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June 28, 2023

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Neural Signature for Borderline Personality Disorder Identified

A new study of a brain region called the rostro-medial prefrontal could potentially advance diagnosis and therapies for Borderline Personality Disorder ...

Body's Immune Response May Offer Alternative Approach to Neuropathic Pain Therapies

处于全球阿片类流行一个团队啊f scientists is exploring natural killer (NK) cells as an alternative treatment for neuropathic pain. Researchers gather existing evidence for the impact of NK cells in pain, pointing to their ...

Chemical Imbalance in the Forebrain Discovered in People With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Scientists have discovered an imbalance between neurochemicals in parts of OCD patients' brains key to decision-making and habit. A similar but less pronounced neurochemical imbalance was also detected in healthy individuals with milder compulsive ...

Poverty Negatively Impacts Structural Wiring in Children's Brains, Study Indicates

A study reveals that household and community poverty may influence brain health in children. Childhood obesity and lower cognitive function may explain, at least partially, poverty's influence on the ...

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Blood Pressure Drug Could Prevent Post-Traumatic Headaches

A study has shown that prazosin, a drug used to treat high blood pressure, can prevent post-traumatic ...

What Role Does Alternative Splicing Play in Neurodegenerative Disease?

Scientists have written a review to discuss emerging research and evidence of the roles of alternative splicing defects in major neurodegenerative diseases. They also summarize the latest advances in ...

Cuttlefish Brain Atlas Created

Anything with three hearts, blue blood and skin that can change colors like a display in Times Square is likely to turn heads. Meet Sepia bandensis, known more descriptively as the camouflaging dwarf ...

Restoring the Blood-Brain Barrier?

Scientists discover a treatment in mice to repair the blood-brain barrier, which is key to brain ...

Regular Napping Linked to Larger Brain Volume

A study analyzed data from people aged 40 to 69 and found a causal link between habitual napping and larger total brain volume -- a marker of good brain health linked to a lower risk of dementia and ...

Brain Receptor Patterns Separate Sensory and Cognitive Networks

Receptor patterns define key organizational principles in the brain, scientists have ...

Scientists Discover Spiral-Shaped Signals That Organize Brain Activity

Scientists have discovered human brain signals traveling across the outer layer of neural tissue that naturally arrange themselves to resemble swirling ...

Astrocyte Processing of Serotonin Regulates Olfactory Perception

Researchers have uncovered novel aspects of astrocyte function in olfactory, or smell, perception revealing changes in their gene expression patterns that turn these brain cells into a hub of ...

Illusions Are in the Eye, Not the Mind

Numerous visual illusions are caused by limits in the way our eyes and visual neurones work -- rather than more complex psychological processes, new research ...

怀孕激素维修髓鞘损伤in MS Mouse Model

A new study has identified a treatment that could repair myelin in the cortex, undoing some of the damage caused by ...

New Discovery Can Help Detect Brain Tumors

Folate-based radiopharmaceuticals can be used in positron emission tomography (PET) imaging to detect folate receptors in brain tumours. The discovery of folate receptors and their exploitation ...


Ultra Small Molecule as a New Target for Alzheimer's Disease?

A new study shows that a very small molecule called microRNA-132 can have a significant impact on different brain cells and may play a role in Alzheimer's ...

Video Games Spark Exciting New Frontier in Neuroscience

Researchers have used an algorithm from a video game to gain insights into the behavior of molecules within live brain cells. Researchers used coding tools to build an algorithm that is now used by ...

Tiny Device Mimics Human Vision and Memory Abilities

Researchers have created a small device that 'sees' and creates memories in a similar way to humans, in a promising step towards one day having applications that can make rapid, complex ...

AI Helps Show How the Brain's Fluids Flow

A new, AI-based technique for measuring fluid flow in the brain could lead to treatments for diseases such as ...

Psychedelic Drugs Reopen 'Critical Periods' for Social Learning

Neuroscientists have long searched for ways to reopen 'critical periods' in the brain, when mammals are more sensitive to signals from their surroundings that can influence periods of brain ...

'Smart' Drugs Can Decrease Productivity in People Who Don't Have ADHD, Study Finds

Research suggests that complex tasks akin to real life decision-making take neurotypical people longer to complete when they take 'smart' drugs than when they do not. The smart drugs do ...

Altered Gut Bacteria May Be Early Sign of Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease causes changes to the brain that begin two decades or more before symptoms appear. A study reveals that the bacteria that live in the gut also change before Alzheimer's ...

Biodegradable Ultrasound Opens the Blood-Brain Barrier

A new, biodegradable ultrasound far more powerful than previous devices could make brain cancers more treatable, researchers ...

New Images Capture Unseen Details of the Synapse

Scientists have created one of the most detailed 3D images of the synapse, the important juncture where neurons communicate with each other through an exchange of chemical signals. These nanometer ...

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