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July 12, 2023

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Salinity Changes Threatening Marine Ecosystems

A groundbreaking study reveals the critical yet severely understudied factor of salinity changes in ocean and coastlines caused by climate ...

Plastic Pollution on Coral Reefs Increases With Depth and Mostly Comes from Fishing Activities

Researchers reveal the extent of plastic pollution on coral reefs, finding that debris increases with depth, largely stems from fishing activities, and is correlated with proximity to marine protected ...

Global Study Details Microplastics Contamination in Lakes and Reservoirs

A project involving 79 researchers belonging to the international Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) finds that concentrations of plastic found in freshwater environments are actually higher than those found in so-called 'garbage patches' in the ...

Warmer Ocean Temperatures Increase Risk of Salmon Bycatch in Pacific Hake Fishery

Rates of Chinook salmon bycatch in the Pacific hake fishery rise during years when ocean temperatures are warmer, a signal that climate change and increased frequency of marine heatwaves could lead to higher bycatch rates, new research ...

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Fish Mercury Peaks in Winter and Near Spawning, and Reduces After Growing Season, Study Suggests

Fish consumption has long been associated with numerous health benefits. However, it is also the main dietary source of toxic mercury in humans. A year-round study from a boreal lake shows that ...

Hedging Strategy for Coral Restoration Balances Diversity, Ecosystem Benefits

An international team of researchers developed an innovative new strategy for choosing a set of key coral species that will best maintain ecosystem functions critical for reef health. Their hedging ...

Early Birds of the Future: Earlier, but Still Too Late?

Birds need to adapt to climate change, but evolution is a slow process. Model species such as the great tit are an indispensable yardstick for our ability to predict the impact of climate change on ...

What Controls the Pathways of the Labrador Current?

Changes to the flow of the Labrador Current along the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador to Nova Scotia are leading to sudden warmings or drops in the oxygen levels of the waters in several regions ...

Worm Named After a Comedian Impacting Spiny Lobster Reproduction and Could Threaten a Lucrative Fishery

A species of nemertean worm discovered by a marine biologist five years ago affects the reproductive performance of Caribbean spiny lobsters, a critical species in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of ...

European Bird Communities Move to Cooler Areas, but Mountain Ranges and Coastlines 'Control the Traffic'

A recent study shows that European bird communities have shifted northeastward in the past 30 years. These shifts are faced with obstacles such as mountain ranges and coastlines. Overall, bird ...

New Research Finds That More Than 90% of Global Aquaculture Faces Substantial Risk from Environmental Change

Many of the world's largest aquatic food producers are highly vulnerable to human-induced environmental change, with some of the highest-risk countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa ...

Gray Whales Off Oregon Coast Consume Millions of Microparticles Per Day

研究人员估计,灰色的鲸鱼喂养the Oregon Coast consume up to 21 million microparticles per day, a finding informed in part by feces from the ...

Research Questions Value of Sagebrush Control in Conserving Sage Grouse

Sagebrush reduction strategies, including mowing and herbicide application, are often employed to enhance habitat for the greater sage grouse and other sagebrush-dependent ...

Investing in Nature Improves Equity, Boosts Economy

A new study shows that current trends in environmental degradation will lead to large economic losses in the coming decades, hitting the poorest countries hardest. But there is hope: investing in ...

How Coral Reefs Can Survive Climate Change

Similar to the expeditions of a hundred or two hundred years ago, the Tara Pacific expedition lasted over two years. The goal: to research the conditions for life and survival of corals. The ship ...


Human Impact on Wildlife Even in Protected Areas

The largest long-term standardized camera-trap survey to date finds that human activity impacts tropical mammals living in protected areas and sheds light on how different species are affected based ...

Are Viruses Keeping Sea Lice at Bay in Wild Salmon?

More than 30 previously unknown RNA viruses in sea lice have been identified. Sea lice are parasitic copepods (small crustaceans) found in many fresh and saltwater habitats, and have been implicated ...

Traditional Methods Cannot Give Us the Insights We Need to Understand Changing Ecosystems

If we want to face up to the challenges posed by climate change and other global environmental changes, we need to bring complexity science into the mix with ecology and biodiversity ...

Glass Sponge Genome Furnishes Insights Into Evolution of Biomineralization

The genome of a glass sponge species suggests that silica skeletons evolved independently in several groups of ...

'Shoebox' Satellites Help Scientists Understand Trees and Global Warming

As scientists try to understand the effect of climate on trees, advances in imaging technology are helping them see both the whole forest and every individual tree. High-resolution images taken by ...

Caribbean Seagrasses Provide Services Worth $255B Annually, Including Vast Carbon Storage, Study Shows

Caribbean seagrasses provide about $255 billion in services to society annually, including $88.3 billion in carbon storage, according to a new study. The study has put a dollar value on the many ...

Climate Change Could Lead to 'Widespread Chaos' for Insect Communities

New research explores how a warming world could impact ecosystems and derail the development of new ...

New Research Reveals the Impact of Different Species and Their Traits on Human Wellbeing

New research has revealed that well-functioning ecosystems are crucial to human health and wellbeing, with human-biodiversity interactions delivering wellbeing gains equating to substantial ...

Supersized Fruit Eater Database on Climate Change Frontline

To conserve precious and fragile biodiversity hotspots, a crucial step is knowing how the fruit eaters are doing. To assist in that, scientists and students have supersized a database to keep track ...

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