July 11, 2023

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60 Years Later, High School Quality May Have a Long-Term Impact on Cognition

Attending a high school with a high number of teachers with graduate training was the clearest predictor of the impact of school quality on late-life cognition, researchers ...

High Blood Pressure in Your 30s Is Associated With Worse Brain Health in Your 70s

High blood pressure in early adulthood is associated with worse brain health in late life, according to a new study. Men, compared to women, may be more vulnerable to the detrimental effects of high blood pressure on the brain for some brain ...

Feeling Loved, Optimistic or Happy as a Teen May Lead to Better Health in Adulthood

青少年报告感到乐观,快乐,self-esteem, belongingness and loved were more likely to reach their 20s and 30s in good cardiometabolic health compared to teens with fewer of these positive psychological assets. The association was ...

High Optimism Linked With Longer Life and Living Past 90 in Women Across Racial, Ethnic Groups

Higher levels of optimism were associated with longer lifespan and living beyond age 90 in women across racial and ethnic ...

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Remember Me? Gender, Race May Make You Forgettable

Being a woman or racial minority can help someone stand out and be remembered when few others look like them. But they are more likely to be confused in settings where others share the same ...

Think You're Good at Math? Study Shows It May Be Because You Had Equitable Math Teachers

A new study finds that high school students identify more with math if they see their math teacher treating everyone in the class equitably, especially in racially diverse schools. While the ...

Racial Disparities in Childhood Adversity Linked to Brain Structural Differences in U.S. Children

A new study used MRI and survey data to identify structural differences in regions of the brain linked to threat processing in 9- and 10-year-olds that the researchers linked to disparities in ...

U.S. Firearm Death Trends Revealed Over Four Decades

A new analysis of firearm death rates from 1981 to 2020 shows that the people most heavily impacted by firearm deaths were Black men and white men, and that rates of firearm-related homicides and ...

怀孕的莫ms' Stress May Accelerate Cell Aging of White, Not Black, Kids, Study Finds

Does stress during pregnancy impact children's cell aging, and does race matter? The answer is yes, according to a new ...

Managers Exhibiting Bias Based on Race, Gender, Disability and Sexual Orientation

A study that examined bias in the workplace has found that those in management positions demonstrate explicit and implicit bias toward others from marginalized groups and often express more implicit ...

Study Analyzing Often-Overlooked Racial/ethnic Groups Provides a New Understanding of Pain Disparities in the U.S.

种族的d ethnic disparities in pain prevalence in the U.S. are far larger than previously realized, according to the results of a new ...

Pandemic Escalated Teen Cyberbullying -- Asian Americans Targeted Most, Research Finds

A study of U.S. middle and high school students shows that about 17 percent were cyberbullied in 2016 and 2019, but that proportion rose to 23 percent in 2021. Notably, 19 percent of Asian American ...

Rate of Food Insecurity Skyrockets for Americans With Cardiovascular Disease

The number of Americans with cardiovascular disease who are food insecure -- having limited or uncertain access to adequate food -- has more than doubled over the last 20 years, a national study ...

COVID-19 Took Serious Toll on Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Mental and Physical Health

Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders, or NH/PIs, comprising more than 20 ethnic groups hailing from Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia, are understudied despite being the third fastest growing racial ...

Study Explores the Use of Telemedicine in Child Neurology in Largest Study to Date

Researchers found that across nearly 50,000 visits, patients continued to use telemedicine effectively even with the reopening of outpatient clinics a year after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. ...


Which Teens Are More Likely to Vape? Research Shows Surprising Patterns Across Race and Sexuality Groups

A new study aims to examine differences in current e-cigarette use prevalence among U.S. youth at the intersections of sexual orientation with race and ...

Routine Depression Screening May Capture Underdiagnosed Patient Populations

Screening for depression at the primary care level could dramatically increase the likelihood of treatment for those who are traditionally undertreated -- racial and ethnic minority individuals, ...

Low School Test Scores Linked to Racial Segregation and Lead Exposure in North Carolina

Birth data, blood lead levels and fourth grade end-of-grade test scores for more than 25,000 children living in North Carolina show how childhood lead exposure and neighborhood racial residential ...

Minorities Bore Disproportionate Mental Health Impact of Pandemic

种族的d ethnic minorities bore a disproportionate mental health burden during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new ...

Discrimination Took a Toll on the Mental Health of Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Study Finds

People who reported experiencing discrimination more than once a week early in the pandemic had seventeen-fold increased odds of moderate to severe depressive symptoms and ten-fold increased odds of ...

Implicit Bias and Concern About Appearing Racist Predict Teachers' Reluctance to Discuss Race and Racism in the Classroom

Across the U.S., K-12 public school teachers face significant psychological barriers to discussing issues of race and racism with their students, according to new ...

Seeing Members of Minority Groups Everywhere? It's an Illusion

Within a social setting most people significantly overestimate the presence of a minority -- and this overestimation is made not only by the majority but also by the minority themselves, researchers ...

Affirmative Action Bans Had 'Devastating Impact' on Diversity in Medical Schools, Study Finds

In states with bans on affirmative action programs, the proportion of students from underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups in U.S. public medical schools fell by more than one-third by ...

Automated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia Delivered Over the Internet Shown to Be Highly Effective in Black Women

Black women are disproportionately affected by poor sleep, which is associated with increased risk of adverse outcomes such as cardiovascular disease, depression and worse quality of life. The gold ...

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