June 29, 2023

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Combining Maths With Music Leads to Higher Scores, Suggests Review of 50 Years of Research

Children do better at maths when music is a key part of their lessons, an analysis of almost 50 years of research on the topic has ...

Joyful Music Could Be a Game Changer for Virtual Reality Headaches

Listening to music could reduce the dizziness, nausea and headaches virtual reality users might experience after using digital devices, research suggests. Cybersickness -- a type of motion sickness from virtual reality experiences such as computer games -- significantly reduces when joyful music is ...

Speaking a Tonal Language Could Boost Your Melodic Ability, but at the Cost of Rhythm

Your native language could impact your musical ability. A global study that compared the melodic and rhythmic abilities of almost half a million people speaking 54 different languages found that tonal speakers are better able to discern between ...

音乐for Sleeping and Music for Studying Share Surprising Similarities

A recent study on Spotify data reveals which types of music are used to help listeners focus while studying and fall ...

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Sensitivity to Musical Rhythm Supports Social Development in Infants

Engaging infants with a song provides a ready-made means for supporting social development and interaction, according to a new ...

音乐Class in Sync With Higher Math Scores -- But Only at Higher-Income Schools

音乐and arts classes are often first on the chopping block when schools face tight budgets and pressure to achieve high scores on standardized tests. But it's precisely those classes that can ...

Study Sheds Light on How Songs, Movies and Memories Shape How People Enjoy Lighthearted Entertainment

A new study played song and movie clips both recent and from their adolescence for subjects and asked if they had memories associated with them. Results showed people had more memories associated ...

Treble Clef Treatment: Music to Counter Delirium in Mechanically Ventilated Older Adults in the ICU

Researcher-clinicians are conducting a multi-site study to establish that music intervention can reduce the likelihood of critically ill, mechanically ventilated older adults in a hospital intensive ...

音乐Helps Patients With Dementia Connect With Loved Ones

People with dementia often lose their ability to communicate verbally with loved ones. But a new study shows how that gap can be bridged with a new music intervention. Music memories remain in the ...

音乐al Tests Can Detect Mental Deterioration in Old Age

Researchers have developed a method that employs musical tests and a portable instrument for measuring brain activity to detect cognitive decline in old ...

Perceived Choice in Music Listening Is Linked to Pain Relief

A new study explores the use of music-listening to relieve acute pain, finding that people who were given the impression that they had control over the music they heard experienced more pain relief ...

音乐Is Key to Converting Consumers' Good Intentions to Actual Purchases in Ethical and Sustainable Markets

Companies selling ethical and sustainable products should use up-tempo major mode music in their marketing to help well-meaning consumers convert their good intentions into actual purchases, new ...

Turn Up the Beat! Groovy Rhythm Improves Cognitive Performance in Groove Enjoyers

Researchers found that music with a groove can enhance executive function and brain activity in relevant brain regions. However, this effect was only observed in individuals who reported that the ...

Research Shows the Role Empathy May Play in Music

Can people who understand the emotions of others better interpret emotions conveyed through music? A new study by an international team of researchers suggests the abilities are ...

'I Know This Song!' Evolutionary Keys to Musical Perception

当我们听到一首歌lready know, we can identify it even if it is not an exact version of the original. If it sounds higher or lower, faster or slower, or if the instruments are different ...


What Do You See When You Listen to Music?

音乐isn't a truly universal language, it turns out. A team of researchers has found that culture and background influence what we visualize when we listen to instrumental music we've ...

音乐Combined With Auditory Beat Stimulation May Reduce Anxiety for Some

Treatments integrating music and auditory beat stimulation are effective in reducing state anxiety in some patients, according to a new ...

Disliking Music: What’s the Point?

So, a metal head shows up at a techno party... pretty unlikely, right? Right. Disliking certain kinds of music is just as constitutive of personal taste as is liking other kinds; and because it ...

Singing in the Brain

For the first time, neuroscientists have identified a population of neurons in the human brain that light up when we hear singing, but not other types of ...

Is Bedtime Media Use Detrimental for Sleep?

New research has examined how sleep might be impacted by media use -- such as watching movies, television, or short videos; browsing the Internet; or listening to music -- before ...

音乐al Preferences Unite Personalities Worldwide, New Study Finds

Research involving more than 350,000 participants from over 50 countries and 6 continents has found that links between musical preferences and personality are universal. The findings suggest that ...

Mapping the Musical Mind

Researchers used magnetic resonance imaging to study the brains of secondary school students during a task focused on musical observation. They found that students trained to play music from a young ...

Listening to Favorite Music Improves Brain Plasticity

Researchers have demonstrated that repeated listening to personally meaningful music induces beneficial brain plasticity in patients with mild cognitive impairment or early Alzheimer's ...

That Primate’s Got Rhythm!

What are the origins of musical rhythm? Are humans the only mammals that have rhythm? Researchers have studied indris, the 'singing primates' from Madagascar to learn more. Indri songs ...

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