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July 12, 2023

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Creating a Tsunami Early Warning System Using Artificial Intelligence

Researchers develop an early warning system that combines acoustic technology with AI to immediately classify earthquakes and determine potential tsunami risk. They propose using underwater microphones, called hydrophones, to measure the acoustic radiation produced by the earthquake, which carries ...

Ridgecrest Faults Increasingly Sensitive to Solid Earth Tides Before Earthquakes

Faults in the Ridgecrest, California area were very sensitive to solid earth tidal stresses in the year and a half before the July 2019 Ridgecrest earthquake ...

Turkey's Next Quake: Research Shows Where, How Bad -- But Not 'When'

Using remote sensing, geophysicists have documented the massive Feb. 6 quake that killed more than 50,000 people in Eastern Turkey and toppled more than 100,000 buildings. Alarmingly, researchers found that a section of the fault remains unbroken and locked -- a sign that the plates there may, when ...

Puerto Rico Tsunami Deposit Could Have Come from Pre-Columbian Megathrust Earthquake

Tsunami deposits identified in a coastal mangrove pond in Northwest Puerto Rico could have come from a megathrust earthquake at the Puerto Rico Trench that occurred between 1470 and 1530, according to new ...

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The Adverse Health Effects of Disaster-Related Trauma

A new study has found that individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to experience disaster-related home loss, and they are also more likely to develop functional limitations ...

水Cutoff Countermeasures Using Disaster Emergency Wells

Groundwater is considered both an environmental and industrial resource, but a new study indicates it is also an important resource in disaster prevention. Researchers conducted research surveys of ...

Deepest Scientific Ocean Drilling Sheds Light on Japan's Next Great Earthquake

Scientists who drilled deeper into an undersea earthquake fault than ever before have found that the tectonic stress in Japan's Nankai subduction zone is less than expected. The findings are a ...

Wave Created by Tonga Volcano Eruption Reached 90 Meters -- Nine Times Taller Than 2011 Japan Tsunami

New research reveals more about the magnitude of January eruption, as researchers call for better preparedness The eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano in January created an initial ...

Shockwave Caused by Tonga Underwater Eruption May Help Scientists Predict Future Tsunami

Using data from the eruption of the underwater volcano near Tonga in 2022, researchers used disturbances in Earth's upper atmosphere to track the airwaves that cause tsunami. Their findings may ...

Scientists Provide Explanation for Exceptional Tonga Tsunami

Scientists say they have identified the exact mechanism responsible for the exceptional tsunami that spread quickly across the world after the colossal eruption of the Tonga volcano earlier this ...

The Link Between Temperature, Dehydration and Tectonic Tremors in Alaska

No one is at their best when they are dehydrated and that goes for tectonic plates too. Researchers using a thermomechanical model of the Alaska subduction zone indicates that plate dehydration is at ...

Tsunami Threats Underestimated in Current Models

USC researchers have found a correlation between tsunami severity and the width of the outer wedge -- the area between the continental shelf and deep trenches where large tsunamis emerge -- that ...

Hunga Volcano Eruption Provides an Explosion of Data

The massive Jan. 15, 2022, eruption of the Hunga submarine volcano in the South Pacific Ocean created a variety of atmospheric wave types, including booms heard 6,200 miles away in Alaska. It also ...

New Research Could Provide Earlier Warning of Tsunamis

A new method of detecting mega earthquakes, which picks up on the gravity waves they generate by using deep-learning models, can estimate earthquake magnitude in real time and provide earlier warning ...

Space-Based System Using GPS Satellites Could Warn of Incoming Tsunamis

A new method for detecting tsunamis using existing GPS satellites orbiting Earth could serve as an effective warning system for countries worldwide, according to a new ...


Undersea Detector Proves It’s Swell

Highly energetic particles called muons are ever present in the atmosphere and pass through even massive objects with ease. Sensitive detectors installed along the Tokyo Bay tunnel measure muons ...

Describing the Devastating Eruption in Tonga

On January 15, the volcano Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai devastated the nation of Tonga. The eruption triggered tsunamis as far afield as the Caribbean and generated atmospheric waves that travelled ...

Using Cell Phone GNSS Networks to Monitor Crustal Deformation

The Global Navigation Satellite System associated with a Japanese cell phone carrier can enhance monitoring of crustal deformation changes for earthquake early warning ...

Discovery of Ancient Underwater Landslide Could Help Middle Eastern Nations Realize Tsunami Hazards

一个地球科学家发现了一个一个的证据ncient underwater landslide and associated tsunami in the Gulf of Aqaba, a subsidiary of the Red Sea, that should serve as a warning for many nations ...

Hidden Magnitude-8.2 Earthquake Source of Mysterious 2021 Global Tsunami

Scientists have uncovered the source of a mysterious 2021 tsunami that sent waves around the globe. In August 2021, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit near the South Sandwich Islands, creating a tsunami ...

New Analysis of Tsunami Deposits Paints a Clearer Picture of Sanriku's Past

The Sanriku Coast - which includes present day Iwate and parts of Aomori and Miyagi - has been prone to tsunamis throughout its history. Analyses of tsunami deposits along the coast, however, ...

Powerful Volcanic Blast Not the Cause for 2018 Indonesian Island Collapse

The dramatic collapse of Indonesia's Anak Krakatau volcano in December 2018 resulted from long-term destabilising processes, and was not triggered by any distinct changes in the magmatic system ...

Tsunamis’ Magnetic Fields Are Detectable Before Sea Level Change

A new study finds the magnetic field generated by a tsunami can be detected a few minutes earlier than changes in sea level and could improve warnings of these giant ...

Earthquake Depth Impacts Potential Tsunami Threat

Earthquakes of similar magnitude can cause tsunamis of greatly varying sizes. This commonly observed, but not well-understood phenomenon has hindered reliable warnings of local tsunamis. This ...

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