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July 12, 2023

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Paths for Reducing Harmful Air Pollution in South Asia Identified

A new study has evaluated the contribution of various emission sectors and fuels to PM2.5 mass for 29 states in India and six surrounding countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and ...

Widespread Illegal Trade of Hazardous Chemicals

Researchers have studied the global trade in highly hazardous chemicals subject to a global treaty -- the Rotterdam Convention. The results are sobering: Nearly half of the total trade volume of these chemicals crosses national borders illegally, calling for strong international and national ...

Carbon Taxes That Focus on Luxury Consumption Are Fairer Than Those That Tax All Emissions Equally

Not all carbon emissions are made for the same reason -- they range from more essential purposes like heating a home to nonessential 'luxury' activities like leisure travel. However, proposals for the implementations of carbon taxes tend to apply to ...

Massachusetts Drinking Water May Contain Unsafe Levels of Manganese

A new study has found that concentrations of manganese in a Massachusetts community's drinking water often surpassed the maximum recommended levels of manganese stated in current guidelines. The findings also suggest that the observed manganese levels may be high enough to pose a risk to children ...

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Three Things to Know: Climate Change's Impact on Extreme-Weather Events

Researchers found that the effects of climate change on the intensity, frequency, and duration of extreme weather events, like wildfires, could lead to massive increases in all ...

'Critical Climate Solution' or 'Worse Than Coal'? Study Explores Debate Around Divisive Energy Technology

A new study has explored the battle lines of public debate around a controversial energy technology which is heralded as 'critical to combating climate change' by its advocates and branded ...

Ask Us How to Build the Circular Economy, Say Scientists

Governments and companies planning to pursue the circular economy need to involve scientists more directly, states a new ...

New Research Finds That More Than 90% of Global Aquaculture Faces Substantial Risk from Environmental Change

Many of the world's largest aquatic food producers are highly vulnerable to human-induced environmental change, with some of the highest-risk countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa ...

Study of Earth's Stratosphere Reduces Uncertainty in Future Climate Change

New research reduces uncertainty in future climate change linked to the stratosphere, with important implications for life on Earth. A significant source of uncertainty relates to future changes to ...

Worse Than Diesel and Gasoline? Bioenergy as Bad as Fossils If There Is No Pricing of CO2 Emissions from Land-Use Change, Experts Argue

Demand for modern biofuels is expected to grow substantially in order to mitigate climate emissions. However, they are far from being a climate neutral alternative to gasoline and diesel. A new study ...

Investing in Nature Improves Equity, Boosts Economy

A new study shows that current trends in environmental degradation will lead to large economic losses in the coming decades, hitting the poorest countries hardest. But there is hope: investing in ...

21st Century Economic Growth Will Be Slower Than We Thought

The global economy will grow slower in the 21st century than economists have expected, a finding that has implications for our ability to adapt to climate change in the coming decades, according to ...

Effect of Volcanic Eruptions Significantly Underestimated in Climate Projections

Researchers have found that the cooling effect that volcanic eruptions have on Earth's surface temperature is likely underestimated by a factor of two, and potentially as much as a factor of ...

Will Engineered Carbon Removal Solve the Climate Crisis?

A new study explored fairness and feasibility in deep mitigation pathways with novel carbon dioxide removal, taking into account institutional capacity to implement mitigation ...

Potential Financial Losses from a Renewable Energy Transition Are Concentrated Among the Wealthy

One common rationale against climate action is that the resulting fossil fuel investment losses could impact people's retirement or long-term savings. However, researchers report that the loss ...


Conservation Policies Risk Damaging Global Biodiversity, Researchers Argue

Rewilding, organic farming and the 'nature friendly farming' measures included in some government conservation policies risk worsening the global biodiversity crisis by reducing how much ...

Environmental Risks and Opportunities of Orphaned Oil and Gas Wells

Researchers are leading an international team whose goal is to create a framework to help governments in the U.S. and around the world assess and prioritize remediation strategies for orphaned oil ...

Climate Action Plans Mobilize Limited Urban Change, Researchers Report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), released just prior to an international climate convention in 2015, explicitly stated that human-caused greenhouse gas ...

New Research Reveals the Impact of Different Species and Their Traits on Human Wellbeing

New research has revealed that well-functioning ecosystems are crucial to human health and wellbeing, with human-biodiversity interactions delivering wellbeing gains equating to substantial ...

Supersized Fruit Eater Database on Climate Change Frontline

To conserve precious and fragile biodiversity hotspots, a crucial step is knowing how the fruit eaters are doing. To assist in that, scientists and students have supersized a database to keep track ...

When Is Migration Successful Adaptation to Climate Change?

A new study has put forward three criteria for evaluating the success of migration as adaptation in the face of climate change: well-being, equity and ...

Change Food Choices to Increase Chances of Tackling Global Warming

行动保护地球的影响climate change will fall short unless we reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the global food system, which now makes up a third of human-made ...

10年Countdown to Sea-Ice-Free Arctic

Research team predicts Arctic without ice by the end of 2030s if current increasing rate of greenhouse gas emission ...

Preserving Forests to Protect Deep Soil from Warming

An innovative, decade-long experiment in the foothills of California's Sierra Nevada mountains shows carbon stocks buried deep underground are vulnerable to climate change. The findings have ...

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