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June 25, 2023

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Unraveling the Connections Between the Brain and Gut

Engineers designed a technology to probe connections between the brain and the digestive tract. Using fibers embedded with a variety of sensors, as well as optogenetic stimulation, the researchers could control neural circuits connecting the gut and the brain, in ...

Monarchs' White Spots Aid Migration

If you've ever wondered how the monarch butterfly got its spots, University of Georgia researchers may have just found the answer. The new study suggests that the butterflies with more white spots are more successful at reaching their long-distance wintering destination. Although it's not yet clear ...

Cuttlefish Brain Atlas Created

Anything with three hearts, blue blood and skin that can change colors like a display in Times Square is likely to turn heads. Meet Sepia bandensis, known more descriptively as the camouflaging dwarf cuttlefish. Over the past three years, neuroscientists have put together a brain atlas of this ...

Ants Have a Specialized Communication Processing Center That Has Not Been Found in Other Social Insects

Have you ever noticed an ant in your home, only to find that a week later the whole colony has moved in? The traps you set up catch only a few of these ants, but soon, the rest of the colony has mysteriously disappeared. Now, a study explores how ...

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A Channel Involved in Pain Sensation Can Also Suppress It

Pain is good. It's the body's way to keep an animal from harming itself or repeating a dangerous mistake. But sometimes the debilitating sensation can get in the way. So evolution has ...

Pet Owners With Hoarding Tendencies May Take Toll on Health of Themselves, Animals in Care, Study Finds

Animal lovers who strive to care for many pets -- and have personal hoarding tendencies -- may risk the quality of their own wellbeing and that of those under their care, a recent collaborative study ...

Assessing Emotions in Wild Animals

A new study examines indicators of mental wellbeing in wild animals to improve conservation ...

Researchers Discover Brain Circuit Underlying Spontaneous Synchronized Movement of Individuals in Groups

Individual fish in schools scatter in unison when a predator is in their midst. Such precisely coordinated group movements and immobility during threats have long been observed in insects and ...

New Research Could Help Breed for Less 'Spooky' Horses

Researchers are working to identify genes that influence horses' tendency to react to perceived ...

Preserving Pine Forests by Understanding Beetle Flight

Researchers study the flight performance of the mountain pine beetle from a fluid mechanics and an entomological perspective. Understanding these aspects of the insect's flight could improve ...

Kangaroo Island Ants 'Play Dead' to Avoid Predators

They're well known for their industrious work, but now a species of ant on Kangaroo Island is also showing that it is skilled at 'playing dead', a behavior that researchers believe is ...

Uniformity of Prey Can Yield Spider-Eat-Spider World

A limited menu of prey may weave a tangled food web by emboldening wolf spiders of multiple species to dine on each other and even cannibalize their own, says a new ...

The Evolution of Honey Bee Brains

Researchers have proposed a new model for the evolution of higher brain functions and behaviors in the Hymenoptera order of insects. The team compared the Kenyon cells, a type of neuronal cell, in ...

Chemical Signal Protects Migratory Locusts from Cannibalism

Researchers show that the migratory locust Locusta migratoria produces the compound phenylacetonitrile (PAN) to defend itself against feeding attacks by conspecifics as population density increases. ...

Predict What a Mouse Sees by Decoding Brain Signals

A research team has developed a novel machine-learning algorithm that can reveal the hidden structure in data recorded from the brain, predicting complex information such as what mice ...


Do People and Monkeys See Colors the Same Way?

New findings in color vision research imply that humans can perceive a greater range of blue tones than monkeys do. Distinct connections found in the human retina may indicate recent evolutionary ...

Brain Circuits for Locomotion Evolved Long Before Appendages and Skeletons

Scientists found parallels between the neural circuitry that guides locomotion in sea slugs and in more complex animals like ...

How a Horse Whisperer Can Help Engineers Build Better Robots

New research shows us that age-old interactions between people and their horses can teach us something about building robots designed to improve our ...

Chitin from Consuming Insects Can Help Both Gut Microbiota and Global Health

Increased insect consumption by humans may be better for both gut health and planetary health. Chitin (kai'tin) and healthy fats from insects appear to contribute to healthy gut microbiota and ...

X-Ray Analysis Sheds New Light on Prehistoric Predator's Last Meal

We now know more about the diet of a prehistoric creature that grew up to two and a half meters long and lived in Australian waters during the time of the dinosaurs, thanks to the power of x-rays. ...

Tracking a New Path to Octopus and Squid Sensing Capabilities

Research has traced the evolutionary adaptations of octopus and squid sensing capabilities. The researchers describe for the first time the structure of an octopus chemotactile receptor, which ...

Why Orchid Bees Concoct Their Own Fragrance

The reason why male bees collect scents in pockets on their hind legs remained a mystery for a long time. As an attractant? As a wedding gift? To show off to other males? Researchers have now figured ...

Early Crop Plants Were More Easily 'Tamed'

Borrowing a page from what we know about animal behavior, archaeologists say that we should reassess our understanding of the process of plant ...

This Elephant's Self-Taught Banana Peeling Offers Glimpse of Elephants' Broader Abilities

Elephants like to eat bananas, but they don't usually peel them first in the way humans do. A new report however, shows that one very special Asian elephant named Pang Pha picked up banana ...

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