes alongside ancient hominin groups, such as Neanderthal and Denisovan genomes. The research has ...

2.9-Million-Year-Old Butchery Site Reopens Case of Who Made First Stone Tools

Along the shores of Africa's Lake Victoria in Kenya roughly 2.9 million years ago, early human ancestors used some of the oldest stone tools ever found to butcher hippos and pound plant ...

Prehistoric Human Migration in Southeast Asia Driven by Sea-Level Rise

An interdisciplinary team of scientistshas found that rapid sea-level rise drove early settlers in Southeast Asia to migrate during the prehistoric period, increasing the genetic diversity of the ...

In the Neanderthal Site of Combe-Grenal, France, Hunting Strategies Were Unaffected by Changing Climate

Neanderthals in Combe-Grenal (France) preferred to hunt in open environments, and their hunting strategies did not alter during periods of climatic change, according to a new ...

Ethical Ancient DNA Research Must Involve Descendant Communities, Say Researchers

The analysis of ancient DNA allows scientists to trace human evolution and make important discoveries about modern populations. The data revealed by ancient DNA sampling can be valuable, but the ...

Early Humans May Have First Walked Upright in the Trees

Human bipedalism -- walking upright on two legs -- may have evolved in trees, and not on the ground as previously thought, according to a new ...

Immune System of Modern Papuans Shaped by DNA from Ancient Denisovans, Study Finds

Modern Papuans' immune system likely evolved with a little help from the Denisovans, a mysterious human ancestor who interbred with ancient humans, according to a new ...

Jawbone May Represent Earliest Presence of Humans in Europe

For over a century, one of the earliest human fossils ever discovered in Spain has been long considered a Neanderthal. However, new analysis from an international research team dismantles this ...

Human Evolution Wasn't Just the Sheet Music, but How It Was Played

A team of researchers has identified a group of human DNA sequences driving changes in brain development, digestion and immunity that seem to have evolved rapidly after our family line split from ...


Oldest Evidence of the Controlled Use of Fire to Cook Food, Researchers Report

The remains of a huge carp fish mark the earliest signs of cooking by prehistoric human to 780,000 years ago, predating the available data by some 600,000 years, according to ...

Ancient DNA Analysis Sheds Light on the Early Peopling of South America

Using DNA from two ancient humans unearthed in two different archaeological sites in northeast Brazil, researchers have unraveled the deep demographic history of South America at the regional level ...

Ancient Genomes Reveal Hidden History of Human Adaptation

The use of ancient DNA, including samples of human remains around 45,000 years old, has shed light on a previously unknown aspect of human ...

UK's Oldest Human DNA Obtained, Revealing Two Distinct Palaeolithic Populations

The first genetic data from Palaeolithic human individuals in the UK -- the oldest human DNA obtained from the British Isles so far -- indicates the presence of two distinct groups that migrated to ...

Meet the First Neanderthal Family

研究人员管理d to sequence multiple individuals from a remote Neanderthal community in Siberia. Among these thirteen individuals, the researchers identified multiple related individuals -- ...

Key Phases of Human Evolution Coincide With Flickers in Eastern Africa's Climate

Interdisciplinary research in southern Ethiopia enabled the deciphering of eastern Africa's climatic heartbeat and shows how key phases of climate change influenced human evolution, dispersal ...

Exposing the Evolutionary Weak Spots of the Human Genome

Mutations can drastically help or hurt the odds of an organism surviving and reproducing. Researchers have created a computer program called ExtRaINSIGHT that tracks the history of harmful mutations ...

Early Gibbon Fossil Found in Southwest China: Discovery Fills Evolutionary History Gap of Apes

A team of scientists has discovered the earliest gibbon fossil, a find that helps fill a long-elusive evolutionary gap in the history of ...

Modern Humans Generate More Brain Neurons Than Neanderthals

The question of what makes modern humans unique has long been a driving force for researchers. Comparisons with our closest relatives, the Neanderthals, therefore provide fascinating insights. The ...

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