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June 26, 2023

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Evidence of Conscious-Like Activity in the Dying Brain

A new study provides early evidence of a surge of activity correlated with consciousness in the dying ...

Is There a Common Path to the Psychedelic Experience?

A study takes a closer look at the neurobiology of psychedelic experiences caused by nitrous oxide, ketamine and ...

Positive Experiences in Close Relationships Are Associated With Better Physical Health, New Research Suggests

Social relationships influence physical health, but questions remain about the nature of this connection. New research suggests that the way you feel about your close relationships may be affecting the way your body ...

Dizzy Apes Provide Clues on Human Need for Mind Altering Experiences

Great apes deliberately spin themselves in order make themselves dizzy -- findings which could provide clues about the role of altered mental states for origins of the human ...

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Five Precepts of Buddhism May Be Linked to Lower Depression Risk

A new study suggests that people with high levels of neuroticism and stress may be at greater risk for depressive symptoms, but those links could be buffered for people who observe the five precepts ...

米ale and Female Travelers' 'Transformations'

A new study has revealed men and women experience change while travelling in similar ways. Consumers are increasingly seeking activities that help them achieve new levels of enrichment and since the ...

New Research Shows Link Between Workplace Bullying and Conspiracy Beliefs

New research has shown that people who experience bullying in the workplace are more likely to engage in conspiracy ...

People With Paranormal Beliefs Spooked by Science and the COVID-19 Vaccine, Sociologists Suggest

先前的研究已经表明,人们conservative religious beliefs are more likely to lack confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine, but most studies have observed only mainstream or ...

New Study Expands Range of Potential Alzheimer's Drugs

Alzheimer's disease is associated with a reduction of insulin receptors in brain microvessels, which may contribute to brain insulin resistance and the formation of amyloid plaques, one of the ...

Lower Mortality Rates for Men 50-Plus Who Attend Religious Services, Study Suggests

Can regularly attending religious services actually extend your life? A new study suggests that men of color are discovering life affirming -- and life extending -- rewards of belonging to a ...

Teachers' Turnover Intentions, Burnout and Poor Work Climate Are Interlinked

The risk of burnout and poor experienced teacher-working environment fit is increased among teachers with persistent turnover intentions. However, positive experiences in the workplace seem to ...

Religiousness, Spirituality Linked to Better Heart Health Among African Americans

In a study of nearly 3,000 African American adults, those who reported more frequent church attendance, private prayer and 'feeling God's presence' were more likely to meet the ...

Spirituality Linked With Better Health Outcomes, Patient Care

The study is the most rigorous and comprehensive analysis to date of scientific literature on health and spirituality. Overlooking spirituality in health care leaves patients feeling disconnected ...

米indfulness Meditation Reduces Pain by Separating It from the Self

米indfulness meditation is effective in reducing pain relief; a new study reveals the underlying neural ...

Link Between Recognizing Our Voice and Feeling in Control

能够认识到自己的声音是critical factor for our sense of control over our speech, according to a new study. If people think they hear someone else's voice when they speak, ...


Being Mindful Can Improve Your Interactions With Co-Workers, New Study Finds

Although mindfulness originates within an individual, a new study has found the benefits do not end with this person. The real payoffs emerge when an individual's mindfulness is translated into ...

New Research Shows No Evidence of Structural Brain Change With Short-Term Mindfulness Training

A team found flaws in previous research that purported to show meditation could alter the brain's ...

米aking Sure Workers Have a 'Good' Day Gives Companies a Competitive Advantage

Researchers have identified five types of daily workplace experiences that influence employees' creative ...

How Is It Possible to Remember Selfless Experiences?

People who practice intensive meditation report memories of states in which their sense of self dissolves. Is this at all ...

Links Between Paranormal Beliefs and Cognitive Function Described by 40 Years of Research

In a review of 71 studies that explored links between belief in paranormal phenomena and cognitive function, most of the findings align with the hypothesis that such beliefs are associated with ...

The Ethics of Research on 'Conscious' Artificial Brains

Authors lay out an ethical framework that assumes brain organoids already have consciousness. The paper argues that this framework is not exclusive to brain organoids and can be applied to anything ...

Recalled Experiences Surrounding Death: More Than Hallucinations?

Scientific advances in the 20th and 21st centuries have led to a major evolution in the understanding of death. At the same time, for decades, people who have survived an encounter with death have ...

New Study Explores Relationship Between Psychedelics and Consciousness

A new study addresses the question of whether psychedelics might change the attribution of consciousness to a range of living and nonliving ...

Audio Files Are Being Used as 'Digital Drugs', Survey Suggests

A new study sheds light on the little-known phenomenon of binaural beats, where sounds purportedly evoke psychoactive ...

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