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July 12, 2023

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Giant Stone Artefacts Found on Rare Ice Age Site in Kent, UK

研究人员have discovered some of the largest early prehistoric stone tools in ...

Humans' Evolutionary Relatives Butchered One Another 1.45 Million Years Ago

研究人员have identified the oldest decisive evidence of humans' close evolutionary relatives butchering and likely eating one ...

Remains at Crenshaw Site Are Local, Ancestors of Caddo

Hundreds of human skulls and mandibles recovered from the Crenshaw site in southwest Arkansas are the remains of ancestors of the Caddo Nation and not foreign enemies, according to a new ...

Study Shows Ancient Alaskans Were Freshwater Fishers

A scientific team has discovered the earliest-known evidence of freshwater fishing by ancient people in the Americas. The research offers a glimpse at how early humans used a changing landscape and could offer insight for modern people facing similar ...

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Research Reveals Longstanding Cultural Continuity at Oldest Occupied Site in West Africa

Stone tools recovered from near the Senegalese coast extend occupation of the region back to 150 thousand years ago and are comparable to those seen across Africa at this time, but uniquely persist ...

Scientists Recover an Ancient Woman's DNA from a 20,000-Year-Old Pendant

An international research team has for the first time successfully isolated ancient human DNA from a Paleolithic artefact: a pierced deer tooth discovered in Denisova Cave in southern Siberia. To ...

Searching for Ancient Bears in an Alaskan Cave Led to an Important Human Discovery

Genetic analysis links 3,000-year-old bone found in cave to modern Alaska ...

Long Distance Voyaging Among the Pacific Islands

An international team of researchers has used geochemical fingerprinting to reconstruct long-distance voyages between central and western Pacific Islands during the last millennium ...

研究人员Use 21st Century Methods to Record 2,000 Years of Ancient Graffiti in Egypt

研究人员are learning more about ancient graffiti -- and their intriguing comparisons to modern graffiti -- as they produce a state-of-the-art 3D recording of the Temple of Isis in Philae, ...

Ancient DNA Reveals Asian Ancestry Introduced to East Africa in Early Modern Times

The largest-yet analysis of ancient DNA in Africa, which includes the first ancient DNA recovered from members of the medieval Swahili civilization, has now broken the stalemate about the extent to ...

Ancient Genomes Reveal Immunity Adaptation in Early Farmers

Research has revealed that diversity in genes coding for immunity may have facilitated adaptation to farming lifestyles in prehistoric ...

Cyprus's Copper Deposits Created One of the Most Important Trade Hubs in the Bronze Age

The coveted metal copper and a sheltered location turned the Cypriot village of Hala Sultan Tekke into one of the most important trade hubs of the Late Bronze Age. Recent excavations confirm the ...

Indigenous Ashaninka DNA Helps Geneticists Write New Chapters of Pre-Colonial History in South America

遗传学家们在侦察书写新的篇章struction of pre-colonial Americas history after using DNA from the indigenous Ashaninka people from Amazonian Peru. They have discovered previously ...

Uncovering the Ritual Past of an Ancient Stone Monument in Saudi Arabia

A comprehensive analysis of an archaeological site in Saudi Arabia sheds new light on mustatils -- stone monuments from the Late Neolithic period thought to have been used for ritual ...

Lasers and Chemistry Reveal How Ancient Pottery Was Made -- And How an Empire Functioned

Peru's first great empire, the Wari, stretched for more than a thousand miles over the Andes Mountains and along the coast from 600-1000 CE. The pottery they left behind gives archaeologists ...


Surprising Similarities in Stone Tools of Early Humans and Monkeys

研究人员have discovered artefacts produced by old world monkeys in Thailand that resemble stone tools, which historically have been identified as intentionally made by early hominins. Until now, ...

The Colors on These Ancient Pots Hint at the Power of an Empire

Comparing the colors on pieces of ancient Peruvian pottery revealed that potters across the Wari empire all used the same rich black pigment: a sign of the empire's ...

The World's First Horse Riders

研究人员have discovered evidence of horse riding by studying the remains of human skeletons found in burial mounds called kurgans, which were between 4500-5000 years old. The earthen burial ...

基因族群mic Study of Indigenous Africans Paints Complex Picture of Human Origins and Local Adaptation

An international team of researchers analyzed the genomes of 180 indigenous Africans from a dozen ethnically, culturally, linguistically, and geographically diverse populations. The results shed ...

Bronze Age Well Contents Reveal the History of Animal Resources in Mycenae, Greece

A large Bronze Age debris deposit in Mycenae, Greece provides important data for understanding the history of animal resources at the site, according to a new ...

Ice Age Survivors

Large-scale genomic analysis documents the migrations of Ice Age hunter-gatherers over a period of 30,000 years -- they took shelter in Western Europe but died out on the Italian ...

Oldest Human Genome from Southern Spain

A new study reports on genomic data from a 23,000-year-old individual who lived in what was probably the warmest place of Europe at the peak of the last Ice Age. The oldest human genome recovered ...

Steel Was Being Used in Europe 2900 Years Ago

研究人员have discovered what they believe is the earliest use of steel in Europe -- on Iberian stone pillars from the Final Bronze ...

Gene Variations for Immune and Metabolic Conditions Have Persisted in Humans for More Than 700,000 Years

A new study explores 'balancing selection' by analyzing thousands of modern human genomes alongside ancient hominin groups, such as Neanderthal and Denisovan genomes. The research has ...

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