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July 12, 2023

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New fossil mammal specimens from Caribbean Panama suggest ongoing marine interchange during the final stages of formation of the isthmus connecting North and South ...

Plastic Pollution on Coral Reefs Increases With Depth and Mostly Comes from Fishing Activities

Researchers reveal the extent of plastic pollution on coral reefs, finding that debris increases with depth, largely stems from fishing activities, and is correlated with proximity to marine protected ...

Global Study Details Microplastics Contamination in Lakes and Reservoirs

A project involving 79 researchers belonging to the international Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) finds that concentrations of plastic found in freshwater environments are actually higher than those found in so-called 'garbage patches' in the ...

Warmer Ocean Temperatures Increase Risk of Salmon Bycatch in Pacific Hake Fishery

Rates of Chinook salmon bycatch in the Pacific hake fishery rise during years when ocean temperatures are warmer, a signal that climate change and increased frequency of marine heatwaves could lead to higher bycatch rates, new research ...

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Fish Mercury Peaks in Winter and Near Spawning, and Reduces After Growing Season, Study Suggests

Fish consumption has long been associated with numerous health benefits. However, it is also the main dietary source of toxic mercury in humans. A year-round study from a boreal lake shows that ...

Warmer and Murkier Waters Favor Predators of Guppies, Study Finds

Changes in water conditions interact to affect how Trinidadian guppies protect themselves from predators, scientists have ...

How Mercury Emissions from Industry Can Be Greatly Reduced

Sulphuric acid is the world's most used chemical. It is an important reagent used in many industries and it is used in the manufacture of everything from paper, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to ...

Three Things to Know: Climate Change's Impact on Extreme-Weather Events

Researchers found that the effects of climate change on the intensity, frequency, and duration of extreme weather events, like wildfires, could lead to massive increases in all ...

New Study Reveals Abrupt Shift in Tropical Pacific Climate During Little Ice Age

An El Niño event has officially begun. The climate phenomenon, which originates in the tropical Pacific and occurs in intervals of a few years will shape weather across the planet for the next year ...

Water Storage Capacity in Oceanic Crust Slabs Increases With Age, Researchers Find

An international research team has discovered that a subduction zone's age affects the ability for it to recycle water between the Earth's surface and its inner layers. The more mature the ...

Immune-Boosting Therapy Helps Honey Bees Resist Deadly Viruses

Scientists have successfully tested a novel way of boosting honey bees' immune systems to help them fend off deadly viruses, which have contributed to the major losses of the critical pollinator ...

Expanding Large-Scale Agriculture Is Escalating Flooding in the Largest South American Breadbasket

Driven by soaring international demand, extensive areas of grasslands, and forests across South American plains have rapidly been converted to the production of annual crops, such as soybean and ...

New Single-Photon Raman Lidar Can Monitor for Underwater Oil Leaks

Researchers report a new single-photon Raman lidar system that operates underwater and can remotely distinguish various substances. They also show that the new system can detect the thickness of the ...

What Controls the Pathways of the Labrador Current?

Changes to the flow of the Labrador Current along the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador to Nova Scotia are leading to sudden warmings or drops in the oxygen levels of the waters in several regions ...

Mountains Vulnerable to Extreme Rain from Climate Change

A new study finds that as rising global temperatures shift snow to rain, mountains across the Northern Hemisphere will be hotspots for extreme rainfall events that could trigger floods and landslides ...


This Self-Driving Boat Maps Underwater Terrain

Engineers concoct an easier way for scientists to study underwater ...

Emulating How Krill Swim to Build a Robotic Platform for Ocean Navigation

Researchers have presented important first steps in building underwater navigation ...

Research in a Place Where Geological Processes Happen Before Your Eyes

Taiwan experiences some of the world's fastest rates of mountain building -- they are growing at a faster rate than our fingernails grow in a year. The mountains also see frequent and ...

Don't Wait, Desalinate: A New Approach to Water Purification

A water purification system separates out salt and other unnecessary particles with an electrified version of dialysis. Successfully applied to wastewater with planned expansion into rivers and seas, ...

Study of Earth's Stratosphere Reduces Uncertainty in Future Climate Change

新的研究降低未来气候的不确定性change linked to the stratosphere, with important implications for life on Earth. A significant source of uncertainty relates to future changes to ...

Study of Deep-Sea Corals Reveals Ocean Currents Have Not Fuelled Rise in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Pioneering analysis of deep-sea corals has overturned the idea that ocean currents contributed to increasing global levels of carbon dioxide in the air over the past 11,000 ...

Gray Whales Off Oregon Coast Consume Millions of Microparticles Per Day

Researchers estimate that gray whales feeding off the Oregon Coast consume up to 21 million microparticles per day, a finding informed in part by feces from the ...

Ancient Marine Reptile Fossil, Publish Ground-Breaking Evolutionary Insight

Researchers who have unlocked new evolutionary information following the discovery of a 94-million-year-old mosasaur in the gray shale badlands of the National Park Service Glen Canyon National ...

New Study Reveals Global Reservoirs Are Becoming Emptier

Over the past two decades, global reservoirs have become increasingly empty despite an overall increase in total storage capacity due to the construction of new reservoirs. Researchers used a new ...

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